Employee On-boarding: The Real Value of Social - Srini Vinnakota


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Employee On-boarding: The Real Value of Social - Srini Vinnakota (Tibbr), Keynote Speaker @Social Business Forum 2013

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  • BuongiornoWe have some of the best minds in social business in this room today, and I’m sure over the next two days we’ll explore the grander vision of social business. But today I’d like to start with a simple question.
  • Raise your hands
  • To help the rest, let’s do some time travel
  • Remember that fresh-faced, starry-eyed, eager beaver, 22 yr old graduate – If you had one chance, what would you tell him about 2013?Social Business Revolution How it will fundamentally change the way we work But that 22-yr old may glaze over your buzzwords – so let me talk in terms of the manifestations of social business No buzz words – infact – I promise you – I will not use “social business” anymore in this talk – instead I’ll talk about how is meant by this new way of doing businessTrust me – it’s more than just water cooler conversation
  • Before you roll your eyesThe concept of socrates and aristotleNo single teacher, mentor, or elite group of experts
  • Anyone can be an expert depending on the subject of conversation, depending on the time of conversation
  • KPMG
  • KPMG
  • KPMG
  • Throw out your org behavior frameworks and 7 habits of highly successful people
  • No trainingSpice and Box adoption example
  • No office
  • <GM broadcast/streaming – live townhall>Offers to passengers
  • Apache’s north sea story
  • Let’s come back to presentI see some of you nodding in agreement that this is what we see in 2013 – BYOD (obviously 89% of enterprises have a BYOD policy now), BYOA, and BYOENow the question is what will happen in 10 years from now?How many of you think your organizations do business this way?
  • So before you hit the pillow tonight, try to answer these three questions honestly and truthfully.Today, I shared some examples of companies that can answer these questions confidently and affirmatively
  • At tibbr, we work with companies likeScania, KPMG, Schneider Electric, Thomson Reuters – to help answer these questions – and I’d be happy to share with you more in person on how they have embraced the social business revolution. Thank you!
  • Employee On-boarding: The Real Value of Social - Srini Vinnakota

    1. 1. Srini VinnakotaDirector of Product Strategy, tibbr
    2. 2. How many of you rememberyour first day at work?
    3. 3. 201320031993
    4. 4. SocratesandAristotlearedead!
    5. 5. Andtheyareeverywhere!
    6. 6. Bring Your OwnExpertise (BYOE)
    7. 7. Additional 100,000 staff over the next five years
    8. 8. 1 in 5 Staff leave each year
    9. 9. On-boarding& Retentionvirtual buddiesdiverse connectionsaccess tacit knowledgeask a questionpeer learningshare an ideaselflearninggive an answerfeelconnectedlocate expertiseshare your viewspull what’s relevant to youfollowpeoplegetintroducedfollowknowledgecontribute from the startberecognisedday one productivitywho’s whoseen & heardrapid mass collaborationrelevant resourcesavoid reinventing the wheelsharemyexpertisereducedduplicationreliabletechnologyresource availabilityrich insightscollective participation
    10. 10. PowerProcessPermissions
    11. 11. 20thCenturyRulesAreDeadRealArtistsShipDone isbetterthanPerfect
    13. 13. Bring Your OwnApps (BYOA)
    14. 14. Single Pane of Glass2 PortalsIntranetBoxLotus CMSWebExSkype
    15. 15. EndOfTheOfficeNBC Universal video stills
    16. 16. Bring Your OwnDevice(BYOD)
    17. 17. Act from YourOwn Device
    18. 18. 20132023
    19. 19. 2023?Where will yourorganizationbe in
    20. 20. Can your organization work withDevices that matter – in 2023?Can your organization work withApps that matter – in 2023?Can your organization locateexpertise within minutes?
    21. 21. 104 COUNTRIES1.5 M users
    22. 22. Thank you