50+ Ideas to Tweet and Twitter Resources


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50+ Ideas to Tweet and Twitter Resources

  1. 1. 50+ Suggestions for What to TweetKeys to Success:*Variety i.e. link to articles, use text only, link to pictures, link to videos, link to sound clips, RTs, conversations withpeople – mix it up!*Monitor your account, respond & give thanks when appropriate*Be genuinely interested in getting to know & helping othersIdeas:•Favorite quote/inspirational/positive thought/video OR share a quote from something you heard from avideo/movie/documentary/TedX talk/TV•Link to a blog article – or better yet – link to a blog article that you have added a thoughtful comment to – especiallyone that doesn’t have a ton of comments yet (link the comment back to your Twitter profile)•Retweet – try to add your own two cents/add value – idea/thought/opinion/insight – always make sure you give creditto the original author/tweeter•Tweet your own blog articles•Ask for feedback•Thank people when they retweet you, list you, mention you, #followfriday/#FF you, or share your content•Provide your expert opinion (no sales pitch!) –Be helpful/educational/informative•Share about how someone has helped you in real life, and thank them publicly & include the #yyj hashtag•Make a prediction or a wish•Share ideas/tips from a conference you attend (from your smart phone) or after the fact from your notes•Ask a question – Does anyone know how to… Can anyone suggest/recommend a good… How has Twitter changed yourlife, if at all? Include relevant hashtags to widen your audience i.e. use #yyj for Victoria•Scan streams for your industry or city for interesting conversation & see where you can jump in to comment/contributei.e. #socialmedia or #yyj OR answer someone’s question•Promote local events, or events in your industry – even if you can’t be at a conference you want to go to, follow thehashtag for the event & pitch in (ask questions, contribute ideas/thoughts) i.e. #smcv11 or #blogworld•Share new studies/white papers or other relevant industry research•Promote virtual events – webinars, tweet chats•From Chris Brogran: Instead of answering the question, “What are you doing?”, answer the question, “What has yourattention?”•Share your work – case studies, success stories, images, etc.
  2. 2. •Invite someone to have coffee in real life and/or go to a local tweetup –check www.Meetup.com in your city – nogroup yet? Start your own!•When you are traveling to a new city, connect with tweeps in advance or simply ask for advice/tips about the area•Start a conversation specifically with the goal of building a strategic alliance – who already has the audience you want?How can you help them? Co-create something? Write an article together?•Tweet a photo of something you are doing right now from your smart phone – NEW Twitter photo sharingfeature/YFrog/TwitPic/Flickr/TwitVid OR share someone else’s content from one of these sites•Give someone a compliment – be genuine – i.e. I like your funny Twitter Bio, cool video on your website, I enjoyedvisiting with you at the Tweetup•Link to an interesting Wikipedia article/fact•Link to a short audio clip i.e. http://audioboo.fm/ (iPhone & Android app – clips 5 min or less) –sing a song, say yourfavorite inspirational quote, tell a short story, share something interesting that happened to you that day•Share something from your personal life –i.e. hobbies, pets, favorite song, favorite recipe, hidden talent (keep it Grated!), something people might not know about you that’s interesting, travel, people you have met, family, communityinvolvement, video you love that inspires you i.e. your favorite TedX talk http://www.ted.com/talks -tell us why youchose it or why it inspired you•Share something funny like a video http://bit.ly/TwitterUserEvolutionVideo or cartoonhttp://www.bradfitzpatrick.com/weblog/1722/twitter-cartoons-twitter-cartoon•Tweet a good SlideShare presentation http://www.slideshare.net•Introduce two people you think would enjoy each other - be sure to mention WHY you think they should connect•Take a screen shot of something interesting you see online – i.e. inappropriate Google ads –can use Jing(http://www.techsmith.com/jing/) to take screen shots (pics of what you see on your screen) –free version•Run a contest•Share a great tutorial video about how to do something – someone else’s or your own –can use Jing (see above) to doshort screen casts up to 5 min. –free version or $15/year for Pro version – what can you teach your audience?•Participate in a hashtag discussion, or start your own! i.e. #SMCchat•Do an online review of a business that deserves it, tweet the link to it (use a link shortener if necessary such ashttp://bit.ly )& include the business’ twitter handle (i.e. Google Places page, Yelp listing, LinkedIn company page, etc.)•Take a survey/poll, collect info, share results in a later tweet i.e. Chris Burdge Choose – Pick only one: Twitter orFacebook? http://polldaddy.com•#followfriday #FF someone or business that deserves it on Fridays – be specific about WHY you like them•If you don’t have a blog yet, write an article on your area of expertise, turn it into a pdf file, post onhttp://www.scribd.com & tweet and/or tweet a link to someone else’s content on Scribd•Dedicate a song to someone specific & include a link to the video on YouTube
