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Skeeter Harris - YouTube: Making Videos That Don't Suck!
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Skeeter Harris - YouTube: Making Videos That Don't Suck!


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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. Making Videos that Don’t Suck!Social Crush Workshop HandoutVideos have become the most consumed type of content on the Internet with over 45 billionvideos being viewed each month in the US alone. At their simplest level videos are a transactionbetween the producer and the viewer, where there is an expectation of entertainment. Thisworkshop is broken into three topics of discussion – Getting Started with Video, Video Production& Editing, and Publishing & Optimization.Getting Started with VideoW HY VIDEO? S UGGESTED T OPICS  Immediate  Product Overviews  Intimate  Video Tours  Inexpensive  Testimonials  Interactive  FAQ/SAQ  Blogging  Glossary/TermsW HATS N EEDED ?  Proper Attitude  Kodak Play Sport, Flip Camera or equivalent  Tripod with Video Head  Lavaliere Microphone (optional)SECRETS TO SUCCESS WITH VIDEO 1. Understand your message 2. Storyboard & Create Narrative before starting 3. Use Proper Lighting 4. Watch for proper color balance (Subject verse background) 5. Avoid sporadic or jerky movements 6. Don’t Zoom, use Cuts 7. Familiarize yourself with your equipment 8. When possible have narrative within the video 9. Place videos on all possible portals with proper naming, tagging, and back linking 10. Make sure the video is entertaining… Would you watch it?Example Videos @2011 Mac Village Productions 1
  • 2. Video Production & EditingNow that you have figured out your messaging, familiarized yourself with your equipment, nowcomes the fun part, Production and Editing! So you’ve been “Green-light” – Lets get to workand get our film shot and produced! Regardless if you’re a PC or a Mac; there are simple easyto use tools to get your video looking great!P REPARING FOR THE SHOOT 1. Make sure your shoot location is ready 2. Make sure light is ok, and don’t shoot into sun 3. Shoot sample of subject and people to check sound levels 4. Make sure camera is on a tripod whenever possible! 5. Watch Subject and Backgrounds 6. Avoid sporadic or jerky movements – Practice Pans 7. Always shoot video in highest resolution - 1080 8. Get over yourself! – Focus on the message not yourself or how you soundEDITING YOUR FOOTAGE ON PC OR MAC 1. Most cameras today will connect to computer via USB 2. On PC – Software will be preloaded on Camera a. Kodak – Arcsoft Media Impression b. Flip – Flipshare c. Sony - Bloggie 3. On Mac – Software to use iMovie 4. At beginning of video establish Brand a. Place company/product logos – Transparent background Logo best .PNG file b. Name of Product/Location/Feature c. If testimonial video use – lower 3rd branding with name and title 5. At end of video tell viewer what to do next… aka - Call to Action: a. Web Address b. Phone Number c. Contest Details d. Promotion or Special “Act Now” Offer e. Annotations 6. When possible in all videos use a. Background Music, it draws out emotion from viewer b. Spoken Narration to help with organic SEO Media Impression iMovie @2011 Mac Village Productions 2
  • 3. Publishing & OptimizationOnce you have your video edited and ready to be shown you now need to get it out on theInternet on one of many popular video sharing sites such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook. Whilehaving your video on your website or blog is also important, placing this content on Social Medianetworks allows for people to share, like and Plus your content!YouTube – Provides a free portal/page for your videos, which is called a channel.T O SETUP A CHANNEL : 1. Create a YouTube Account 2. Create a unique user name for the channel 3. Complete basic Setup of Channel (Mandatory) a. Description of your business i. Make sure you put biz phone # b. Add links to your website(s) c. Connect your social networks d. Upload an about Me picture or logo i. 800x800 max sizeKEY ELEMENTS W HEN UPLOADING V IDEO : 1. Video Title - Provide Meaningful name 2. Video Description - Start with full backlink to website a. ie.. For more info visit 3. Tags/keywords - Use them to help with organic SEO a. Product name b. Company name c. Phases use “Parallels Desktop” 4. Select appropriate privacy setting (public) @2011 Mac Village Productions 3
  • 4. EMBEDDING VIDEOS IN YOUR WEBSITE OR BLOG : 1. Go to the video on YouTube 2. Click on the Share button 3. AWAYS – Uncheck – Show Suggested videos 4. Select size of video 5. Copy HTML iframe code into Website/Blog PostM AKING VIDEO APPEAR INTERACTIVE WITH ANNOTATIONS : 1. Plan linkage points on videos prior to shoot 2. Place graphics/buttons within video during edit stage 3. Leave buttons on screen long enough for choices 8 – 20 seconds 4. Upload videos as unlisted, then place annotations on each video 5. Make each video publicExample Annotation Videos @2011 Mac Village Productions 4