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The Influence Triangle: How to Leverage 3 Types of Brand Fans to Deliver Millions of Endorsements
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The Influence Triangle: How to Leverage 3 Types of Brand Fans to Deliver Millions of Endorsements


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Jay Baer, author and President of social and content accelerator Convince & Convert describes how smart brands successfully motivate influencers to endorse on their behalf. …

Jay Baer, author and President of social and content accelerator Convince & Convert describes how smart brands successfully motivate influencers to endorse on their behalf.

This content covers:

- The three types of online influencers
- How to identify optimal advocates
- How to work with each type of influencer
- How to customize your program to harness the passion of each advocate

Published in: Business

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  • GregHere is an example of one SocialChorus customer
  • And all of this is delivered by SocialChorus, the leading Social Word-of-Mouth marketing solution for the brands that people love. Our customers, including the ones you see on this slide, consistently deliver more of the most valuable social actions through trusted social influencers.Our cloud-based, comprehensive platform and expert services have been developed with the knowledge gained from launching over 200 social word-of-mouth programs for the largest brands in the world. Our customers keep coming back to us as we deliver measurable social ROI at 3 to 5 x on average in just a few weeks.
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  • Transcript

    • 1. Content Marketing & Social Media Activation Plan February 2013
    • 2. President, Convince & ConvertSocial Media and Content February 2013 2
    • 3. CEO, SocialChorusThe Leading Social Word-of-MouthMarketing February 2013 3
    • 4. 1 4
    • 5. 5
    • 6. 6
    • 7. 92% of consumers around the world say they trust word-of- mouth and recommendationsfrom friends and family, above all other forms of advertising. *Nielsen 7
    • 8. 8
    • 9. 9
    • 10. 2 10
    • 11. If you want “influencers” to solely create awarenessfor your company, there may be better options fordoing so.You want to generate ACTIONS not just accumulateEYEBALLS.This is often a disconnect, as we tend to confuseAudience and Influence. 11
    • 12. Successfully driving behavior relies on a combination of AUDIENCE and ADVOCACY 12
    • 13. Chris BroganAuthor, Journalist,Marketing Consultant 13
    • 14. To drive behavior, understand the types and distinct motivations of influencers 14
    • 15. 3 15
    • 16. Passionate Customers 16
    • 17. Motivation for advocacy = Pride➔ Not all of your employees will be enthusiastic➔ Typically, long-time employees with a history in the company 0 25 50 75 100 50 80 17 Audience Advocacy
    • 18. Motivation for advocacy = Enthusiasm➔ Not all of your customers will be motivated to share➔ Typically, customers that have history or exceptional interaction with company 0 25 50 75 100 40 90 18 Audience Advocacy
    • 19. Motivation for advocacy = Expertise➔ Share and encourage action based on a rational understanding of the category➔ May or may not be actual customers 0 25 50 75 100 70 40 19 Audience Advocacy
    • 20. Enthusiastic EmployeeKim CorakShares because she’sproud of the book, andother people enjoying itreflects positively uponher. 2013 20
    • 21. Passionate CustomerElizabeth SosnowShares because she’s asupporter of Convince &Convert, and otherpeople discovering andliking the companyratifies her decision. 21
    • 22. Social PublisherJoe PulizziShares because he’s anarbiter of quality in acategory. One of hisonline roles is to directattention to what’sgood, and peopleagreeing with his advicebuttresses his role asauthority. 22
    • 23. Social publishers with exceptionally large audiencesbehave more like media (and are, in fact, a form ofnew media)Their motivations for sharing differ from the 3 typesof influencers covered here:➔ Audience = opportunity for them➔ Their audience is topically driven (usually) but not as specifically as with social publishers➔ Much more difficult to get this group to drive action on your behalf, unless payment occurs – this isn’t advocacy 23
    • 24. 4 24
    • 25. In all cases, you locate potential influencers basedon their previous behavior, not presumed behavior. 25
    • 26. Customers that are active online and in social mediaand are already communicating about the brand➔ Use social chatter analysis to locate these advocates➔ Look beyond Twitter and Facebook – forums, in particular, are great places to find these influencers 26
    • 27. 27
    • 28. Creators and curators of social content(Twitter, blogs, forums, videos, photos, et al) whohave demonstrated consistent category coverage.➔ Use social chatter analysis to find these potential influencers, by searching for broad, category topics rather than brand and product names➔ Cross-check with influence and topical ID systems like Little Bird (, GroupHigh (, and Kred ( 28
    • 29. 29
    • 30. 5 30
    • 31. Identify the Right Make the Give to Get Influencers Approach Download the ebook @ 31
    • 32. Keep it shortMake it personalFormal, but comfortable These six tipsMake the “give to get” clear always apply to the threeHave a deadline influencer groups.Follow up 32
    • 33. ContentBrand recognition & affiliationProducts & sampling Make sure theUnique experiences & other give to get isrewards clear.Sweepstakes & giveaways 33
    • 34. SocialChorus Case Study3M Scotch Blue Colors & Patterns Build consumer awareness around new product uses - Identified 60 DIY, fashion & design influencers - Created DIY projects using the new Scotch Colors and Patterns duct tape - Distributed over 34K product samplesResults 60 188K 17.4M+ Influencers Social People got the Endorsements Message 34
    • 35. Find employees that are active online and in socialmedia➔ May require social participation survey➔ Look beyond Twitter and FacebookFind employees that are passionate about thecompany➔ May require internal passion survey➔ Look especially to customer-facing roles within the organizationArm employees with messaging and content assets,and encourage them to share on their personalaccounts. 35
    • 36. 6 36
    • 37. SocialChorus: Real-time results 76K Endorsements $327K Earned Media Value 1.6MInfluencer Audience 110M Consumer Audience 37
    • 38. FTC says always disclose, even tweets.Specific guidance is vague, however.The responsible party is the company, NOT theinfluencer.New WOMMA guidelines published 38
    • 39. 7 39
    • 40. Your SocialChorus delivers millionsof endorsementsInspire Advocates to Endorse Deliver Trusted Endorsements to Millions
    • 41. SocialChorus OverviewOne part software. One part services. Identify influencers and advocates Deliver engaging campaigns Scale campaigns to millions of consumers Track results with continual improvement
    • 42. Get in Touch Contact SocialChorus Contact Jay Baer The Leading Social Word-of-Mouth Media and Content Social Marketing Solution Marketing Accelerator Call 415.655.2700 Visit to register for our next informative webinar!