Google+ for Business: What You Need to Know Now


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Social Media Camp 2012 – Keynote Speaker

Google+ is here and it’s gaining steam fast. They had over 20 million users in the first few months, and that’s with very limited invites available to the outside world. It’s here, it’s moving fast, and you need to know more. Google is the #1 search engine in the world, and YouTube is #2.

This new platform integrates heavily with these Google services and more. If you think there’s nothing to see on Google+, then you’re not seeing the likes of Ford Motor Company, Dell, Kodak, IBM, and several other companies gearing up to take full advantage of the platform.

Learn what YOU can do to improve your business with Google+ from Chris Brogan, author of the upcoming, Google+ For Business: How Google’s Social Network Changes Everything.

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Google+ for Business: What You Need to Know Now

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  2. 2. OFFICIAL NOTICE Please tweet this. Please share. Please take these ideas and say you thought of them (no, really). Please talk loudly during this speech to your neighbors, and/or to people in other parts of the world. Please blurt out the answers before anyone else does, if you know them. Please disagree with me loudly. Please shout out, “Oh PLEASE!” if you think something I say is stupid, or not easily attainable. Please take pictures, even though you are very far back and I will resemble a glowing blur. Please laugh often, even if I’m not saying anything funny. Please type out reminders to yourself for later, such as “revise my official notice slide in my presentations.” 2Friday, March 23, 12
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