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  • We were concerned there was no point to IBX being socialBCBSR was the Tipping Point – Britt’s proposal followed by demand for photos on Flickr- We had a built in audience of over 30,000 runners from the BCBSR
  • We realized the Power of Social Media to connect and join the conversation- Now we know our brand isn’t boring, and yours isn’t either.
  • This is what will we will discuss today
  • What makes your brand unique? What is your BCBSR? your most iconic product, service, or visual?- your company’s goal, mission, and vision statement?- yourknowledge that no one else has?- your signature event?
  • You have to listen before you engage - what is being said about your brand, your competitors, and your industry?There are tools that can help you listen Don’t restrict yourself to only a handful of networks – listen to the entire web
  • Based on the listening, what interest or need can you fulfill? In early 2010, there was a rising negative sentiment around healthcare reform. Customers already bring their complaints to social media People are eager to share and discuss their healthy habits We should act as more of a business-to-consumer brand
  • “Don’t be everywhere” - you can’t possible engage meaningfully on every network. Narrow the fieldByNumber of users for you to engage withChoose networks that can expand the reach of your shared storiesChannels for a specific type of content, like YouTube for video We decided FB was the best hubOur spokes include corporate web site, Twitter, Flickr, and a WordPress blog
  • You’ve decided to commit to a social media strategy. How do you get buy-in through your org? My experience getting exec buy-in was…- It was important for us to establish policies to govern use because…
  • Talking about your brand on Social Media is not the same as sending a press release or scripting an ad campaign.- Sales messages wouldn’t work; not everyone can choose their health care product-We want to show members and businesses how they can control their health care costs- Members can’t discuss personal healthy information (PHI)
  • If you didn’t have a product or service to sell, but still wanted to improve someone’s life in a way based on your expertise what would that be?For us, it was our commitment to wellness throughout all of our partnerships and events.
  • Who is the face of your brand – and should that be the person who is your voice on Social Media?- Customers- Employees- CEO or Sr. Executives- Experts
  • This campaign consisted of:- Health focused content- Healthy Steps mini-site Promotion
  • This campaign consisted of:- Photo contest (this really resonated)- Let’s Get Walking!- Step Out event promotion- Associate blogging- Philadelphia Union sponsorship
  • - We’ve found the best way to cultivate a community is posting interesting and unique content.- Create an editorial calendar to manage frequency and flow of content, but don’t be a slave to it. Be flexible. Listen to your audience as they engage with you. What excites them? Who are your “internal reporters”?- Align with what is happening in your industry. What news, events, or observances can you talk about?
  • - What are your goals for customer service?- What do your customers want and need?- How can you execute customer service based on legal or regulatory restrictions?- Our example: The ASK IBX Team
  • Contest photo of member with his newborn“I am now a top regional expert mountain bike racer, elite marathon runner, Ironman finisher, mountain climber, and indoor cycling spin instructor.”- Are you an indispensible part of your customer’s lives? Are your customers part of your story?
  • From our Annual Report:“While in Mexico to marry his fiancee, Mark broke his leg. He was without phone service, but was able to contact us through Facebook.”- Are you there when your customers need you the most? Have you converted followers to brand ambassadors?
  • We have grown our corporate fanbase strategically with our campaigns, hub/spoke approach, and by telling our brand’s story We also continue to listen, and find new ways for our community to engage with us-What does your audience want read about, see, and interact with?- How you can find ways to tie those things to your brand experience?
  • BCBSR grew organically, not as part of a campaignThe 30,000 runner audience is already there, waiting to talk!Does your band have that kind of audience for a product or event?
  • Use your existing partnerships and media buys to promote social Don’t just point to your social media page – point to what’s exciting about it.
  • We saw a major change in social growth when we integrated into our existing ad campaigns.
  • Find a way to quantify brand engagement to Sr. Execs- This may be different for every network.

John McClung John McClung Presentation Transcript

  • Your Brand Isn’t Boring How to motivate people to engage with a brand they’d rather ignore. Social Media Plus November 16, 20111
  • We thought our brand too boring for social media2
  • Is this Health Insurance?3
  • What we’ll discuss today  What makes your brand exciting  Tell a compelling story about your brand  Engage your audience and measure success4
  • What makes your brand exciting5
  • How is your brand unique? Every brand has something that resonates with their customers and differentiates them from the competition.6
  • Learning to listen Conversation about your industry and your brand is already happening – so why not listen in?7
  • What IBX learned by listening • People were already talking about our industry • People were talking specifically about our brand • We were missing opportunities to assist and engage customers8
  • Join the conversation where it’s occurring Which social media platforms are right for your brand? • Your industry is discussed there • Allows you to share your content and knowledge • Use the hub/spoke approach9
  • Tell a compelling story about your brand10
  • Agree on the rules of engagement • Understand the restrictions from legal and compliance • Get buy-in from your senior executive team • Identify stakeholders • Establish policy on use11
  • IBX’s Social Media Goals Our mission is for our members to be welland feel positively about our brand. We produce engaging, informative materials that can: • build community • empower our audience to live a healthy lifestyle • benefit our business12
  • The story IBX tells… Corporate Partnerships Promoting Volunteerism & Health & Community Investment Wellness13
  • …and the people who tell it. Chef Katie Cavuto-Boyle Dietitian, Philadelphia Phillies Kimberly Garrison Daily News Columnist & Wellness Guru14
  • IBX Healthy Steps Phase 1 – Nutrition Result? 300% increase in fans15
  • IBX Healthy Steps Phase 2 – Physical Activity Result? 3,000 new fans16
  • Managing your message Create an editorial calendar to manage your narrative • What excites your audience? • Gather news, events, and observances in your industry • Leverage existing partnerships17
  • Engage your audience and measure success18
  • Seek opportunities to help your customers • Listen so you can assist proactively • Provide tools/facts that are both fun and useful • Uncover systematic issues19
  • The value of engagement “ Ten years ago daddy quit smoking, lost 50 pounds, and ran his first mile.” - Michael & Rachael S. IBC members20
  • Building brand ambassadors “ Thanks to Independence Blue Cross, I got the care I needed for my leg and was married less than three weeks later.” - Mark W., IBC member21
  • Interact with your fanbase…22
  • …and grow your community23
  • Integration into Advertising and Promotion24
  • Integration into Advertising and Promotion • Web • Print • TV • Periodicals • Email blasts • Internal communications 10 - 20% monthly growth in fanbase25
  • Regular reporting to stakeholders26
  • People are interested in your business… Are you finding ways to connect with them?27
  • Questions & Discussion28