Power Your Advocates to Deliver Millions of Endorsements & Improve Sentiment & Social ROI


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Brands have gained tens of thousands and sometimes millions of social fans and followers, but leading brands haven't stopped there. They are identifying and activating their most passionate advocates to help spread their message, tracking the impact of these trusted endorsements and reporting on how campaigns impact customer sentiment and social ROI.

Learn best practices SocialChorus and Viralheat gleaned from working with hundreds of leading brands for leveraging social influencers and followers including:

- Identifying and activating influencers to deliver social endorsements
- Tracking social endorsements inside and outside of social campaigns
- Measuring and improving social sentiment ROI

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  • (Raj intro) I am Raj Kadam CEO of ViralHeat and am excited to introduce Greg Shove, CEO at SocialChorus Greg is the founder of SocialChorus, the leading Social Word-of-Mouth Marketing Company.  Greg has helped brands and consumers connect online since the early days of the internet. 2Market, a Silicon Valley start-up that he co-founded, pioneered the development of interactive shopping before being acquired by AOL in 1995.
  • (Raj intro) On Today’s webinar we will reviewHow Social Word of Mouth enables companies to create and measure social endorsementsHow Social Endorsements improve social sentiment and ROI Interactive Q&A with Raj and Greg
  • (Greg and Raj) Companies around the world have been spending more effort on social media. They have been- Hiring social media managers- Managing and building out social fan pages- Creating content
  • GregDespite the efforts of brands, there are still major missed opportunities in social media.First, engagement is low -1% on averageSecond, social networks have the ability to control how many brand posts are seen. Facebook in particular has recently ratcheted down how many posts are seen – 8% is generousLastly, content is rarely engaging enough for the audience to share. Using Facebook as an example, with 2.5B pieces of content daily, Facebook “boasts” 2.7B likes per day, meaning the average number of likes or Shares per day is just about 1 per post. only about 4% of the time. Facebook for example boast 1B shares per day, however, when nearly …2.5B pieces of content per day = 4% shared
  • (Raj) – Yes they are talking about your brand – but what are they saying? How do you listen and interact on social media?- 75% stat - Source is mass relevance
  • GregGive overview of idea of SocialChorus and ViratHeat – Identify people on social likely to talk about your brand-- Engage them -- Measure the impactUnpack each section in the rest of the webinar
  • Greg- Editors and Celebrities are not your advocates- Power Middle influencers (those with 10-25k fans/followers/blog subscribers are very powerful) and in small numbers (dozens or hundreds) can influence millions-Fans and Followers, when activated in large numbers, can also influence millionsFirst, lets talk about how you identify them…
  • Raj – talk through this slide
  • Raj – talk through this slide
  • Greg – talk about why people will share – “research from having run over 200 programs”
  • Greg – talk about types of motivators for influencers and advocates
  • Greg – talk about inviting customers, making it easy, and why we are confident this works (200 programs, dozens of F500 customers delivering millions of endorsements) Mention and segue to 3M slide (next)
  • GregHere is an example of one SocialChorus customer
  • GregOur built in tracking, ROI measurement and dashboards give you a roll up of all that is important to you. From influencer effectiveness, to their social actions, to the impact that these programs have on consumers, SocialChorus provides a single dashboard tracking everything proves the measurable social ROI of word-of-mouth marketing. We also integrate senitment tracking (segue to Raj)
  • Raj – talk about this slide
  • And all of this is delivered by SocialChorus, the leading Social Word-of-Mouth marketing solution for the brands that people love. Our customers, including the ones you see on this slide, consistently deliver more of the most valuable social actions through trusted social influencers.Our cloud-based, comprehensive platform and expert services have been developed with the knowledge gained from launching over 200 social word-of-mouth programs for the largest brands in the world. Our customers keep coming back to us as we deliver measurable social ROI at 3 to 5 x on average in just a few weeks.
  • Looks like we are out of time, I want to thank our speakers today and encourage you to get in touch.
  • Power Your Advocates to Deliver Millions of Endorsements & Improve Sentiment & Social ROI

    1. 1. Power Your Advocates toDeliver Millions of Endorsements &Improve Sentiment & Social ROI #SocialChorusU
    2. 2. Meet Our Speakers Greg Shove • CEO, SocialChorus • @GregShove Raj Kadam • CEO, Viral Heat • @raj_kadam 2
    3. 3. Today’s Agenda 1. Social Word-of-Mouth 2. Creating and Measuring Social Endorsements, Positive Sentiment and Social ROI 3. Q&A 3
    4. 4. You Interact with Customers onSocial Media 4
    5. 5. But Your Social Content is Trapped on Brand Social Pages 1 % 8 % 1Of Followers that of Content Average # of TimesVisit Brand’s Page is Seen Content is Shared 5 5
    6. 6. People are TalkingBut What are They Saying? 75 % 30 %+ Talk about Brands Of Sentiment is on Social Media Negative 6
    7. 7. Motivate Advocatesto Tell Your Story- Identify- Engage- Measure 7 7
    8. 8. Who Are Your PotentialAdvocates? Editors & Celebrities Social Influencers (aka The Power Middle) Fans & Followers 8 8
    9. 9. Identify the Right Advocates 1 Who is Your Audience? 4 2 Identify Advocates Where areBy Volume and Impact They on the Web? 3 Monitor the Conversations Around your Brand or Products 9
    10. 10. Viralheat Case Study: Men’sWearhouse • Tracks keywords like “ties” or “tuxedos” on the social web to find bloggers and influencers • Surfaces influencers by impact and volume who mention their brand @menswearhouse or Men’s Wearhouse • Grew following from 4,000 social media fans to over 300,000 using Viralheat 10
    11. 11. Advocates Will Share ContentBecause Love your product and/or lifestyle Want to be trendsetter Love to share brilliant content Want to help friends make good decisions Love to collect brand rewards 11
    12. 12. Give Advocates GoodReasons to Share  Give them your product  Give them relevant and interesting content  Give them something to give to their friends  Thank them  Reward them 12
    13. 13. Invite & Make it Easy 13 13
    14. 14. 3M ScotchColors & Patterns Build consumer awareness around new product uses - Identified 60 DIY, fashion & design influencers - Created DIY projects using the new Scotch Colors and Patterns duct tape - Drove 90-day sweepstakes to distribute over 34K product samplesResults 60 188K 17.4M+ Influencers Social People got the Endorsements Message 14
    15. 15. Measure Results Sentiment 76K Tracking Endorsements 110MM Audience Reach 15
    16. 16. Sentiment & Intent Metrics Sentiment Tracking Human Intent Identify Over Time Sentiment Peaks and Valleys 16
    17. 17. SocialChorus OverviewThe Leading Social Word-of-Mouth Marketing SolutionMillions of Social Endorsements for the Brands that People LoveComprehensive Software & Expert Services3-5x ROI, realized in weeks 17
    18. 18. Founded in 2009 as a video analytics companyViralheat now is a complete social media marketing suiteAllows customers to manage, monitor, engage, publish, and analyzevarious social media platforms from one dashboardTrusted by more than 12,000 brands 18
    19. 19. Get in Touch Contact SocialChorus Contact Viralheat The Leading Social Word-of- Social Media Simplified Mouth Marketing Solution info@socialchorus.com info@viralheat.com socialchorus.com viralheat.com Call 415.655.2700 Tune in next month for another informative webinar! 19