  3. 3. •Share a piece of news about your company i.e. “We are excited to welcome Janet Smith to our team!” or sharefinishing a big project, meeting a deadline, achieving a milestone, attending an event/tradeshow•Share an opinion/insight/thought on current trends/happenings in your industry or city•Share news from or changes in your industry i.e. for social media: Klout’s brand new +K feature•Can you repurpose any existing content? Existing video content that can be uploaded to YouTube, & then tweeted,web version of your monthly newsletter from Constant Contact, share any press you may have received in the past•Share when you add a new page to your website•Share when you join a new social media platform & invite your followers to connect there i.e. your new Facebookbusiness page – and tell them why they should connect with you there i.e. You will see behind the scenes info, getspecial discounts only offered on FB, we will share great articles to keep you up to speed on _____________•Share a link to something on your new Facebook page – a post, photo, video to drive traffic to your FB page ~Hint: clickon the date/time to see the url for the post/photo/video – then you will need to shorten the link via http://bit.ly ,http://ow.ly/url/shorten-url , http://tinyurl.com•Share a fact about your city/industry/your business… Did you know_____________? Did you know this time lastyear__________... this time 10 years ago…•Congratulate someone•Wish someone a Happy Birthday•Fill in the blanks: Today I am thankful for_________________ Today I am aware of__________________ Today is agreat day because________________________•Send holiday greetings•Repeat important tweets – just give them time to “breathe” i.e. morning, mid-day, night – AND change the wording –can also delete duplicates from your stream if you wish•Aggregate content on a specific subject/event/story/piece of news with Storify.com –i.e.http://storify.com/socialmediasean/lets-go-shark-hunting•If you are using Twitter for customer service for your business - Address a customer servicequestion/comment/concern – use saved searches for relevant keywords, hashtags & mis-spellings of your businessnameTwitter Resources:Twitter Directorieshttp://listorious.com ~add yourself to the group: Victoriahttp://www.twellow.com ~search by location, keywords, categories, etc.http://wefollow.com ~search Victoria BC Canadahttp://www.twibes.com ~add yourself to the yyj group
  4. 4. Twitter Influence/Analyticshttp://beta.klout.com / http://www.peerindex.net / http://twittergrader.com / http://backtweets.comManage Who You Followhttp://manageflitter.com / http://tweepi.com / http://who.unfollowed.meMonitoring/Reputation Management/Analyticshttp://www.google.com/reader / http://www.google.com/alert / http://tweetbeep.comhttp://www.socialmention.com / http://hootsuite.com/social-analytics (paid) / http://raventools.com (paid)Hashtag Researchhttp://tagdef.com / http://www.whatthetrend.com / http://hashtags.orgTwitter Back-Up: http://www.tweetbackup.com See who favorited your tweets: http://favstar.fmWhen to Tweet: http://www.tweetwhen.com / http://www.14blocks.comGood webinar from HubSpot: http://www.hubspot.com/the-science-of-timingImporting existing contacts into Twitter:*via Hotmail, Gmail, or Yahoo mail*via your LinkedIn contacts*OR upload an Excel csv file into LinkedIn or Gmail – if you don’t have a LinkedIn profile, it’s easy to set up a Gmailaccount for this purposeJust for fun:>Mentionn Map http://apps.asterisq.com/mentionmap ~visual layout of who you are most connected to>TweetMeme – http://tweetmeme.com/ ~search the most popular stories on Twitter (by # of RT’s via TweetMeme)>Find out what’s trending in your area – can change the setting in Twitter (not all cities), or use Trendsmap:http://trendsmap.com/ – can search by keyword or hashtag -Tip: search for your city i.e. VictoriaTechnical difficulties on Twitter: Contact @support ~you can send personal questions here, but you can alsocheck the help forum first: http://support.twitter.com/I hope you find this information helpful! I invite you to connect with me on Twitter& please ask questions! See you in the Twitterverse!JUHLi SELByTwitter: @JUHLiSELBywww.facebook.com/JUHLiSELBySocialMediaSpreading the love & joy of social media, one friend at a time!