Social Media is for Lovers
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Social Media is for Lovers






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Social Media is for Lovers Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Social Media is for Lovers, SEO is for Suckers: Stop Guessing, Start Nailing Your Social Strategy Presented by Kristen Sussman President & Founder, Social Distillery @KrisSuss Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 2. Agendaü What’s  New  in  Social    ü Social  Strategy  &  Tac6cal  Implementa6on  ü 6  Requirements  for  Achieving  Social  Success    ü Measurement  &  Ongoing  Analysis  ü Tools  to  help  you  get  there  ü Where  it’s  all  Going   Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 3. What’s new in the World of Social Media? Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 4. Pinterest Launches March 2010 Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 5. Timeline Introduced September 2011 Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 6. Facebook Acquires Instagram April 2012 Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 7. Social Business NewsSocial. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 8. Social Media & the FBI“…to enhance its techniques for collecting and sharing ‘open source’ actionable intelligence” Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 9. From Theory to Practice: Let’s Talk Strategy & Tactics Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 10. 7 Business Objectives of Social Media1.  Brand  Awareness  2.  Inbound  Marke6ng  3.  Community  Building  4.  Sales  5.  Reputa6on/Crisis  Management  6.  Customer  Service  7.  Market  Research   Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 11. Applying Strategy Objective > Strategy > Implementationü  Objec6ve:  Brand  Awareness  ü  Strategies  Used:   ü  Content  Marke6ng   ü  Corporate  Communica6on   Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 12. Strategy: Content Marketing Sharing industry knowledge to build influenceü  Build  influence  ü  Build  community  ü  Increase  brand  reach  ü  Drive  traffic  ü  Proac6vely  ac6vate  engagement   Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 13. Strategy: Corporate Communications Activate social presence to maximize reachü  Addi6onal  voice  ü  Brand  posi6oning  ü  Increase  brand  reach  ü  Public  rela6ons  ü  Increase  visibility   Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 14. Insights from the field:6 Requirements for Social Success Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 15. #1: Create a Plan •  An  editorial  calendar   ensures  appropriate   publishing  cadence       •  A  shared  calendar   enables  consistent   messaging,  with   more  impacYul   promo6ons  Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 16. #2: Reach & Relevancy •  Create  content  that   resonates  with  your   community   •  Know  your  community  &   who/what  is  relevant  to   them   •  Use  proac6ve  &  reac6ve   engagement  to  increase   reach  Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 17. #3: Creative Storytelling•  Use  crea6vity  to  tell   your  company  or   product  story  •  Maximize  your   marke6ng  impact   through  various  online   touch  points  •  Enable  extended   impact  by  repurposing   useful  content  collected   during  the  campaign     Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 18. #4: Tactical Implementation •  Once  you’ve  created   great  content,  share   &  repurpose  it  in  as   many  relevant   loca6ons  as  possible   •  Keep  social  channels   consistent  with   companywide   communica6ons  &   overall  business   objec6ves  Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 19. #5: Embrace ChangePinterest is now the Pinterest drives3RD MOST POPULAR MORE REFERRAL social network TRAFFIC In the U.S. behind than Google+, Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter. YouTube combined. Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 20. #6: Learned Insights•  Use  collected  data  to  enable  new  insights  •  Turn  insights  into  useful  content   Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 21. Measurement & Analysis Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 22. Key to Success Plan   Implement   Measure   Execute  mul6-­‐week   Click  to  convert,  unify   Example:  Iden6fy  three   impressions,  reach,  top   campaign  with  scheduled   markets  to  target,  iden6fy   influencers,  click-­‐thru,  6me   content  dra_,  approved  and   influencers,  outline  a   of  day  and  message   published  at  op6mal   publishing  cadence  and   effec6veness,  response,   engagement  6mes  across  3  editorial  calendar,  determine   sen6ment  to  message,  6me   social  channels,  using  three   how  to  measure   on  site,  abandonment  on   voices   lead  form     Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 23. Key Performance Indicators #1  Engagement:     Click,  share,  retweet,   men6on,  comment,  like     #2  Reach:     Number  of  impressions   &  poten6al  reach  of   your  message     #3  Ac2vity:     Number  of  pieces  of   content  published  Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 24. Measurement & Communication Tools & technologies to help Paid:     •  Spredfast   •  Jive  So_ware  –  free   30  day  trial     Free:     •  Google  Analy6cs:   referral  traffic   •  Hootsuite:  clicks   •  Crowdbooster:  visual   informa6on   Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 25. Where is it Going?Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 26. Social. Strategy. Delivered.
  • 27. Ques6ons?   Thank  You!  Contact:  Kristen  Sussman  @KrisSuss  512.344.2015         Social. Strategy. Delivered.