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Effie winners final
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Effie winners final



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  • 1.
  • 2. Effie Awards
    Advertising awards founded in 1968 by New York American Marketing Association(NYAMA)
    Effie – the word Effectiveness, a desirable trait in advertisement
    Mission: To recognize, educate and encourage effectiveness among the marketing communications industry
    Effie Worldwide Inc. – July,2008
  • 3. Category : Consumer ProductsA : Cosmetics and ToiletriesGillette Mach3 – W.A.L.S (Women Against Lazy Stubble)Agency : BBDO India Pvt. Ltd.Client : Gillette India LimitedGold
  • 4. Objective
    Increase trials of Gillette Mach3 razors by dropping the price of the Mach3 razor(Rs.199 to Rs 125) so as to encourage men to sport the clean shaven look more often.
  • 5. Campaign – Three stages
    1) Launch of W.A.L.S. via a press conference with the support of the celebrity actresses – first in Mumbai (NW India) and then Chennai (SE India).
    2) A follow-up campaign via featurestories in broadcast, print media, online shaving contests, activation booths inleading malls and on Facebook.
    3) A mass Shaveathon
  • 6. Analysis
    Increasing influence of women in Indian culture
    Pitching women’s desires against those of stubbly boyfriends and husbands
    Changed the perception that stubble looks cool and desirable to women
    Connection of low involvement category (Gillette Mach3) with target audience
  • 7. Result
    • National conversation about shaving
    • 8. Sales increased from 7.7 million Mach3 packs in November 2009 to 18.4 million packs in December 2009 , quarter sales target achieved in just 15 days of the campaign.• ROI recorded as 22 times the marketing spend
    • 9. Market share went up by 400%
    • 10. Women shaved over 10,000 men in public across malls in India.
    • 11. Mass shaving event got 1868 men to shave at one go! Creating a new Guinness Book Of Records and featuring in Ripley's Believe it or Not.
    • 12. Over $ 2.5 Million worth of free media coverage, which is the highest for P&G India across all categories.
    • 13. Won a Silver Lion at the Cannes Advertising Festival 2010.
  • Category : Consumer ProductsA : Beverages/Drink, Confectionary and FoodSlice Mango – Slice AamsutraAgency : JWTClient : Pepsico IndiaSilver
  • 14. Objective
    Strengthen ‘mango’ ownership of company over that of the previous year
    Overthrow Frooti, to become No.2 mango drinks brand
    Grow volumes by 20%
  • 15. Analysis
    Aamsutra (pleasure of mangoes) taken from Kamsutra (pleasure of sex)
  • 16. Result
    • Became no.2 mango drinks brand, overthrowing Frooti.
    • 17. Volumes went up by +32% - July’10 (Source : Advertiser Data)
    • 18. Appeal for Slice increased by 18 points in May’10, matching the gain of market leader Maaza (Source : Millward Brown)
    • 19. Significant improvement in brand KPIs in July’10 compared to July’09
    • 20. Created disruptive excitement in the category and celebrated mango indulgence
  • Category : Consumer ProductsC: OTHERSTanishq – Jewellery that makes you want to marryAgency : Lowe LintasClient : Titan Industries Ltd.Gold
  • 21. Objective
    To make a serious offering in the wedding market by appealing more to the parents of the prospective bride and hence grow over by 30% in sales in the course of the entire wedding period
    To grow by 30% on Akshya Tritiya Day, the most auspicious day for jewellery purchase
  • 22. Analysis
    Perceived as a brand for modern jewellery, not preferred during traditional occasions
    Wedding jewellery is usually bought by the elders
    The jewellery market in India - Rs. 100000 cr
    The wedding jewellery market - Rs. 40000 cr
    Leveraged on the idea that a modern girl is not in a hurry to get married
    The sentiment of a woman to look the most beautiful on her wedding day
  • 23. Result
    57% increase in sales on Akshaya Tritiya, the single largest gold purchase day in India over the previous year’s sales
    36% growth in the wedding season of April – June over the previous year’s wedding season sales, without factoring in new shop openings and gold price inflation
    25% increase in “preferred wedding jewellery” association with the brand
    Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Pvt. Ltd.
    Client: Bajaj Auto Ltd.
  • 25. Objective
    Reclaim losing leadership and grow volumes by at least 50%.
  • 26. Campaign
    Pulsar MTV Stunt Mania – India’s First and Biggest Reality Show.
    India’s most popular youth channel MTV hosted the show
    MTV signed on most respected and revered stunt Guru: Allan Amin to host the show along with VJ Deepti Gujaral.
  • 27. Analysis
    Pulsar’s DNA was pure performance.
    Behavior change for the entire mass of young bikers.
    Unlocked the true potential of Reality TV
    E.g. Hero Honda sponsored Roadies vs Bajaj sponsored MTV Stunt Mania
  • 28. Sales doubled to 106%(26,675 to 52,022).
