Driving Sales Vendor Ratings


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Driving Sales Vendor Ratings

  1. 1. Vendor I • The DrivingSales Vendor Rating site is the first formal mechanism for dealers to rate and review their vendors in a comprehensive, real time vendor directory. It empowers dealers by allowing them learn about all the solutions available and to view actual customer feedback, both good and bad, about how each solution actually performs. The DrivingSalesVendor Rating system is like a real time Consumer Reports* protecting dealers' interests and helping them make more informed investments. Vendor Ratings Rules & Safe Guards: DrivingSales.com maintains and enforces a strict set of rules to insure dealerships have accurate, honest and up to the moment information. Rules: A. Only dealership employees can leave ratings and reviews. Reviewers are verified to insure they are valid and eligible to leave reviews. B. Dealership employees can only rate and review the products they have experience using. The ratings are a chance to hear from actual customers withljve experience using the solutions in their stores. C. Each reviewer must answer three questions to complete their rating: 1. How many stars does the solution deserve? 2. Would you recommend the solution to a friend 3. Why would or wouldn't you recommend the solution? . All three components of the review, along with the job title of the reviewer are posted live to Drivill com for all to reference when selecting new vendors. In each produc;fc3.tegOry,tlievenaor~§Iuti§I1§:~<¥~:fariked iIl.real~ime as each new dealer rating is submitted. The vendor products are ranked based on a weighted Bayesian Algorithm. This is a standard mathematical cal- culation that looks at the number of stars the reviewer gave as well as the statistically valid sample size needed, relative to the competitive ..set,.to.create a ranking based on the statistical accuracy-of the results. Sometimes a company with 3 stars will rate above a company with 4 stars if mathematically the first company has a higher probability of success based on the submitted reviews. We encourage all dealers to rate and review their vendors by visiting www.drivingsales.comJratings is in no woy affilioied /{iih 6 20'; 0 I DrivingSales DEALERSHIP INNOVATION GUIDE www.DrivingSales,(om
  2. 2. The DrivingSales Vendor Rating Awards recognize those solutions with a proven record of success and excellence in serving their dealer clients. There are three award winners in each category, the "Highest Rated" vendor and two "Top Rated" vendors. s. Only dealership employees are allowed rate their verldors tied. The vendors are then scored and ranked times a company with 3 stars will rate higher probability of success the aggregate of all dealer *n1)* C your dealership's online presence and are central to rVlce. Score Rating Recommended Dealer Web Dealer ~ -~"-. ~ '* '* 80% 27% 1.8 100%1.6 72% 3.3 60% 2.4 1Ooq'h 1.2 1.7 1.3 - ...•. ~ VinSolutions SolutionsWebsites 50% 3.7 1.4 ....• Fusion Websites BZ Results IzrnoWeb .... WebMakerX& Independent Websites 4.9 'h1w. "'!w. Franchise www.DrivingSales.wm DrivingSales DEALERSHIP INNOVATION GUIDE I 2010 7
  3. 3. Vendor ti s ) Variable Ops: These are CRM systems that track all your walk-in, phone and Internet customers through the complete sales funnel and owner life-cycle. They allow for advanced customer segmentation and marketing and track your sales activities by employee to make your team more effective at attracting customers and managing relationships. Company Product Score Rating Recommended Reynolds and Reynolds 50% Votenza CRM CRM Center CRM 80% Dealerpeak 46% Contact Gear CRM 100% 6.5 ADP CRM 6.8 eLEAD Management .6 Higher CRM 16.2 1.5 4.5 VinSolutions MotoSnap 5.9 accounting <1i}d maintains emselves, NOT the solutions Company Product Score Rating Recommended 10 201 D I DrivingSales DEALERSHIP INNOVATION GUIDE www.DrivingSaleHom
  4. 4. $ Galpin Van Tuyl Larry Miller Mossy * Walser Automotive Group $ Rick Case Automotive Group #1 Ford Store in the World (20 Years Running) #1 Lincoln Mercury in the West #1 Jaguar Store in the World #1 Mazda in the West Get the free guide: 50 WAYS CRM CANHELPYOUR DEALERSHIP DealerSocket ® One so!ution, af! departments. ) agement solutions are built exclusively to handle the incoming Internet leads and man- Many full service CRM systems include Internet Lead Management features, listed below are stand alone utilities built exclusively for managing Internet Leads. Score Rating Recommende~ iMagicLab iCarMa9ic .5 71% deaft?rs',fJi?)CITIr:ilo,ve(?sore aNowed rate their vendors on oli'sllbmitted ratings are verified The vendors are then scored and ranked G I/veighted Bayesian Sometimes (] company with 3 stars wiii rote above a company with 4 stars the first compony hos 0 'higher probability of success based on the submitted reviews. The Vendor !1vvordsare bosed solely on the oggregate of oil dealer ratinas submitted form )anuarv 7, 2009 to Januory 10,2070. www.DrivingSales.wm DrivingSales DEALERSHIP INNOVATION GUIDE I 2010 11
  5. 5. Vendor ti s I With the market volatility and transparency increasing online, knowing how to price your inventory is a science proven to increase your stores profitability. These "Inventory Pricing" tools collect various forms of market data to pelpdefirie the gptimu1ll.p,ricingfor you inventory to maximize both Gross and Turn. DiamondLot 100% DealerTrack ADP inc., Dealer Services Group ( These companies will help get your website optimized so that it shows up higher in the searc These services generally inclde both on page and off page optimization. Company Product Score Rating Recommended 1.3 Dealer e Process Power PageRank .9 100% Autofusion,lnc. Autofusion Search Engine .9 100% Colbalt PowerSearch .9 75% Only dealership en)p!iJYE~esareallowed rate their vendors on DrivingSales.com, sutmJfttearoUngs are verified. The vendors ore then scored and ranked using a weighted Bayesian Algorithm. Sometimes a company vllth 3 stars wilf rate above a cornpany with 4 stars if mathematically the first company fws a pnJo,ubilityof success based on the submitted reviews. The Vendor Rating Awards are bosed solely on the aggregate of af! deafer raUnas submitted form January 7, 2009 to January 10,2010. 12 2:01 D I DrivingSales DEALERSHIP INNOVATION GUIDE www.DrivingSa!es.<Dffi