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LapTime Club: the first  idea generation community for Motorsport
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LapTime Club: the first idea generation community for Motorsport


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Laptime Club is the first innovation community for Motorsport. It is inspired by the social innovation trend and its goal is to generate new ideas in our field. The community has been addressed to a …

Laptime Club is the first innovation community for Motorsport. It is inspired by the social innovation trend and its goal is to generate new ideas in our field. The community has been addressed to a high technical profile audience and it has been designed to help developing new products and services to be useful and efficient to racing world. Initial focus has been on Wintax: data analysis tool from Magneti Marelli Motorsport capable to help Race Engineers to match data information with driver performance feeling and vehicle reliability check. Traditional innovation process was limited to customers inspiration and our own selection criteria. We count on a social model to increase number of ideas, benefit from other fields where performance is a must and review our internal decisional and collaborative process guiding our technical and business choices.

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  • Transcript

    • 1. 20 Novembre, 2010
    • 2. May 2014 LapTime Club Contents 1. Magneti Marelli introduction 2. Motorsport definition 3. Social Project origin and road map 4. Laptime Club social strategy 5. Next steps
    • 3. May 2014 LapTime Club Magneti Marelli is an international company committed to the design and production of hi-tech systems and components for the automotive sector. ELECTRONIC SYSTEMS (Instrument clusters, Infotainment & Telematics, Lighting & Body Electronics) SUSPENSION SYSTEMS (Suspension Systems, Shock Absorbers, Dynamic Systems) POWERTRAINAUTOMOTIVE LIGHTING AFTERMARKET PARTS & SERVICES EXHAUST SYSTEMS MOTORSPORTPLASTIC COMPONENTS AND MODULES Magneti Marelli Solutions
    • 4. May 2014 LapTime Club Magneti Marelli R&D CenterProduction plant Application Center 12 6.0% ~ 38,000 5.4% 6.0 billion € 86 26R&D Centers R&D (of sales) Employees worldwide Sales Production units Investments (of sales) Application Centers FY 2012
    • 5. May 2014 LapTime Club Magneti Marelli Motorsport CORBETTA (Milano) VENARIA R. (Torino) Worldwide presence Team of 179 people BOLOGNAOXFORD TRAPPES SHANGHAI YOKOHAMA HORTOLANDIA AUBURN HILLS (MI) ITALY – Headquarter 61/63, Viale Aldo Borletti 20011 Corbetta (MI) ITALY – Electronics 150, Viale Carlo Emanuele II 10078 Venaria Reale (TO) ITALY – Fuel Components 33, Via del Timavo 40134 Bologna FRANCE – Customer Application 5-7, Rue Albert Einstein 78190 Trappes UK – Customer Application Begbroke Science Park - Sandy Lane OX51PF Yarnton USA – Customer Application 3900, Automation Avenue MI-48326 Auburn Hills (MI) JAPAN – Liaison Office 3/17/5 Benex S-2, Building 8F Shinyokohama, Kohoku-Ku 222-0033 Yokohama CHINA – Customer Application 88, Ma Ji Rd - Building 5 Wai Gao Qiao Free Trade Zone 200131 Pudong, Shanghai BRASIL – Customer Application 801, Av. de Emancipação – Galpão 4 13183-906 Hortolândia (SP)
    • 6. May 2014 LapTime Club Championships WRC Manufacturers and Drivers MotoGPIRC Constructors and Drivers Formula 1 RidersManufacturers and Drivers Equipped with : Electronic ignition- injection ECU, Data analysis tools Equipped with : Electronic ignition- injection ECU, Fuel injectors, Ignition Equipped with : Electronic ignition- injection ECU, Data analysis tools, Dashboard, Power box unit, Data logger, Equipped with: KERS, Alternator, Ignition coils, Fuel lift pump, Fuel injectors, Sersors, SDR
    • 7. May 2014 LapTime Club Motorsport as an opportunity to develop core technology and competence «Road relevancy» as a key factor Powertrain domain: o GDI o ERS - K o ERS - H o Electric actuators Connectivity domain: o FOM Link o V2X-R video-voice-data team telemetry Performance and safety domain: o ADR o Engine control o HMI Technology
    • 8. May 2014 LapTime Club What is the Motorsport Market? • One of the biggest Marketing opportunity of the world • A technical challenge to innovate and support road cars developments • A «time-driven» exclusive sport • Motorsport is already a «passion-driven» community By combining these characteristics and considering current innovation philosophy, we believe it was time to go social!
    • 9. May 2014 LapTime Club Expectations Current innovation process is very much driven by most important customers as we mainly work as an Engineering company. For some products (e.g. data analysis tool) we reckon today’s process is self- referential TARGET • new good ideas from any field where performance is a key driver We believe a bottom-up approach is an opportunity to improve our products/service and to spread motorsport culture around.