    Market share in the performance segment grew by an impressive 43% (32% to 46% ).
    Pulsar MTV Stunt Mania became Young India’s favorite reality show
    Brand got TV visibility worth Rs. 535 crores against the investment of 4.2 crores.
  • 29. Category : Consumer Durables-OthersA : Mobile Handsets & ServicesNokia– “MAIN BHI COACH”. One team. A Billion Coaches.Agency : JWTClient : NOKIA INDIASilver
  • 30. Objective
    To create strong impression on the cricket platform by keeping the consumers engaged with the brand during IPL.
    Opening an interactive channel between Nokia, KKR and its fans across the country
    Pull in the not so avid cricket fans
  • 31. Campaign
    Invitation to become the coach by SRK himself
    Spreading the message everyday!
    Engaging Change
    • Exclusive news & videos of the team
    • 32. Multiple forum discussions
    • 33. Strong support platform
    • 34. Seeded in conversations online in communities
  • Analysis
    The key twist in the program design: Different Strokes for Different Coaches
    The creative expression “Main bhi Coach” truly epitomized the “Couch Coach” aspiration of every Indian
  • 35. Result
    TNS + DOMOR survey: more people thought of Nokia before Pepsi or Airtel during the IPL
    Nokia + KKR enjoyed the highest figures for recollection of brand association
    Nokia achieved 30% unaided recall making it the second most recalled brand in the IPL!
    A phenomenal 3.4 million responses were from unique consumers – i.e. 38%!
  • 36. Result
    Online engagement was a success
    Over a million hits on the website in over a month
    An average of 7.42 page views per visit
    An average of 4 mins spent by each surfer
    It became the talk of the virtual world
    15,000 conversations were triggered
    12,617 page views fenerate
    Over 7,000 fans all over social media sited
  • 37. Grand Effie :
    DRAFTFCB Ulka Advertising Pvt. Ltd.Ad Campaign : Tata Docomo – Dare to – Do the NewEffie Client of the Year : TATA Teleservices Ltd.
    2 Golds and 1 Bronze
    Tata DoCoMo – Dare To - Do The New
  • 38. Objective
    • Garner 10% of the new additions(9 million subscribers) in the 1st year
    • 39. Introduce a whole new proposition in the category
    • 40. Shake up the category and create new paradigms for evaluation
  • Campaign
    • Brought the logo to life-changing colors, tweaking the logo and the brand tune
    • 41. Advertisements featuring unknowns
    • 42. Station Docomo
    • 43. ‘Do the New’ rounds on TV
    • 44. ‘Do the New’ twists on Cricket
    • 45. ‘Create’ site for consumers
  • “ Do more every second. Life is all about making every second count “
  • 46. Analysis
    “Why pay per minute when you can pay per second” - the problem was not of the bill or the tariff but the feeling of being cheated
    The media evolved an approach which was completely ‘Un-Telecom’ like
    Innovative and low cost strategies
  • 47. Got 30 million subscribers as on 31st March 2010
    Within 6 months, became the no.1 brand in terms of net additions for the period June 2009 to July 2010
    In less than a year, became the no.3 brand on various mindshare and image parameters
    ‘Do The New’ Community enrolled 1Mn fans online
    TTSL forced the other brands to relook at their Pricing Strategy, Pay per second became the new pricing norms
  • 48. Category : ServicesB: FINANCIAL SERVICES, INCLUDING BANKING & INSURANCEAviva – The Great Wall of EducationAgency : BBDO India Pvt. Ltd.Client : Aviva Life Insurance Company India Ltd.Bronze
  • 49. Objective
    To increase the Total Awareness score of the brand from 76% to 90% in an over-competitive but low interest category, i.e. Insurance
    To achieve Top Of Mind Awareness levels at par with those of older giants like ICICI Prudential and HDFC Standard Life
  • 50. Campaign – “The Great Wall of Education”
    The powerful emotion of guilt at ignoring hundreds of street children gave birth to this campaign
    India’s largest wall of books - donated by citizens for underprivileged children
    5 day activity for the week of Nov 11 capitalizing on two red letter days
    Invite-Engage-Amplify strategy using national press, radio, Facebook to create a buzz
    The honorable Education Minister of India, Mr. Arvinder Singh and the honorable Union Minister of HRD, Mr. KapilSibal came to donate books
  • 51. Analysis
    Insurance is a negative word for most of the people
    Large, well known players are the choice of the few who seek insurance
    The category is severely commoditized, product offerings of all brands are at parity, adding to consumer confusion
    Aviva, a small new entrant aligned itself with pressing issue of children’s education
    Differentiation - “Education is Insurance” campaign moved the focus away from selling policies to guaranteeing education
  • 52. Result
    19% increase in Total Awareness score to 95%, at par with market leaders
    Top of Mind Awareness score up from 2% to 5%, at par with ICICI Prudential and higher than HDFC Standard Life
    Ranked 2nd in Top of Mind Awareness among TG of young parents in metros
    More that 1,23,000 books were collected and an entry was made in the Limca Book of Records
  • 53. Result
    Books donated to 1,70,000 street children across the country
    Key influencers in government generated free PR worth Rs. 1,47,00,000
    Mobilized thousands of citizens around a burning issue and created conversations around the brand
    Won a Gold at Spikes Asia 2010
  • 54. Category : ServiceC: Others3 Idiots – The Complete Idiot's Guide to Movie PromotionsAgency : Mudra GroupClient : Reliance Big PicturesGold
  • 55. Campaign
    • Each promo of the movie attended by three people associated with the movie.
