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Cloud computing has been on the executive agenda for many years. The promise of lower costs, better agility and innovation is affecting the world of HR in many ways. Concerns about user experience, privacy and control of the systems are barriers in many organizations. This interactive session will help clarify some myths and
realities of cloud computing and offer strategies on how to best leverage these new technologies to reach better employee engagement with an innovative HR organization.

In this workshop, you will learn:
- Trends in technology, from BYOB to Big Data and Cloud Computing
- Get a clear definition of the cloud
- Security and privacy issues and facts in today's clouds
- How to innovate quickly using new HR technologies
- Strategies to work with IT

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HR in the Cloud - Sylvain Boyer

  1. 1. HR in the Cloud Talent, Capabilities and Culture Taken to a New Level
  2. 2. HR in the Cloud 1. Business trends leading to the adoption of cloud 2. 3. 4. 5. What is the cloud? Why should HR leaders care about the cloud? Cloud gotcha’s Examples of innovation in the cloud -- wikis, blogs, twitter, videos, online training, (video) collaboration 6. Building your roadmap to the HR cloud All Rights Reserved © Nuvollo Inc.
  3. 3. Cloud Trends
  4. 4. Cloud Computing Market Will Top $241 Billion in 2020, Forrester Cloud Could Cut $12 Billion from US Government Annual Deficit, Forbes Agility Trumps Cost as Primary Cloud Computing Benefit, ITBusinessEdge SaaS market worth $14.5 billion in 2012, and expanding up to $22.1 billion by 2015, Gartner All Rights Reserved © Nuvollo Inc.
  5. 5. What is the Cloud? Essential Characteristics of a Cloud • On-demand self-service • Broad network access • Resource Pooling Types of Cloud • Public – think Amazon, Google, Rackspace • Private – in-house, Nuvollo, others • Hybrid • Rapid elasticity • Measured Service Service Models • SaaS – Software as a Service • IaaS – Infrastructure as a Service All Rights Reserved © Nuvollo Inc.
  6. 6. CLOUD TRANFORMATION 75% faster deployment of new services 60% capex savings 25% ongoing opex savings* It's estimated that 90 percent of Fortune 1000 companies plan to replace their human resources management software in the next four years. ** VMWare “Impact of Virtualization in the Datacenter” All Rights Reserved © Nuvollo Inc. 6
  7. 7. Cloud is Compelling All Rights Reserved © Nuvollo Inc.
  8. 8. All Rights Reserved © Nuvollo Inc.
  9. 9. Cloud Gotchas -- Major Reported Deterrents to Cloud Adoption All Rights Reserved © Nuvollo Inc.
  10. 10. HR Cloud Examples and Ideas
  11. 11. Top 3 Challenges of CHRO… and Ideas to Address • Talent • • • Recruiting/Hiring Training and Development Assessment • Capabilities • • Manage change benefits • Culture • • • • Agility Innovation Customer Focus Employee engagement All Rights Reserved © Nuvollo Inc.
  12. 12. Building your HR cloud roadmap 1. Grab a seat during boardroom cloud discussions – cloud strategy must include IT, legal, manufacturing, Marketing, Sales and very much so HR. 2. Do your homework on your SaaS service and cloud provider  Can they satisfy privacy requirements, performance, application SLA 3. Be willing to try and innovate! It’s easy and affordable.  Try with a focus group (engage Marketing and IT by inviting a few to join in the pilot)  If successful, what was learned? What can be improved? If not, kill the project.  Get execs to try and buy in  Use the community as needed for training, content  Roll out to larger audience All Rights Reserved © Nuvollo Inc.
  13. 13. Traditional HR Tools and Sofware vs Cloud  Faster Deployment  Better ROI – no server capex, pay per use elasticity (less than18%)  Frees up IT resources to focus on core business projects  On-demand Scalability  Always up to date  Equal or Better Security possible SSAE16 compliant datacenters, 100% in Canada or US, application firewalls, background checks  Better Performance Mobile devices, auto-scaling Higher availability possible All Rights Reserved © Nuvollo Inc.
  14. 14. Nuvollo – Ride the Cloud Connect with me: 647-381-8511 Twitter @yyyourd @nuvollo