    • 10. May 2014 LapTime Club The LapTime Club social project LapTime Club is a social innovation community – addressed to a technical and high-skilled audience – specifically designed and managed to foster idea generation and co-creation activities regarding racing applications Challenge Explore Evaluate Ideas WHAT LAPTIME CLUB IS • An idea generation and co-creation environment open to everyone. • A place where to build innovation through collaboration. • A way to detect and value technical competences to be used for future projects. WHAT LAPTIME CLUB IS NOT • A place for generic interaction between users and Magneti Marelli Motorsport brand. • An editorial website. • A project management tool. • A community for people generically interested in or fan of motorsport issues.
    • 11. May 2014 LapTime Club The layout
    • 12. May 2014 LapTime Club Project phases The project has been planned around following main phases:  Web listening to check motorsport social presence (first semester of 2013)  Social presence is quite small into racing market and limited to blogs/forum  Workshop with 20 influencer at a race track (december 2013)  Need from motorsport ecosystem to have more influence on developments and need and to connect each other  PILOT phase (from Jan to mid June 2014) • Participation by invite only • Magneti Marelli personnel automatically accepted  OPEN phase (From mid June 2014) • Community opened to a wider, worldwide public Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sep Oct Nov PILOT phase OPEN phase
    • 13. May 2014 LapTime Club Platform analytics Pilot phase • During the platform beta testing period, a sample of 125 users has been chosen invited to fine tune LapTime Club’s main features. • This sample of national and international people is composed by two main participant sub-clusters:  Magneti Marelli’s personnel;  Technical experts deeply involved in the automotive industry and racing. • Although it was just the initial pilot step, Google and IdeaScale analytics dashboards have already showed many positive results in terms of users’ engagement, participation and interest.
    • 14. May 2014 LapTime Club Consumption & idea generation insights CONSUMPTION INSIGHTS • Platform users (1st – 25th May 2014): 107 (86% of the total sample of LapTime Club members). • Average session time: 7 • Number of visited pages per session: 6 IDEA GENERATION INSIGHTS • Challenges launched between January and May 2014: 7 • Average number of:  Ideas per challenge: 9,7 (peak: 23)  Comments per challenge thread: 29,9  Votes per challenge thread: 49,6 • Main discussion topics related to WinTAX: Internet of Things (IoT), (mobile) racing data analytics, WinTAX new features, engine efficiency & low-carbon systems.
    • 15. May 2014 LapTime Club Lessons learned so far • Define a dedicated and motivated Team of 2-3 people • Propose challenges with a open and wide perimeter • Define precisely the project target to your Company • Award definition – Engagement
    • 16. May 2014 LapTime Club Beside the design and management of the social innovation community, a Racing Info page specifically dedicated and related to the LapTime Club will be opened in order to support its communication in a more effective way. Its target audience will be – just like for the LapTime Club – technical and high-skilled professionals. More specifically, this page has three main different goals: • AWARENESS: to spread ideas visibility, show their life cycle and continuous development, stress LapTime Club’s activity also to the wider external audience by underlying its main milestones and outcomes through a storytelling-driven approach. • ENGAGEMENT: to integrate IdeaScale solution features and create a virtual space linked to the platform where to post and share contents focused on LapTime Club-related topics. • LEAD GENERATION: to build well-targeted users traffic to the LapTime Club through the publishing of posts and contents strongly focused on the challenges’ ‘hot topics’. Engagement – leverage on Motorsport passion
    • 17. May 2014 LapTime Club • The page will be published on the subdomain, to better stress the existing ‘hierarchy’ between it and the LapTime Club, and will be readable by any online user. • Every online reader will be able to add comments to published posts, but these ones will be visible just after the blog admin final check and approval. • Its design will be in line with the LapTime Club’s visual identity and will ease online users’ navigation paths, let them quickly find all the relevant information. Engagement – leverage on Motorsport passion
    • 18. May 2014 LapTime Club Next steps In order to assure the successful roll-out of the project in the forthcoming open phase, a specific set of (already checked and approved) steps need to be put in practice. • Organization and management of Digital PR activities both on well- targeted blogs/forums and ad hoc LinkedIn/Facebook groups; • Management of online advertising campaigns, with a specific focus of interest on search engine marketing pratices; • Organization and management of other communication initiatives: LapTime Club e-mail signature, university meeting scheduling, LapTime Club promotional corner @ Monza (September 2014), customized stickers
    • 19. May 2014 LapTime Club Your next step Please go to WWW.LAPTIMECLUB.COM and sign up !