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From Email to Advocates: How to Amplify Your Marketing with Social
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From Email to Advocates: How to Amplify Your Marketing with Social






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  • DJ and Greg fun facts:DJ – his son’s middle name is VikingGreg -
  • We believe that buying has changed forever.Not that long ago, there were few 3rd party sources of information – information scarcity – which meant that a buyer had to get most of their information from sales. It also meant we lived in a world of attention abundance, with fewer channels competing for a buyer’s attention. But now, there is an explosion of readily available information— so much that 90% of the data in the world today has been created in the last two years alone.All this data = buyers today are more empowered. The Web provides them with instant information gratification. They can access detailed specs, pricing, and reviews about goods and services 24/7 with a few flicks of their thumbs. Meanwhile, social media encourages them to share and compare, while mobile devices add a wherever/whenever dimension to every aspect of the experience. Result: Forrester Reports that 65-90% of buying process is complete when consumer walks into store/branch/dealer, or contacts sales. This translates to an organizational power shift from Sales to Marketing, and a corresponding responsibility shift to Marketing for a much greater share of the buying cycle.All this requires deep changes in how we market.
  • add slide before – three kinds of advocates giving context
  • website traffic, sign up and buy
  • Our average, an advocate participates once per month and engages 5 fans or followers with each action. Using 144 as the average number of fans/followers, the total potential reach of for any 1 advocate over a 12 month period is is 10,368. Multipled by 1000 (the average size of a successful consumer advocacy program), the average consumer advocate marketing program can reach over 10.3MM of your customers' friends/fans/followers over a 12 month period. We can tailor the content that we provid advocates to share so that when their audiences click-through, we send them to the desired environment: website homepage, special offers, purchase funnel, Facebook page, etc.

From Email to Advocates: How to Amplify Your Marketing with Social Presentation Transcript

  • 1. From Email to Advocates… How to Amplify Your Marketing with Social with Greg Shove and DJ Waldow
  • 2. @djwaldo w @gregshove #SMadvocates 2
  • 3. Greg Shove – Founder & CEO of SocialChorus DJ Waldow – Digital Marketing Evangelist at Marketo @djwaldo w @gregshove #SMadvocates 3
  • 4. Over the next 38 minutes you will learn … • Why social matters • How to create emails that encourage social sharing • The importance of advocate marketing in transforming your customers and employees into advocates • Empower advocates to • Reach new audiences • Increase web traffic • Increase conversions @djwaldo w @gregshove #SMadvocates 4
  • 5. Social media is HOT @djwaldo w @gregshove #SMadvocates 5
  • 6. @djwaldo w @gregshove #SMadvocates 6
  • 7. @djwaldo w @gregshove #SMadvocates 7
  • 8. @djwaldo w @gregshove #SMadvocates 8
  • 9. @djwaldo w @gregshove #SMadvocates 9
  • 10. @djwaldo w @gregshove #SMadvocates 10
  • 11. Unprecedented Changes in Buying Information: Information: SCARCITY ABUNDANCE Purchasing Power: Purchasing Power: SELLERS BUYERS Organizational Power: Organizational Power: SALES MARKETING NOW THEN @djwaldo w @gregshove #SMadvocates 11
  • 12. Creating emails that encourage social sharing #SMadvocates 12
  • 13. @djwaldo w @gregshove #SMadvocates 13
  • 14. @djwaldo w @gregshove #SMadvocates 14
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  • 28. @djwaldo w @gregshove #SMadvocates 28
  • 29. Marketing automation reveals your existing advocates @djwaldo w @gregshove #SMadvocates 29
  • 30. From email to advocates Email is a great way to reach your customers… @djwaldo w …Advocate Marketing enables distribution to additional audiences through authentic, trusted sources (friends, family and followers) @gregshove #SMadvocates 30
  • 31. Customers trust advocates % 77 of consumers are more likely to buy a product when they hear about it from someone they trust — Nielsen2013 % 84 @djwaldo w of consumers worldwide trust recommendations from friends and family more than any form of advertising — Nielsen2013 @gregshove #SMadvocates 31
  • 32. The benefits of customer advocates Customer advocates will: • Promote brands to their network • Share content and messaging • Drive web traffic and conversions • Write reviews @djwaldo w @gregshove #SMadvocates 32
  • 33. The benefits of employee advocates Employee advocates will: • Promote thought leadership • Share company news • Showcase new products • Promote company conscience • Create demand for jobs • Drive web traffic and conversions @djwaldo w @gregshove #SMadvocates 33
  • 34. Advocates solve marketing problems Reach new audiences @djwaldo w Increase web traffic @gregshove Increase conversions #SMadvocates 34
  • 35. Reach new audiences Advocates share brand content and their audiences reshare % 8 only 8% of employee and brand audiences overlap, highlighting the huge gains in reach made via advocate marketing* *Fortune 100 technology brand results @djwaldo w @gregshove #SMadvocates 35
  • 36. Increase web traffic • Thousands of trusted sources promoting your brand • Average reach of over 10 million people in 12 months • Tailored content drives audiences to your website, social and event pages @djwaldo w @gregshove #SMadvocates 36
  • 37. Increases conversions with your brand content in the feed Audiences click on advocate shares and tweets to drive: • More sales • More product trials • More form completes • More mailing list opt-ins @djwaldo w @gregshove #SMadvocates 37
  • 38. Five key steps to Advocate Marketing • Invite your best advocates • Curate brand content • Advocates create and share content • Audiences engage and reshare • All sharing and engagement is tracked & measured @djwaldo w @gregshove #SMadvocates 38
  • 39. Advocates are always working for your brand Continual relationship with advocates who will: • Always share on behalf of your brand in exchange for small Thank Yous • Come to your brand’s defense when things go wrong • Always be willing to say something positive about your brand @djwaldo w @gregshove #SMadvocates 39
  • 40. This audience is proof that Advocate Marketing works • Webinar registrations via SocialChorus employee advocate program • Supplement email invitations • Increase engagement • Reach new audiences @djwaldo w @gregshove #SMadvocates 40
  • 41. Top advocates Social network breakdown Amount of sharing/resharing @djwaldo w @gregshove Top content Audience engagement #SMadvocates 41
  • 42. Questions? @djwaldo w @gregshove #hashtag 42
  • 43. Additional questions? Want to learn more? Click here to get in touch with us: socialchorus.com/contact Click here to learn more about launching your Advocate Marketing program: socialchorus.com/resources @djwaldo w @gregshove Click here to get in touch with us: Click here to learn more about #hashtag 43