#Winning with Millennials: How to Connect & Engage with Millennials through Social Marketing


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The Millennial Generation is larger and more connected than previous generations. With 80 million millennials in the United States alone, this generation has $1.3 trillion in annual consumer spending and will make up 50 percent of the workforce by 2020.

Millennials are becoming increasingly dominant both in the workforce and in society, which means brands need to reach this generation – fast. However, millennials have fundamentally different expectations about how brands should engage with them.

In this webinar, David Burstein, millennial expert and author of Fast Future: How the Millennial Generation is Shaping Our World, will discuss how millennials are impacting society both as employees and consumers, and what brands can do to connect and engage with them.

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#Winning with Millennials: How to Connect & Engage with Millennials through Social Marketing

  1. 1. #Winning With Millennials How to Connect & Engage With Millennials Through Social Marketing Nicole Alvino @nalvino David Burstein @davidburstein #SocialChorusU
  2. 2. Why is the Millennial Generation important?
  3. 3. Defining Millennials 80M in United States alone Born between 1980 – 2000
  4. 4. By 2020, millennials will comprise… 50% of the workforce 30% of total retail sales Source: http://bit.ly/1o74YbY
  5. 5. What makes the Millennial Generation unique?
  6. 6. What makes millennials unique Digital natives Don’t trust brands – grew up in an era of economic and social instability
  7. 7. What can companies do to engage millennial employees?
  8. 8. Engage millennial employees Allow millennials to access digital & social technologies Be transparent and provide millennials with information about company news & important decisions Empower millennials through ‘reverse mentoring’
  9. 9. How can companies reach millennial consumers?
  10. 10. Market with millennials Power millennials to share and tell the brand’s story • Nearly 50% want to advocate for your brand Source: Millennials as Brand Advocates Survey - bit.ly/millennial_advocate
  11. 11. Millennials seek peer affirmation 91%of millennials would consider purchasing a product if a friend recommended it 80%purchased a product after an online interaction in the last year Source: Millennials as Brand Advocates Survey - bit.ly/millennial_advocate
  12. 12. Millennials embrace social responsibility 85% say that social responsibility affects where they shop and buy 75% donated to a cause in 2011
  13. 13. Additional ways to connect Engage millennials with meaningful, entertaining, or educational content Maintain open and ongoing communication through social and digital channels
  14. 14. What are some examples of companies effectively engaging with millennials?
  15. 15. Fortune 50 retailer Goals • Power consumers to create content and conversation • Increase engagement & awareness Preliminary Results • 16.2K social engagements • $112K Advocate Marketing Value (AMV)
  16. 16. Apparel and accessory brand Goals: • Drive awareness and traffic around product lines • Increase social conversation and engagement • Increase content creation 2014 goals: • 1K active advocates • $700K Advocate Marketing Value
  17. 17. Global fast food company Goals: • Generate awareness and drive conversation around food and lifestyle brand for millennials • Create genuine and authentic content around the brand and experience • Promote launch of new menu item Preliminary Results: • 596K total social engagements • $1.2M Advocate Marketing Value
  18. 18. What are the top 3 takeaways most important for brands?
  19. 19. Top takeaways • Integrate your consumer and customer • Address the generational divide head on • Mobilize millennial advocates
  20. 20. Thank you! David Burstein - @DavidBurstein Nicole Alvino - @Nalvino Marketing to Millennials Ebook http://bit.ly/millennial_advocate Fast Future: How the Millennial Generation Is Shaping Our World http://bit.ly/fast_future