Using social for customer service: Separating content and support - Claire Kavanagh


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Using social for customer service: Separating content and support - Claire Kavanagh

  1. 1. ````````` a
  2. 2. Using social for customerserviceSeparating content and supportClaire Kavanagh CRM Manager @ giffgaff
  3. 3. Social customer service•  Why businesses should be listening•  Challenges•  giffgaff case study 3
  4. 4. Why is social customer serviceimportant?•  For every customer that complains, at least 25 will not•  85% will return if their issue is resolved promptly vs 91% won’t return if issue isn’t resolved•  Dissatisfied people will tell 8-16 people on the web –  Average # friends on facebook: 150 –  Average # twitter followers: 126 Source: Ad-tech conference 21st Sept 2010: ; Business zone: ; Facebook ; Guardian
  5. 5. 90% of online consumers worldwide trust recommendations from people they know 70% trust consumer opinions posted online 5Source: Business zone:
  6. 6. Challenge: Fighting for socialspace Brand Support Content 6
  7. 7. Its great New service How much transparent does it cost to watch repair my How do I strap? Do you fix change my Why is my watch running fake Rolex battery? slow? watches? How do I James Bond change my gadget watch, battery? see video It’s too Do you do Best expensive shoe quality repairs? repairs 7
  8. 8. Challenge: Expectations arechangingEasierFaster24/7 8
  9. 9. Challenge: Business resistanceto changeFloodgatesOwnershipRiskResource 9
  10. 10. Challenge: Communities aredifferent 10 Demographics Purpose Expectations 10Image source: Mashable
  11. 11. The idea which became giffgaff 1.  Mutuality – Members help in recruitment, marketing and advice and thus share in the rewards of the business 2.  A great deal – A lower cost business model leads to lower charges for members 3.  Member Involvement – Members can generate and choose marketing materials and vote on some business decisions. Members help with other members problems 4.  The collective good – Members can donate their “thank-you” rebate to charity 5.  Simple – SIM only. Converged Pre-Pay/Post-Pay. 1 universal price point 6.  Online only – We only sell direct online. All top ups & customer service is online 7.  Start-up mentality – Launched and run as a distinct, separate business from O2 8.  Environmentally responsible – Carbon neutral, maximum sustainability
  12. 12. Simple, low cost business.SIM only100% onlineNo call centre14 full time staffMutualTransparent 13
  13. 13. Break down barriers betweenour company and our members
  14. 14. Community went live before youcould get a SIM
  15. 15. Our model crowdsources many things..not just customer support Customer Service Proposition Development Ideas on any aspect of company development Marketing Technology & Testing We are not a company with a community.We are a company that could not exist without its community
  16. 16. Customer service>90% answered incommunityAnswered < 3 minutesSuper users 10-15 hours/day 17
  17. 17. giffgaff customer servicechallenges•  Successfully running community/ self service•  October last year: –  People were starting to use @giffgaff and our Facebook fan page more for customer support –  Wanting to grow fans/followers and talkability 18 –  Needing to create stand out customer service
  18. 18. Approach1)  Create space for: Brand Separating out Support and Content Support Content2) Identify resource: Response to issues quickly Monitor adoption and plan for growth Manage issues out of hours (proactive and reactive monitoring of all channels)3) Set expectations: Time to respond Opening hours
  19. 19. Splitting out content and supportCreated a new handle: Follow @giffgaff for brand/content Follow @giffgaffhelp for supportIntegrated into community Education and supportMonitoring #gghelp (recognition & reward) 20
  20. 20. What twitter support looks like @giffgaffhelp response@RichardR - Unhappy tweet @RichardR - Happy re-tweet @ a member response
  21. 21. Splitting out content and supportCreated a “Help tab” 10Integrated into community Education and supportMonitoring Existing recognition & reward within community “Wall” superuser receives extra reward 22
  22. 22. What Facebook support lookslikeWall is now around 50/50 content & supportCreated new “super users”Getting there. 23
  23. 23. Resource•  Started with 1 giffgaff staff member monitoring queries –  Answering only if not answered within an hour•  Support of Community manager –  Education and support within the community getting members on board answering questions in other communities•  We’re now self sufficient –  Over time “new Superusers” have come on board –  Rarely a need for giffgaff to replying to questions on 24 Facebook/ twitter
  24. 24. Results: Increasing fans/ followers giffgaff Social Media Fandom45.000 60%40.000 50%35.00030.000 40%25.000 30% Cumulative Facebook Likes20.000 Total Twitter growth MoM15.000 20%10.000 10% 5.000 0 0% 25
  25. 25. Results: Extremely happy members Satisfaction with customer service (out of 10) Net Promoter Score10,0 9,5 8,9 100 9,0 8,6 8,4 72 73 79 8,5 8,3 80 8,0 60 7,5 Existing 40 7,0 New 6,5 20 6,0 0 5,5 5,0 gen-15 feb-15 mar-15 apr-15 Source: giffgaff member survey & NPS website. NPS is the % of promoters (scoring 9 or 10) less % of detractors (scoring 0 – 6) answering the question “How likely are you to recommend Product X to a friend or colleague?” on a scale of 1-10. Any score over 50 is considered exceptional.
  26. 26. How it all fits together:A social customer journey “Only a few weeks later, I seriously Hears about gg started looking at giffgaff, a company Id on twitter been told about by @monkeyonahill.” Tweets regularly Goes to forum – – and tweets gets answers at appear in forum feed 10.30pm Blogs & forum Case Study of giffgaff Orders a SIM posts again using MGM – when he gets member Dantup from Join part of Payback forum “As such, if a member refers a friend, they each get £5! (I got mine thanks to @appleboyy).” In 2 weeks… Blogs about gg Activates and on his own blog starts helping on •  3 hours online – links in forum forum •  25 assists •  3 accepted solutions •  400 page views
  27. 27. What I’ve learned•  Clear strategy - what is the purpose of each channel•  Get everyone involved - spend less time worrying about who “owns the channel” more time on what you want to achieve•  Expectations - if you’re active in social channels, people expect you to respond, and quickly•  Make plans - for escalating issues, who and when (proactive/reactive) 28
  28. 28. Next challenges for giffgaff customer service: Value1) Single customer view Influence Engagement2) More user generated content3) More mobile 29
  29. 29. Thank you@clairekav@giffgaff