5 Types of Social Influencers You Can't Afford to Ignore


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Today, only 3 percent of brand fans see Facebook content published by brands and the half-life of a brand post is just 30 minutes. This means brands need to find new ways to get their message heard. One of the best ways to do that is to empower others to tell your brand story. But who do you connect with and what techniques will drive the most business value?

Check out this presentation for strategies to connect with five core groups of advocates: customers, bloggers, employees, social influencers, and partners.

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  • Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Report - http://www.nielsen.com/us/en/reports/2012/global-trust-in-advertising-and-brand-messages.html
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  • New Image for Social Influencer
  • Nielsen Global Study of New Product Purchase Sentiment - http://es.nielsen.com/news/NielsenGlobalNewProductsReport.pdf.pdf
  • Millennial on phone
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  • • Why bloggers matter? 77 percent of Internet users read blogs, they are a constant part of lives and have in many ways replaced mass media.• Well-respected bloggers can exert more influence on readers than major news providers – especially when it comes to niche communities. (talk through a few examples)
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  • Start small, go big
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  • Prescribe – don’t enforce
  • Source: shout.lt/qbbv
  • Many partner organizations are keen to demonstrate an association with your brand.
  • With that, let’s wrap things up with a quick giveaway!
  • 5 Types of Social Influencers You Can't Afford to Ignore

    1. 1. The Agenda What we’ll cover today • An introduction to Advocate Marketing • How to identify and connect with customers, bloggers, employees, social influencers and partners • Best practices for powering influencers and advocates for your brand
    2. 2. Advocate Marketing is the Latest Platform Social Publishing Social Ad Buying Advocate Marketing Content Creation & Management
    3. 3. Different Words. Same Meaning.
    4. 4. What is Advocate Marketing? 92% trust recommendations from people they know over all other forms of advertisement Source: shout.lt/p96C
    5. 5. What 1000 Advocates Do Annual results per 1K advocates 10,000,000 Reach 50,000 1,000 Advocates > = 3,000,000 Engagements 5,000 Unique content creations
    6. 6. Advocates Place Your Brand’s Message in their Social Feeds
    7. 7. 5 Types of Advocates Customers Partners Employees = Bloggers Social Influencers
    8. 8. CUSTOMERS
    9. 9. Customers: Why You Can't Ignore Them 77% of customers are more likely to buy a product when they hear about it from someone they trust Source: shout.lt/p96H
    10. 10. Customers: How to Identify Them CRM and email databases Social networks Existing loyalty program Invite advocates in store
    11. 11. Customers: Strategies to Engage Keep it fun and engaging Keep it always on Provide a variety of content Don’t be too prescriptive
    12. 12. Customers: Strategies to Engage – Thank Yous Say ‘Thanks!” Recognize customers with shoutouts on social networks Surprise & delight customers
    13. 13. Apparel leader builds network of consumer advocates to drive social engagement Challenge • Apparel brand struggled to create social engagement around key products • Upcoming holiday buying season provides key opportunity for shoppers Results • Enthusiastic customers create and share brand content with their social communities • Initial results 2x planned results due to pent-up affinity for brand • 100 Advocates drove significant traffic back to brand.com website and generated 5.1 million impressions in just 6 weeks
    14. 14. BLOGGERS
    15. 15. Bloggers: Why You Can’t Ignore Them Source: shout.lt/p97D
    16. 16. Bloggers: Why You Can’t Ignore Them Source: shout.lt/p97J
    17. 17. Bloggers: How to Identify Them Start with research: • How large is their social reach? (2,500 – 25,000 readers) • How engaged is their audience? • Are the audience interests aligned with your brand focus? Consider complementary verticals Prioritize your outreach
    18. 18. Bloggers: Strategies to Engage Create a polished invitation: • Make it personal • Offer something of value (content that drives traffic to blog) • Provide visual content Allow for creative freedom Maintain the relationship
    19. 19. Bloggers: Strategies to Engage
    20. 20. EMPLOYEES
    21. 21. Employees: Why You Can’t Ignore Them 2X 92% An everyday employee is 2x more trusted than a Chief Executive Source: shout.lt/p99p of employees’ audience is completely new to the brand.
    22. 22. Employees: How to Identify Them Employee databases Internal social networks & intranets New hire on-boarding Offline: In-office and at events
    23. 23. Employees: Strategies to Engage Start with most passionate employees Establish and communicate social media policies Provide light-weight social media training Make it easy Source: shout.lt/p99t
    24. 24. Employees: Strategies to Engage – Content Relevant industry articles Company news (eg: product launches) Corporate social responsibility initiatives
    25. 25. Employees: Strategies to Engage – Thank Yous Shout-outs in company newsletters and meetings Highlight on company intranet and internal social networks Face time with executives Access to events and company experiences
    26. 26. Employees: Case Study #1 US Wireless provider powers employees to share brand content to improve positive share-of-voice Challenge • Thousands of employees on social media – but none are trained or certified • Program started with 30 “ambassadors,” but grew too large to manage and track with email and spreadsheets Results • Scaled existing program to 700 employees • Increased social engagement and share-of-voice and generated 8.2M impressions • Established employees as thought-leaders in the space while improving employee morale
    28. 28. Social Influencers: Why You Can’t Ignore Them Source: shout.lt/qbbv
    29. 29. Social Influencers: How to Identify Them Look beyond celebrities Focus on the niches Search social networks for relevant, topical conversations and hashtags Source: shout.lt/qbbB
    30. 30. Social Influencers: Don’t Forget Your Fans Examine brand channels to find & activate existing fans and followers
    31. 31. Social Influencers: Strategies to Engage First, consider what you want to achieve Start small and build into a larger influencer program Incentivize with content, such as first-access to exclusive content and new products
    32. 32. Social Influencers: Strategies to Engage Create investment in your brand: Invite to launch events & parties Avoid one-offs – maintain a pattern of engagement Don’t forget to measure
    33. 33. PARTNERS
    34. 34. Partners: Why You Can’t Ignore Them Employees at partners such as resellers, customers and suppliers are an extension of your sales force 8X engagement rate on content shared by partners and employees compared to that shared by the brand
    35. 35. Partners: How to Identify Them
    36. 36. Partners: Strategies to Connect – Content Thought leadership that allows them to leverage the credibility of your brand Industry news Company news
    37. 37. Partners: Strategies to Connect – Thank Yous Recognize them by resharing and retweeting their content Recognition in partner portal and emails Behind the scenes access Early access to new product information
    38. 38. Tweet to Win
    39. 39. Bringing It All Together Don’t start and stop Thank, don’t pay, advocates Keep it easy Surprise & delight thank yous motivate consistent advocacy Provide a variety of content to create and share Don’t be too prescriptive Recognition can be the most powerful “thank you” Influence is nice, but advocate performance matters