Youtility: Why Smart Business is about Help not Hype.
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Youtility: Why Smart Business is about Help not Hype.



#SoMeT13US Session.

#SoMeT13US Session.

Presenter: Jay Baer, Convince and Convert, @JayBaer



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Youtility: Why Smart Business is about Help not Hype. Youtility: Why Smart Business is about Help not Hype. Presentation Transcript

  • YOUTILITY Why Smart Marketing is About Help not Hype #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer The difference between helping and selling is just 2 letters #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer Youtility is marketing so useful, people would pay for it #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer Be a farmer, not just a hunter #SoMeT13US
  • #Infusioncon friend of mine awareness @jaybaer
  • @jaybaer @jaybaer Personal and Commercial Collision #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer You are competing for attention against everything #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer Number of Blogs (in millions) 35 173 2006 2011 #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer If you create Youtility, your visitors will keep you close #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer Friend of mine awareness is replacing top of mind awarness #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer 3 types of Youtility #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer 1. Self-Serve Information #SoMeT13US
  • Sources Needed Before Making a Purchase 5.3 10.4 2010 2011 #SoMeT13US
  • “In 2012, 66% of leisure travelers said they plan to spend more time researching travel” Google, 2012
  • @jaybaer #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer if you make a bad decision now, you’re just lazy #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer @jaybaer #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer Average new customer reads 105 pages @jaybaer #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer Holiday World video
  • @jaybaer #TAIC
  • @jaybaer Relationships are created with information not people #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer 2. Radical Transparency #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer Trust is the prism through which all business success must pass #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer McDonald’s video
  • @jaybaer @jaybaer #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer Promote your destination less. Teach about your destination more. #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer 3. Real-Time Relevancy #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer Give yourself permission to make the story bigger #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer How to create Youtility #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer What Do They Need? #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer We are surrounded by data, but starved for insights #SoMeT13US
  • #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer How Can You Address That Need? #TAIC
  • @jaybaer Monthly Active Instagram Users (in millions) 50 Twitter: 232 Million 150 Feb 2013 Sept 2013
  • @jaybaer Market Your Marketing #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer Content is fire, social media is gasoline #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer Use social to promote Youtility first, destination second #SoMeT13US
  • “Useful articles are forwarded 30% more often than average.” Contagious, 2013
  • @jaybaer Youtility is a Process Not a Project #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer Inspiration doesn’t respond to meeting requests #SoMeT13US
  • @jaybaer Is your marketing so useful, people would pay for it? #SoMeT13US
  • Jay Baer