How To Launch An Employee Advocate Program


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Powering advocates is one of the most effective ways for brands to tell their brand story; however very few are powering their most passionate advocates, their employees.

By powering employees to advocate, brands can increase social engagement, improve share of voice and reach new audiences. In fact, brands that power employees to be thought leaders outperform their competitors by 20%.

Learn best practices to launch an employee advocate program, including:

Steps to launching an employee advocate program

How to motivate employees to create and share on behalf of your brand

How to power employees to be thought leaders
How to prove the value of employee advocacy and justify the investment

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  • - Reuse existing content – only 5% of posts are seen by fans and followers
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  • How To Launch An Employee Advocate Program

    1. 1. How to launch an employee advocate program Liz Bullock CEO & Co-Founder Social Arts & Science Institute (SASI) @lizbbullock #employeeadvocate
    2. 2. We need to build lost trust Consumer Decision Making 1. 2. 3. 4. Research prior to buying Talk to friends and family Ask to be treated uniquely Want to be thanked after purchase 5. If issue, expect quick resolution Trust attributes have shifted from operational excellence to more engaging and transparent behaviors Confidential 2 • Edelman Trust Barometer 2013 2/27/2014
    3. 3. McDonald’s transparency Chicken McNuggets made with so called “pink slime” Alleged photo on internet McDonalds created video to show process + 3.5M YouTube views “McDonald’s is an incredible example of radical transparency, and building trust by being disproportionately forthright.” - Jay Baer SASI©
    4. 4. Companies must rethink how they connect with the marketplace Challenges: Prospects and customers are moving online at a rapid pace and making decisions peer to peer Companies are seeking authentic and genuine ways to build customer relationships How do you use social media authentically and engage with the marketplace to deliver results? Answer: Companies must train and scale employee advocates to build long term relationships with prospects and customers
    5. 5. Different uses & values across organization H.R. Resources Human • Recruiting • Inside view of the company • Retention Communications • Brand story • Stronger internal communications • Diverse story Sales • Thought leadership • Sales • Relationships • Local level
    6. 6. People + Process + Technology & Culture People • Executive Support • Employee Activation Technology Process • Listening platform • Employee Advocacy software • Policy • Governance • Training • Measurement • Content Culture
    7. 7. How to launch an employee advocate program in 7 steps
    8. 8. 1. Identify business objectives All employees Sales Customer Service Marketing Protect and consistent brand online Increase sales Cost savings Customer insights Deepening customer relationships Lead generation Decrease online (sample) customer complaints Increase traffic to website Amplifying brand story Thought leadership Insights to improve products and services Increase store traffic
    9. 9. 2. Find your most socially active employees • Most influential employees • Department • Latest social activity • #hashtags • Content Employee Advocacy solution should identify active employees
    10. 10. 3. Technology needs to be about adoption (employee & organization) Ensure technology is easy to use Understand your requirements: • • • Mobile Ability to serve diverse content Compliance requirements Determine key metrics: • • • • # of advocates # of engagements Earned media value Top performing content
    11. 11. 4. Give employees killer content Foster an experiment-oriented mindset for testing and iteration Think like a reader (and a search engine) Create useful and credible content & reuse existing content Understand social platforms for listening and distribution Develop “fun and engaging” content
    12. 12. 5. Leverage your culture for adoption leverages gong to alert open environment of product shipping or new campaign launch Higher online engagement impacts reach Source:
    13. 13. 6. Identify employee “touch points” Review EMPLOYEE ADVOCACY ADOPTION Annual Performance plans Qtly All Hands Internal Comms Training Job Responsibilities Onboarding DAYS 1 - 30 TIME SASI© DAYS 90 - 120 Awards
    14. 14. 7. Tell you love them #nofilter
    15. 15. Recap 1. Identify business objectives 2. Find your most socially active peeps 3. Technology needs to be about adoption (employee & org) 4. Give employees killer content 5. Leverage your culture for adoption (bang a gong) 6. Identify employee “touch points” 7. Tell you love them #nofilter
    16. 16. Thank you & next steps Any Additional Questions? @getSASI @SocialChorus