How Kia Drives Social Stories to Millions of Consumers


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  • - TV is like rain. We catch the rain in buckets and re-deploy it to the social channels to make our sales opportunity and brand grow. - Add momentum and velocity (social) to the rain (TV), capture it and circulate it back into the online process thereby advancing the brand and buying cycle. Kia is taking TV content/advertising and reengaging audiences by using that content along with other content in social channels.
  • What’s the difference and how has this become a part of your marketing strategy? GH: We’ve found that in some instances TV shows are digital events themselves and ripe for social opportunity whether it’s maximizing content opps with the actual show programming, ads that happen during the commercial break and we’ve even seen people taking KPD shopping actions on the web site or posting shopping behaviors in social. So what this can look like is TV show is going, commercial break or in program content stimulates viewer to go online at which point they could’ve decided to watch the more content or the same piece of content on YouTube then from there actually start to take shopper actions like build and price, locate a dealer, etc.
  • - “Innovation in advertising always introduces some terms which may seem foreign to classical advertising “Mad Men” types and marketing executives – but Kia has turned to some creative new methods to engage car buyers with very positive market share gains” - TV no longer a “one trick pony”. - 75 – 85% of TV users are using the second screen. - Kia has intersected the trend toward second screening, couch commerce with cool memorable advertising – hip hop, space babies, hamsters – on TV and social. Reusing and distributing content in social channels dramatically increases the life of a TV adGH: These are stats used from the writer of the article and would need to dig up to see if it’s sourced or not. Or do you have this?87% - NPD – 87%of US Entertainment consumers reported to be using the second screen. of tablet and smart phone users use the second screen- Nielsen -
  • However, the results are similar to that of email marketing with just 3% engaging, and now increasingly being question at the senior levelGH: But keep in mind 3% at a base of 500K is still 15k potential organic engagements which can be amplified through media.
  • Great content is key. In September, Kia received 14,000+ tweets about this hip-hop hamster Kia Soul commercial in one week alone. (Bluefin Labs) Consumers loved campaigns and wanted to share the commercial, video, and images with their friends.GH: Or doing something (It’s the difference between being a brand participant vs. a brand spectator).
  • Enlist influencers who can serve as Kia advocates across the social web and drive engagement among consumersGenerate quality blog posts to promote awareness among Kia’s consumers in a meaningful wayGH: Generate quality blog posts to promote awareness among Kia and non-Kia consumers to help stimulate desired actionsDrive shares and engagements of Kia images and videosGH: Drive shares and engagements of Kia content that contributes to the vehicle and overall Kia brand storyGenerate authentic consumer conversations in the places where they are seeking and sharing informationCreate a foundation for long-term relationships between Kia and its influencersGH: Build a foundation that fosters long-term relationships between Kia and influencers both internal and external
  • Allow advocates to tell their stories to spark excitement about the brand. Provide a variety of assets – photos, videos – for advocates to use to create high quality, unique blog content
  • Because the theme of the road trip is universal, it resonated with various different audiences – young/old, male/female.Sparked lots of conversation from the audience (ie: “My first car was a Kia”) GH: The universal thematic provided the catalyst for genuine and interesting conversations.
  • Advocates produced lots of unique content.GH: The social club not only produced content but syndicated the content to their audiences casting a wider net to get our vehicle/brand story in front of more people.
  • 198 Kia social club members 244 blog posts Great long form blog content – engaging and high qualityActive community that can be used throughout 2013GH: Probably will ad this is just our external influencer group. Layer in our internal influencer group (i.e. owners) this base grows exponentially.
  • Great success with advocates and learned advocates = content distribution. Kia is doubling down on that success with more campaigns in the social spheres. GH: With the initial success were seeing with content creation and distribution we are looking to push this a little harder to see if we can generate an even larger impact.
  • Super Bowl XLVII was a huge success in social TV – game itself had a total of 30.6 million public Tweets and Facebook comments. 150% YOY growth volume of social commentary for 2013 Super Bowl vs. previous year Success of Kia’s last 2 Super Bowl campaigns as going “beyond TV” to online.- Ran a non-incentivized Super Bowl prompt that resulted in 50 active influencers. No currency given. Received great blog content and a lot of short form (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) sharing
  • So far in 2013 --- 57 advocates6K social endorsements 2M endorsements delivered
  • With SocialChorus, you will give your advocates great reasons to share your brand’s story. You will get them to deliver brand endorsements in the millions
  • Our built in tracking, ROI measurement and dashboards give you, for the first time, to quantify the effect of social ROI. From advocate effectiveness, to their social actions, to the impact that these programs have on consumers, SocialChorus provides a single dashboard tracking everything proves the measurable social ROI of word-of-mouth marketing.
  • All of this is delivered by SocialChorus, the leading Social Word-of-Mouth marketing solution for the brands that people love. Our comprehensive platform and expert services have been developed with the knowledge gained from launching over 200 social word-of-mouth programs for the largest brands in the world. Our customers keep coming back to us as we deliver measurable social ROI at 3 to 5 x on average in just a few weeks.
  • But don’t take my word for it. We work with dozens of the largest brands in the world, including the ones on this slide. GH: Change out logo here…Benji or Matt at Prophesee at our social agency should be able to provide you with the updated logo. Thx.
  • How Kia Drives Social Stories to Millions of Consumers

    1. 1. How Kia Drives SocialStories to Millions ofConsumers
    2. 2. George Haynes• Social and Digital MediaManager, Kia• @socialmmaGreg Shove• CEO, SocialChorus• @GregShoveMeet Our Speakers
    3. 3. 1How is TV like rain?
    4. 4. 2Social TV, secondscreening, couchcommerce?
    5. 5. TV is no longer a one-trick ponyOf entertainment consumers areusing the second screen87%6
    6. 6. 3What role doadvocates play?
    7. 7. Very few social consumersengageOf your audience creates 75%social media engagement3%8
    8. 8. Give Advocates SomethingWorth Talking About9
    9. 9. Let Your Advocates Tell YourBrand’s Story92% of consumers trustearned media above all other formsof advertising10
    10. 10. 4How is Kia workingwith SocialChorus todrive endorsements?
    11. 11. The Kia Social Club
    12. 12. Overall Program GoalsEnlist bloggers as advocatesPromote awarenessDrive shares and engagementsGenerate trusted consumer conversationsCreate long-term relationships13
    13. 13. “Road Trip” ProgramEmpower advocates to tell their storiesHigh quality blog contentResonate with multiple audiences14
    14. 14. Target Advocates15VerticalsParentingSportsTech/DesignWomen’s LifestyleEntertainment
    15. 15. Advocates Create Content
    16. 16. Road Trip Program Results198Advocates24KSocial Endorsements30MEndorsementsDelivered17
    17. 17. 5What’s next for 2013?
    18. 18. 2013 Program GoalsContent distribution modelDouble down on content in social
    19. 19. Super Bowl Program
    20. 20. Early 2013 Results57Advocates6KSocial Endorsements2MEndorsementsDelivered
    21. 21. Inspire your advocates toshare your story with millions
    22. 22. See real-time results23188KEndorsements$327KEarned Media ValueEndorsementsDelivered To110MTopAdvocates TopContent
    23. 23. Why SocialChorus?The leading social word-of-mouthmarketing solutionMillions of social endorsements for thebrands that people loveComprehensive software platform& expert services3-5x ROI, realized in weeks24
    24. 24. Who has already launchedSocialChorus?25
    25. 25. Thank YouContact SocialChorus@SocialChorusinfo@socialchorus.comwww.socialchorus.com415.655.2700