Tata steel ideation


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Tata steel ideation

  1. 1. Tata Steel – Ideation By Snehil Singh (12BM60012) done as part of course requirementBM69014 Management Information Systems
  2. 2. Problem Statement – Assignment requirements An original idea that will use any aspect of digital technology (cloud, mobile, Android, IoS etc ) to create a social media application or platform that can be integrated with the strategic management requirements of the company. The paper must include following sections: 1. Gap in current architecture 2. Proposed Solution 3. Examples of similar solutions 4. Benefits to the company 5. Possible problems 6. Cost estimates – in terms of people, Equipment etc.
  3. 3. Agenda Introduction Gap in current architecture Proposed Solution Examples of similar solutions Benefits to the company Possible challenges Cost estimates – in terms of people, Equipment etc.
  4. 4. Introduction Steel Industry TATA Steel• Crude steel production in 2011: • A top ten global steel maker.1518 million tonnes. Annual • Annual turnover of US$ 26.13Growth rate: 6.2% billion in FY 2011- 2012, has over• India among top 5 steel 81,000 employees across fiveproducing countries in the world continents and is a Fortune 500• Boom in sectors like company.construction & automotivesmeans steel industry in general • Geographically diversifiedhas a huge potential primarily in production facilities include indeveloping countries like India, the UK, the Netherlands,India, China, & Mexico. Thailand, Singapore, China and
  5. 5. Introduction – Enterprise 2.0• Aims to help employees, customers & suppliers collaborate, share & organize information via Web 2.0 technologies• The use of emergent social software platforms within companies or between companies and their partners or customers e.g. Use of social networking sites, blogs, wikis, web applications
  6. 6. Gap in current architecture TATA Steel Yet• Already has presence in the • Is TATA steel’s current use ofvarious social media like Face social platforms enough given…book, YouTube and twitter. • It is the world’s second most• The company uses its geographically diversified steelpresence on the web for company.purposes ranging from • Its size – in terms ofrecruitment to customer employees.interaction including complaintsto promoting its CSR activitiesand environmental awareness
  7. 7. Gap in current architecture• Because of the geographic diversity of its production, R&Dfacilities … the traditional IT systems like ERP, SCM andSocial media platforms alone are not enough for a companyas geographically diversified as TATA Steel.• None of the above mentioned modes of communicationleverage the strengths of social media to… • supportsolidify the internal communication, • knowledge sharing, • e-learning and • technical collaboration required
  8. 8. Proposed solution• An custom made, specific to TATA Steel, and internallymanaged knowledge base on the web.• To enhance e-learning and knowledge management.• A central knowledge base to support collaborative sharing ofideas, documents (research, process improvements etc)amongst employees as well as Students (limited to thoseinstitutions TATA Steel has ties/links with)
  9. 9. To help out with the problems of confidentiality, access level for the shared documents can be varied as per need. Proposed solution Employees Institutions - Students•Helps out the geographically • Provides a good starting point for students in terms of carryingdiversified employees with out research.resources, technical know-how •A good place for e-learning toregarding the process get up-to-date with currentoptimization as well as the industry practices as well.current R&D.
  10. 10. • phpkb is a knowledge sharing solution available in themarket – a small set of their clients…• Examples of similar solutions
  11. 11. • Helps out with knowledge & data management – dataquality, standardization and integration across the company. Benefits to TATA Steel• Helps out to an extent with staff training.• Better collaboration & knowledge sharing amongstemployees.• Provides students and institutions carrying out research witha starting point as well as giving an insight into the industrypractices.• Improves ties with student community, helps build brandTATA Steel and helps in attracting the best of the talent pool
  12. 12. Possible challenges• Confidentiality – Even though, varied access levels for document view, read n write mitigates this risk to a certain extent, there is the risk of competitors gaining access to proprietary information.
  13. 13. Cost Estimates• A number of knowledge sharing software present fornominal cost. They have to be evaluated against the corerequirements of TATA Steel to decide on the final choice.• Costs related to the procurement of the knowledgesharing solution, support costs.• In-house support team for the maintenance and theircosts.
  14. 14. Thank You