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Twitter 202: Social Media Camp 2011
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Twitter 202: Social Media Camp 2011


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At Social Media Camp this year, Juhli Selby and I presented a talk on some of the Twitter strategies we've used that we find helpful. We cover some basic tips and some more advanced tools you can use …

At Social Media Camp this year, Juhli Selby and I presented a talk on some of the Twitter strategies we've used that we find helpful. We cover some basic tips and some more advanced tools you can use to increase effectiveness.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • Welcome to Advanced Twitter Strategies! First of all we want to get a sense of the room here:How long have you been on Twitter? One month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year? almost 2 years? More than 2 years? 3 years?
  • How many people still work from most of the time?Hootsuite? – Tweetdeck? – Other?How many people are using lists?
  • “Success” is definied differently by everyone. And so is the path to get there. It’s still the wild wild west. We are all learning.
  • You can follow and list, or just listIn Victoria many businesses employ a follow back strategy because it is a direct way to build relationships, allows ppl to DM you. (you don’t know where biz comes from)The home feed is dead him. The biggest hurdle is that people are too picky about who they follow back. You can list people privately or publicly
  • This is a clever use of lists. It builds relationships. I would also say that the last few are a bit excessive.
  • What do you do when someone says something nice about you on Twitter? You can thank them, or RT and thank them, or you canfavorite.
  • Check all your past favorites. You can also get this information emailed to you.
  • You can get this info emailed to you too now.
  • Many brands are using Klout scores to identify influencers.Hootsuite allows you to filter the Twitter steam based on Klout score so that you can target influencers. You might do a search on a specific topic such as “green energy” and follow all the influencers on that topic
  • Peer Index is another one
  • Twitter Grader seems more basic, but it’s good to get a general picture
  • Ask the audience: What do you use??Monitored @SunstarTerri
  • What NOT to share? Where is the line between private and public. What’s TMI?Again, there are a lot of different opinions on this subject, but as business people we do have to keep “professional” in mind while not become boring. On your handout you’ll find lots of ideas of good things to share. One good general rule is to always add value. This applies to everything online and in life. Here are a few real life examples of good things to share…When sharing an article via the “tweet this” you can change the titleUse Google Reader and then Hootsuite to schedule.
  • Google started indexing tweets about a year agoSocial searchSaved searches, Google keyword tool, if someone of influence links to your website this will have some impact.First 26 characters most important
  • Orca eating a shark
  • Twellow, wefollow,listorious (ask for suggestions from the crowd?)
  • Smartphones also come in handy for live reporting… (see next slide)
  • Juhli says, yes, but they can also get you in trouble with your husband….
  • Themeleon by ColourLovers
  • Transcript

    • 1. 202: Beyond the Basics
      Social Media Camp 2011
    • 2. When did you join?
      Bullet List
    • 3. The Road to Twitter “Success”
    • 4. Following vs. Listing
    • 5. Strategic Use of Lists
    • 6.
    • 7. Manage who you follow
    • 8.
    • 9. 6 Reasons to Re-Tweet
      Shows that you read the Twitter stream
      Shows you care about helping other tweeps
      Shows your personality and interests
      Good for brand awareness and getting someone’s attention
      Good for building relationships with newbie tweeps
      A way to promote yourself by re-tweeting positive tweets about you
    • 10. A different use of “Favorites”
    • 11. Check if you’ve been favorited!
    • 12. Bullet List
    • 13. Building Influence
    • 14. All NEW: +K
    • 15. Peer Index – Another Option
      Bullet List
    • 16. Bullet List
    • 17. Algorithm Factors
      • Number of Followers
      • 18. Power of Followers
      • 19. Updates: Quantity & Recency
      • 20. Engagement: Mentioned, ReTweeted
      • 21. @Mentions by influencialtweeps
      • 22. Follower/Following Ratio
      • 23. How many times you’ve been listed
    • Reputation Management
    • 24. Reputation Management
      Bullet List
    • 25. Top 5 Mistakes to Avoid
      Selling too soon
      Poor use of automation (Auto DM, Auto tweet)
      Inappropriate use of your city’s hashtag
      Ignoring/Not thanking people for:
      Being Negative
    • 26. Bullet List
    • 27. What to Share…
      Bullet List
    • 28. Bullet List
    • 29.
    • 30.
    • 31. Bullet List
    • 32. Best Times to Tweet
      Bullet List
    • 33. Best Time to Tweet
    • 34. Back Up Your Tweets
      Bullet List
    • 35. Find Older Tweets – Google Realtime
      Bullet List
    • 36. Search Engine Optimization
    • 37. Hashtag Research
      Bullet List
    • 38. Import Contacts Into Twitter
      Bullet List
    • 39. What’s trending?
      Bullet List
    • 40. What’s trending?
      Bullet List
    • 41. Directories
    • 42. Invest in a Smartphone
    • 43.
    • 44. Bullet List
    • 45. Just for Fun – Mention Map
      Bullet List
    • 46.
    • 47. Customize Your Background
      Bullet List
    • 48.
    • 49.
    • 50. Background Dimensions
      Width 1040px
      > 100% of users will always see at least 41 pixels on each side.
      > 72% of users viewing in 1280 x 800 or higher resolution will see 108 pixels on each side.
      > 28% of users viewing in 1440 x 900 or higher resolution will see 200 pixels on each side.
      > 4% of users viewing in 1920 x 1080 will see 312 pixels on each side.
    • 51.
    • 52.
    • 53. Questions?
    • 54. Thank You! Let’s Stay in Touch