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Social Media Optimization creates Social Media Presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube & Flickr. Social Media Ads can make your business.

Social Media Optimization creates Social Media Presence on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube & Flickr. Social Media Ads can make your business.



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  • 1: Provides a base camp for your business on the internetIf your business has its own Facebook fan page you have the opportunity to provide more information to prospects as well as customers about the products and services that you offer.You might be thinking that all that can be achieved by your website. True that it can be achieved by your website however Facebook fan page increases your exposure to a lot of people not just customer or prospects it gives you a chance to introduce your business to future employees, vendors, and even the media can find information about your company.2: Facebook fan pages drives trafficOnline marketers who have their own Facebook fan page linked it to their website. Facebook fan pages do not have any restrictions on driving traffic to your website. In fact, Facebook encourages online marketers to link their website to their Facebook fan page.Getting even a small fraction of Facebook’s huge amount of daily traffic to your website could significantly improve the amount of qualified traffic on your site.3: Make SEO betterBy linking your Facebook fan page to your website, you can pull social search to drive even more Facebook traffic back to your website. Google, with its advanced features is now indexing content created on sites like Facebook, because of this the contents of your Facebook fan page has the ability to generate favorable search engine results which is of course good for business.4: Facebook fan pages make it easy for you to engage with your customers for freeA Facebook Fan Page provides an inexpensive; actually it is for free channel of communication between you and your customers. Creating it is so easy, with just a few minutes you are able to create a branded Facebook fan page. Your Facebook fan page is a place where customers and other brand promoters can write on your Facebook Wall, ask and answer questions, and interact with you and one another.5: Direct connection to the people outside the businessA Facebook fan page gives you a direct channel to your fans. You can send messages to your fans (prospects or customers) all at once or target individuals or groups by country, town, sex, and even age range. Facebook comes with a. events application that lets you schedule an event and invite people who are close to where the place will take place.6: Deepen customer relationsAn online business can drastically deepen their relationships with their customers by connecting with them through a social network. Facebook members may not shop on Facebook, but it is estimated that there are a lot of people expecting businesses they deal with to have their own Facebook fan page.7: A good place for brand enthusiasts to converseThere are a lot of people who sing praises for a good company, and the best place to do such thing is on your Facebook fan page. Set up strong relationships with a number of significant members who have plenty of connections, and you gain precious brand enthusiasts who can truly promote and sell on your behalf.One important thing is to stand out from the crowd using a professional customized page layout. Here you can find hundreds of Facebook layouts for your page.
  • Participating in Industry Conversation - your target audience and/or potential prospects are on Twitter where they may be discussing their frustrations or are communicating positive experiences. Why not be a part of that? Participate in the conversation when it makes sense to do so. Thinking of Twitter as the newest type of social mixer to engage with your industry.Brand Awareness - businesses can use Twitter to keep their brand top of mind. Whether you are Gene Simmons (@genesimmons) promoting an upcoming Kiss concert in Windsor, Canada or Toys R Us (@ToysRUs) promoting the latest Transformer toys, Twitter allows a business to keep their brand out there for people to engage with.Use Twitter to gain Competitive Intelligence - hey guess what? Your competitors are on Twitter. As a result you might want to consider monitoring their tweets from time to time to see what they are working on. Perhaps they are preparing to launch a new product or are opening a new branch. Heck maybe they are going through massive layoffs and an opportunity presents itself to acquire them or at least hire some of their laid off employees. Twitter can be a great environment for monitoring what the competition is doing. It can also be a great way just to see how your competition is using Twitter themselves. Perhaps you can pick up a tip or two.Engage with your target audience - Twitter allows you to interact with potential prospects and your target audience. While you do not want to be "in their face" all of the time, Twitter does allow you to engage with these people by re-tweeting their posts or responding to something that they may have tweeted about, which leads us to ...Online Reputation Management - information on Twitter breaks quickly. The reported death of Michael Jackson on June 25th, was one example of this. Businesses can use Twitter to monitor what is being said about their brand almost in real-time. If someone had a negative experience with your brand, chances are they may tweet about it. If so, work to address the issues and communicate the fact that you are doing so. Remember Twitter is a social environment so transparency and honesty can be a good thing.Promote your Blog Content - if your company has a corporate blog or various blogs, you can use Twitter to promote your blog content. Heck you can set up a feed to automatically post your blog post URLs directly to Twitter.Twitter and Mobile - because Twitter is so simple to use and is limited to 140 characters, mobile use with Twitter is also easy. You can both send and receive updates what you and your friends are doing on the go using a simple SMS. Twitter can be a great mobile communication tool. As we know in business, this can be a pretty powerful thing.Understanding Tool - Businesses can use Twitter as an understanding tool to learn what their desired target demographic is saying and looking for. For example, if you are a brand that targets a younger target market, just by listening to their conversation via Twitter, you can learn what their latest interests are and what’s the next shiny new object that they are looking to latch on to.Feedback Mechanism - launching a new product? Perhaps you are launching a new website? Businesses can use Twitter to obtain instant feedback on these items and as a result make any necessary changes before the formal launch. This feedback can be invaluable and by using Twitter, it is free!Promotion - of course you can use Twitter as a promotional tool to announce offline endeavors or upcoming online events (webinars, virtual tradeshows etc). If you are an e-commerce site, perhaps you have a deal of the day where you can promote these deals such as how is currently leveraging Twitter @toysdeals. The fact is you do not want to be too promotional, but Twitter does present the opportunity to promote your products or service and brand to your friends.SEO Boost - if you have great content on your website and you want to drive additional traffic to this content on your website, you can use Twitter to do so. A quick tweet with the URL can help drive additional traffic to a preferred landing page on your site to help coax the conversion on your site.Ask Questions Receive Answers - those who do not ask will not receive. As a business, perhaps you are looking for a specific answer to a question that you have. Maybe you are looking for some industry stats. You can use Twitter to pose the question and if the question is engaging and if your friends are remotely interested in the same question, you should receive a response. Twitter is a social community and usually these social communities are tight knit. Someone is bound to answer your question and at least point you in the right direction.HR Tool - while this may not be the best way to go about your hiring practices, you can tweet about your HR needs and link to relevant job postings on your site via Twitter. You just might receive some additional interest that you may not have otherwise had.Press Release / News Management - Have a major announcement? Use Twitter to promote your press releases and to communicate company news. Remember our earlier discussion on Internet Speed? News travels fast online, Twitter is another information super-highway that can help communicate news quickly.Internal Communication Tool - while not many businesses think to do this, but you can use Twitter as an internal communication tool within your business. There are various ways to do this. Of course one of the best examples of this is Zappos, who encourage employees to tweet. Again the timeliness of the information plays a key role in using Twitter as an internal communication tool. While we have instant messaging, using Twitter to communicate internally can also be an effective way of sharing information within. Of course there are pros and cons to this, but use your discretion.

