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  • Helps you participate
  • Helps you participate
  • - Send out an all-company e-mail asking employees who may be engaging on behalf of the company in social media to make you aware of what they are doing and hold on their activity until a formal policy is created & sent around
  • It’s not enough to create the policy & e-mail it around and check the box- it needs to be rolled out to everyone.


  • 1. 5 Social Media Things to Keep off Your “Ugh-we-should-have-done-that” List Lindsay Lebresco – Social Media Manager, Lilly Pulitzer
  • 2. And we should listen to you because…
    • 5 years experience in corporate social media strategy & execution
    • Launched Newell Rubbermaid SM & led management through change including policy creation & roll out
    • Background in crisis management & SM in regulated industries
    • I keep being invited back to speak.
    Because I’m adventurous? Because I met this guy once? ‘ Cause my kids are super cute?
  • 3.
    • Do these
    • things and you can expect to avoid:
    • Community backlash
    • Brand damage
    • Personnel issues
    • Wasted resources
    • Personal shame
    1 2 3 4 5
  • 4. 1
  • 5. Listen Read Follow Watch Use Listen
  • 6. Things to listen for… Community Lexicon
  • 7. Things to listen for… Opportunities to engage with or service customers
  • 8. Things to listen for… Community “Memes”
  • 9. Things to listen for… Community venues
  • 10. TODAY TOMORROW Hate + your brand name
  • 11. 2
  • 12. Set your goals , create your strategy and plan .
  • 13.  
  • 14.
    • Goal : Build trust & positivity mentions of the brand
    • Strategy: Humanize the brand and have a “relationship with the public.”
    • Plan: Create a parenting blog, participate in community as parents first, then employees.
    • Result : Positive online brand mentions rose from 68% positive to 85%; Graco named as Top 10 Big Brands doing social media in 2009
  • 15.
    • Goal : Grow consumer database of females 16-28
    • Strategy: Engage & acquire consumer group on Facebook
    • Plan: Create a sorority contest where consumers can vote for their sorority to win a custom print
    • Result: Acquired 115,000 fans in 2 weeks, 30% growth in 18-24 age bracket
  • 16. You’ve planned. You know social media will help you meet your goals. You’ve listened . There’s a place for your voice.
  • 17. Ready to dive in? No pressure, but you do know they’ll be watching, right?
  • 18. 3
  • 19. Choose your Social Media team wisely
  • 20. Is this person relatable to my target audience? Ask these questions: Are they authentic & trustworthy? How about likable? Are they passionate about your business? Are they natural users of social media? How well do they know your brand & products? Are they committed to having a conversation ? Can they rally?
  • 21. OH HELL YES! WHO CARES Has been on Facebook since it was only for college students Has a bad ass smartphone Knows what 2 words comprise the term “blog” Follows Conan O'Brien on Twitter Helped their uncle start a Facebook page for his pest control company They’re younger than you… and much “hipper” Can text 100 words a minute Mulit-tasker & solid project management skills Seeks out new opportunities in social & stays on top of what’s happening in the industry Experience in using social media platforms personally; ideally has used it for business Team player and is comfortable working cross-functionally Has a background in communications & has good writing skills Strategic thinker but tactical executer             
  • 22. Identify their responsibilities: report by Jeremiah Owyang of Altimeter Group. Infographic by Voltier Creative
  • 23. 4
  • 24. Create a Social Media Policy
  • 25. PrinciplesPolicies Guidelines
  • 26. Roll it out… New hire info packets Company meetings (BRING PIZZA) Manager sessions
      • Great policy resources:
      • Social Media Business Council http://www.socialmedia.org/disclosure/
      • Social Media Governance http://socialmediagovernance.com/policies.php
  • 27. 5
  • 28. Train & develop your team
  • 29. Formal training Continuing education Trade Media reading & circulation Competitor & trade tracking
  • 30. Monthly team meetings Incentivized participation Recognition for achievement
  • 31.