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Social Media Today: The Rise of the Planned Opportunists
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Social Media Today: The Rise of the Planned Opportunists


The state of Social Media today is characterized by the rise of what I call "planned opportunists" - content creators who understand the brand's mission & values, can write 140 characters and 1000 …

The state of Social Media today is characterized by the rise of what I call "planned opportunists" - content creators who understand the brand's mission & values, can write 140 characters and 1000 words equally as well, can make immediate connections with the trend line, the storyline (based on the Hero's Journey) and the customer, can integrate sound & visual seamlessly, is a HUMAN, and thinks like Yoda (yes, Yoda).
The planned opportunist is a jazz player that knows how to use a productive key to improvise, around the virtual watercooler that is social media.

Published in Business , News & Politics
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  • Nearly 1000 posts – 500,000 words!Pen Name


  • 1. Terry “Starbucker” St. Marie www.terrystarbucker.com @starbucker
  • 2.  Been on social media since 2005, promoting my business writing as “Terry Starbucker”  Recently rebranded under the “More Human Leadership” banner
  • 3. But first, a little golf story……
  • 4. “Decide you must how to serve them best. A social media Jedi must have the deepest commitment, the most serious mind.. and use the right hashtag”- Yoda
  • 5. 1910 2014
  • 6. + Imagine a giant watercooler conversation that covers 180 topics during a 15 minute coffee break…………
  • 7.  You can’t “Market” at the water cooler  It’s where they want to talk to each other - brands are there by invitation  Brands have to be a great guest at the water cooler-- otherwise they are going to be sent back to the office
  • 8. Exhibit “A”
  • 9.  Reacting to chance events and human questions based on a mission and a set of values that reflect the product/brand, and its relationship with its customers  Remembering what we’re really selling  Putting ourselves in a position to be comfortable taking risks and taking advantage of opportunities, without layers of authorization  Playing “conversational jazz” – it’s important to choose a productive key with which to improvise
  • 10.  PRO: “Trendjacking” is one of social media’s most powerful but yet underused tools. Learning to “jab” with trends gives you tremendous power .You can tailor content to any situation or demographic,you can spark interest in your product, and you can scale your caring” – GaryVaynerchuck  CON: “It is not about adding value of any kind. It is simply standing next to a news story, as Forrest Gump might, only with a placard with your name on it.”- Anthony Miles Your product here
  • 11.  The headliner of the Short Attention Span Theater that plays to the giant watercooler  A “must-do” tactic for the planned opportunist  Images are processed 60,000 times faster than text
  • 12.  “Fuel” for sharing and interaction “Whether you want to borrow a drill from someone on your street using NeighborGoods or you're looking to book an awesome pup sitter on DogVacay, the success of Airbnb over the past few years has helped to drive home this fact: social networks are built for sharing” – Amber Mac  Thinking more like publishers “There are tons of platforms where your customers can get information from, but it’s most important that they get it first from you.” – Harsh Ajmera  Breaking New Ground “Nirvana caused a huge shift in popular music by combining hard rock and punk to make something fresh. All great content is an intersection” – Brian Clark
  • 13. “The maker of the sentence launches out into the infinite and builds a road into chaos and old night, and is followed by those who hear him with something of wild, creative delight” – Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • 14.  If you don't support customers on social, they'll be less likely to support you with their voices or wallets.  Loyalty now matters more than ever  Helping people is the best kind of marketing “All business is based on solving problems and earning a value from that. Using online platforms and being strategic is wonderful. ButTwitter isn’t cool. Helping people is cool.” – Chris Brogan
  • 15. Hilton Suggests - 100 Hilton employees seek out folks onTwitter, customers or not, who need help with travel, local activities, and more.
  • 16. “Look, I’m a consumer, you’re a consumer. When we talk about the brands we love, it’s very human and natural. But when we try to talk to people like us, we blank out and turn into ‘Marketing Man.’We lose that human nature, that empathy. If you take a technology perspective, you are forever reacting.The minute you take a step back and say, “What’s the bigger mission?” you start to realize what you are trying to do is change behavior.This relationship between cause and effect is very human. Once you articulate that vision, technology becomes an enabler. It starts to work for you.” Brian Solis
  • 17. Go from…….. Marketing To Marketing At Marketing For To Marketing With - Joanna Lord
  • 18.  Beginning – Paint the picture of the audience’s current world  Call to Adventure (Turning point 1) – creating an imbalance by stating what could be juxtaposed to what is  Middle- contrasting content, alternating between what is and what could be  Call to Action (Turning Point 2) – Articulate the finish line for the audience to cross  End – Create a higher plane than where the audience began, with everyone understanding the reward in the future  CrossTheThreshold – Audience is committed to taking action
  • 19. “People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou
  • 20.  Understands the mission and values  Can write 140 characters & 1,000 words equally as well  Is always looking for connections with the trend line ,the Hero’s Journey, and the customer  Is allowed to take risks and improvise  Can integrate sound & visual seamlessly  Is a HUMAN (and gives a darn)  Decides they must how to serve them best (thanksYoda…)