Socia Om - Social Media Socia Om - Social Media Presentation Transcript

  • Social Media Optimization Services
  • What is SociaOm?SociaOm is Affordable Social Media Design & Management Services. Online Promotions on Facebook, Twitter, Google plus & other required social media platforms. Traffic & promotion to your brand, Website or product. Creating unique Design and engaging social media to capture the attention.
  • Our Social Media Services:- Facbook will give interactive platform to your customers. Twitter builds bonding with customers. Google+ ranks your Product/Website on Google search engine. Youtube visualizes your Product/Website on Internet.
  • Facebook Fanpage
  • Why Facebook Fanpage? Provides a base camp for your business on the internet. Facebook fan pages drives traffic. Make SEO better. Facebook fan pages make it easy for you to engage with your customers . Direct connection to the people outside the business. Deepen customer relations. A good place for brand enthusiasts to converse.
  • Twitter Account
  • Why Twitter Account? Brand Awareness. Engage with your target audience Online Reputation Management Promote your Blog Content Twitter and Mobile SEO Boost HR Tool Press Release / News Management
  • Google Plus
  • Why Google Plus? Increase Search rankings in Google. Circles is a feature that allows you to group your contacts Google +1 badge on Website. Increase traffic to a site with higher quality. Privacy is a major benefit because you share content only with the people you choose.
  • Youtube Account
  • Why Youtube Channel? YouTube channels are like Personal/Public TV stations where you can broadcast to the world anything about your business that would interest them. It’s a great medium for product launches, demos, public relation communications, interviews, advertisements, tutorials and so much more. They also provide one place to store all your video files and provide backlinks from your website, blog and social media sites. This will also improve your business website SEO ranking as you can also tag each of your videos with keywords. Finally you can get viewers to subscribe to your video channel increasing your base of your local fans.
  • Facebook Activities:- Account Creation Managing Account About us Timeline Cover Image Profile Image *No. Post (FB & Twitter Integration) Photo & Video upload Links Submission Application Integration *Fans Discussion, Polls, Questions Events Contest
  • Twitter Activities:- Account Creation Managing Account Content Twitter Bio *No. Post (FB & Twitter Integration) Photo & Video Upload Link Submission Twitter Background *Followers Contest
  • Google Plus Activities:- Account Creation Managing Account About Us Post Photo & Video upload Links Submission
  • Youtube Activities:- Account Creation Managing Account About Us Video upload Links Submission