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Userfarm: la forza del video.
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Userfarm: la forza del video.


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Userfarm: la forza del video. – Bruno Pellegrini, CEO, TheBlogTV …

Userfarm: la forza del video. – Bruno Pellegrini, CEO, TheBlogTV

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. VIDEO DRIVES ONLINE TRAFFIC › KEY FACTS Fact 1.2 Billion people watch on average 18 hours of video online per month. •  Video ad spend grew 52.1% in 2011 and is forecast to grow by a further 43% in 2012 •  63% of online audiences are reached by video advertising each month and video ads account for 12.4% of web videos viewed •  CPM rates for online video ads are 3-5 times higher than display ads and are 4-7 times more effective* *Source: eMarketer – ComScore Video Metrix – Implix Email Marketing Trends Survey - Forrester
  • 2. BRAND OR CORPORATE SITE › VIDEO EFFECTIVENESS Videos provide a stronger visual impact and serves as an emotional hook to engage the user. Videos allow us to communicate the “story” of the brand quickly and effectively. Videos increase time spent on a web page by up to 2 minutes on average. Videos will help you rank higher with search engines and acquire new users.Sources: ComScore Video metrix – Google Blog – ReelSeo – The Diffusion Group
  • 3. ECOMMERCE SITE › VIDEO EFFECTIVENESS Viewers of e-commerce video are 85% more likely to lead to a purchase. 68% of the top 50 ecommerce sites use video on their website. E-Commerce pages with video have over a 30% higher conversion rate. 96% of all online spenders are video viewers.Source: Internet Retailer - Specialty Retail Report – ReelSEO – Forbes Insight
  • 4. SOCIAL MEDIA › VIDEO EFFECTIVENESS Video is crucial for engaging fans and enhancing social media storytelling.Building a YouTube channel is one of the easiest Creating a Brand Fan Page is simple as well, as itway to communicate to a big audience. is relatively easy building up a large fan base. TheInteractivity, in-depth analytics and other features difficult part is keeping fans engaged.allow brands to get the most out of it. Uploading or embedding videos into a FB FanAs with any channel, YT needs a content strategy page is the best way to keep your fan basewith frequent updates. engaged and active.
  • 8. WHY USERFARM > KEY BENEFITSUserfarm has a consolidated experience with top clients on more than 200 projects1.  Unlimited creativity Our network of videomakers provides original ideas from which clients can choose the best2.  High Quality Video Whether it is one TV ad or many virals, userfarm provides has the right model to maximize the results3.  Fast Results Opening a call and receiving videos is very fast: 2 weeks x 55 videos for the Allain Afflelou video contest4.  Visibility and Engagement Userfarm calls generate visibility (earned media) through social sharing and digital pr, as well as new fans and engagement on client’s existing fan pages5.  Low Price By engaging our videomakers the price is on average 50% lower than any other production model6.  Full Support Userfarm international team provides a full support, from creativity to contest and community management, from legal and rights management to digital pr and video distribution
  • 9. HOW IT WORKS > STANDARD MODEL DISTRIBUTIONOur accounts and The call goes live Videomakers Selection is made Video arecontest specialists for all videomakers upload their content, by client, a jury or distributed onsupport the client (or a cluster of get feedback from the viewers through line, throughin defining and them, eg locals) in the client, Userfarm voting and viewing. Client’s propertieswriting the most a open or hidden and the other Rewards can be and video networks, manner (where participants. prize (one big) or or offline inefficient and content is visible contribution television, events,compelling brief only to the client). based (many small). festivals, theatres. Digital PR and Social Media Digital PR and Full Scale Social Media Participants share Social Media Distribution their video in order to get visibility & votes.
  • 10. CUSTOMISED › OWN A VIDEO FACTORYAn alternative option that Userfarm offers is the choice of having a fully branded video factory,replacing the previously explained Userfarm platform. Personalised branding Custom URL address Dedicated back end for moderation / statistics Optional iPhone and Facebook apps Ability to open new projects and set prizes Projects also promoted via Userfarm platformTHE USERFARM PLATFORM BRANDED VIDEO FACTORIES
  • 11. REPUBBLICA > REPORTER Project: Reporter Client: Repubblica Year: 2012 Duration: 2 years Project: “Reporter” (2012) Description: Reporter is the journalistic crowdsourcing project of It enables users to upload multimedia works (pictures or video) turning users into real "antennas" on the territory. Results: on line in April 2012, 2200 users Video example
  • 13. TV ADVERTISING > ALAIN AFFLELOU Description: produce a Tv ad to be aired Title: Shoot the TV ad on Tele 5 (Spain) during the finals of Client: Alain Afflelou Roland Garros Tennis competition Year: 2012 Request: TV ads Results: Duration: 2 weeks 55 pre-selected contributions 6 winners, top 1 on air during Roland Garros final, audience 3.624.000, share 23,8%
  • 14. videoAlain Afflelou – TV Ad Competition June 2012 - Winner
  • 15. PROMOTIONAL VIDEO > SKY > X FACTOR Title: X Factor in 15 Description: create 80 X –Factor funny seconds video (15 seconds) to be used for on line Client: X Factor and on air promotion. Year: 2012 - ongoing Request: 15 second Results: >180 videos Videoclips Videos being aired on on daily basis on Duration: 7 weeks Sky1 50.000 views just on Userfarm
  • 16. VIDEO CONTEST > BOLOGNAFIERE Description: to promote the event Title: "Univercity: living «Univercity», BolognaFiere called for the and studying in Bologna” realization of a two-minute short films. Client: BolognaFiere Year: 2011/2012 Results: 45 contributions, 5 selections Request: Promotional 80.000 views on Userfarm short films (2’) 20 on line articles (150.000 views) Duration: 2 months 4 press articles (200.000 readers) Rewards: € 5.000 1.150 fans on Facebook
  • 17. RAI5 > UBIQ Project: Ubiq Client: Rai5 Year: 2012 Duration: 6 months Description: UBIQ is an entrirely crowdsourced TV show telling “cool” stories about innovators and creative people from all around the world. Results: 50 video stories from 5 continents, produced with the help of our team of authors. Video example
  • 18. videoAlain Afflelou – TV Ad Competition June 2012 - Finalist
  • 19. FOLLOW ME @giotrotto contact: