Facebook Engagement Recommendations


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Facebook Engagement Recommendations

  1. 1. Facebook Engagement eRecommendations
  2. 2. 2Facebookengagementrecommendations @SomaziWW
  3. 3. 3 FACEBOOK Recommendations Use Facebook for: •  Signposting to content on the organisation’s website. •  News updates, especially visual content. •  Engagement, community building •  Customer support @SomaziWW
  4. 4. 4 FACEBOOK GUIDELINES AND PRINCIPLES1. Avoid sounding like a press release.2. Identify your audience and share content that will be of interest to them.3. Use Facebook to signpost to the website or blog, for example by including visual content(photographs, infographics, video) which will then link to more substantial information andtext or articles.4. “Content is King” – and on Facebook, it’s particularly true of visual content – graphics,photographs, video.5. Make your content timely – include content relevant to important news, events, seasonalcelebrations.6. “Like” the pages of relevant individuals and organisations, engage with their updates (like,comment, share) to build relationships and generate more interest in your own content @SomaziWW
  5. 5. 5 FACEBOOK GUIDELINES AND PRINCIPLES7. Personalise your page – choose a profile picture, cover photo/image, and fill out the“About” section. Make sure that the look & feel of the profile is compatible across all thesocial media channels the organisation is using.8. Go beyond visual. You can simply overlay text to a photograph to keep a message visuallyattractive, but also include information you wish to share. Unique content created this way ismore likely to become “viral”.9. Don’t be afraid of directing your community to pages other than your own website. Byproviding interesting information for your audience, you are adding value to the conversationand building long lasting relationships.10. Customer support – despite Facebook not being an official channel for making complaintsor queries, never ignore a user sending a private message asking for guidance or making acomplaint. You can direct the person to a specific division of the organisation, for example, byproviding a relevant e-mail address. @SomaziWW
  6. 6. 6 FACEBOOK GUIDELINES AND PRINCIPLES - Insights11. Harness the knowledge coming from Facebook Insights. As an administrator, you have accessto the “Insights” page. @SomaziWW
  7. 7. 7 FACEBOOK GUIDELINES AND PRINCIPLES - Insights Check how the reach and engagement change over time, to see if you are on the right track. Reach – the number of people who have seen the post. “Talking about this” – a number of people who shared, liked, commented etc. within the last week. Virality – a percentage of people have seen the update, who liked,Sort the updates by shared or commented.date, reach,engagement, “talkingabout this” or viralityto identify what typeof content performsbest. @SomaziWW
  8. 8. 8 FACEBOOK GUIDELINES AND PRINCIPLES – EdgeRank and optimizing updates*At present, Facebook users don’t see every single update from their friends and pages they follow in theirnews feed (“Wall”). EdgeRank is an algorithm that ranks objects in the Facebook News Feed. Pages withhigh EdgeRank Scores will be more likely to show up in the news feed, than pages with low scores.Administrator can use EdgeRank Checker to monitor best frequency and times to post -http://edgerankchecker.com.The tool provides reports instructing what type of content is best at a specific time, and allows you tocompare performance of your Facebook page with the industry average. @SomaziWW
  9. 9. 9 FACEBOOK GUIDELINES AND PRINCIPLES – EdgeRank and optimizing updates*The tool can return popular keywords that drive engagement and monitor the EdgeRank changesover time, allowing the user to check the progress and adjust Facebook strategy accordingly.A pro version with reporting and real-time monitoringfeatures available for $15 - $30 per page per month. @SomaziWW
  10. 10. 10 THE SOMAZI EFFECT Authors This presentation is a part of the SoMazi Social Ewa Media Resources series. For more presentations, @Ewajoan reports and learning materials, go to http://www.somazi.com/resources/ . SoMazi has offices in London, New York, Bergamo and Geneva. We’d love to hear from you. Marlies @MsSpijker E-mail: contactus@somazi.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SomaziWW Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/SomaziWW Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/Somazi Clementina @CGZatSomazi