    • 56. Music launch of the movie broadcasted on idiotsacademy.com
    • 57. Merchandising– Collaboration of Future Group's Pantaloons India to launch the 3 Idiots apparel and accessories collection
    • 58. Reliance Life Insurance tied up to use the thought 'All is well’.
    • 59. Outdoor Campaign - Innovations on hoardings, bus shelters, bus backs, platform signage's and mobile vans.
  • 60.
  • 61. Innovative Tactics
    Stickers reading Capacity: 3 Idiots pasted on the back of 10,000 auto rickshaws moving in the cities .
    Activation in multiplexes - Messages on the walls of washrooms, saying 'You are the fourth idiot‘
    Chairs shaped like hips placed in the lounge area of multiplexes caught many eyeballs and users.
  • 62. Alternative Realty game
    • An alternate reality game on idiotsacademy.com by the online gaming portal,Zapak
    • 63. Aamir Khan traveled through India, leaving clues about his whereabouts and participants of the game got two weeks to track him down.
    • 64. Khan visited his mother’s ancestoralhome,Varanasi and cricketer SauravGanguly's house in Kolkata in disguise.
    • 65. He and KareenaKapoor ,visited the weavers of the famous Chanderisarees in Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh.
    • 66. He visited a school in Gujaratand Mahabalipuram in Tamil Nadu
  • 67. Five Point Someone
    • The Movie Inspired on The Super Hit Novel “FIVE POINT SOMEONE”…a Huge hit
    • 68. Benefitted from the ready made Fan Following the book had generated.
    • 69. The Movie Credits Controversy gave free Publicity to the Movie allowing the movie to stay in news.
  • Results
    3 Idiots broke all box office records upon release
    In its four-day first weekend, the film netted 380 million, and broke the record.
    It is the highest-grossing Bollywood film.
    Awards – Best Film, Best Director, Best Story, Best Dialogue etc.
  • 70. Category : Consumer Durables-OthersA : Mobile Handsets & ServicesNokia– “Planet keRakhwaale”. Agency : JWTClient : NOKIA INDIAGold
  • 71. Objective
    Regain declining market share
    Retain “leadership status” in the market
    Wanted people to become assertive and give away their old phones for recycling
  • 72. Analysis
    Provoking a concern of environment and hence, the behavioral shift of consumer
    The cause of “Saving the environment” linked to the cause of “The future of our children”
    People followed their heroes- in this case- SRK
  • 73. Result
    Over 5 lakh pieces of phones & accessories collected
    Adds up to 16 tonnes of recyclable waste
    Contributions from a massive 2.5 lakh unique individuals
    Earned the love & admiration of everyone
    Successfully managed to pioneer the E-green movement in India
    (1st July 2009 to 30th June 2010)
    Agency: Bates 141
    Client: Virgin Mobile India
  • 75. Objective
    100 % increase in new subscriptions
    Increase the proportion of STD usage (minutes) to overtake industry average of 15%.
    Maintain brand awareness at pre-IPL levels despite not being present on the TV.
    Dominate youth conversation during IPL.
    A minimum 3 point increase on core attributes vs other brand aspirers Docomo and Airtel.
    Modern brand ,Innovative brand and Trendy brand
    Arrest the decline in Virgin Mobile’s imagery as a youth brand
  • 76. Campaign
    Stage 1: Inject the virus
    • Video banners across youtube,search engines, entertainment zones, cricket based websites
    • 77. Films posted in various websites with video players like NDTV, MSN, etc.
    • 78. Targeting e-mail databases from sports websites, channels and brands.
  • Stage 2: Allow and Aid virus to spread
    Facebook: IPL fan page link back to IPL site.
    Seeding of the TVCs on the teams’ fan pages and linking it to IPL site.
    Twitters: Live broadcast of the match updates followed by pangas.
  • 79.
  • 80. Analysis
    Virgin mobile was in a Do or die situation
    Cricket was going online – Youtube signed its first international sports streaming deal, to broadcast IPL.
    Youth @ online – 31% internet users in 2009 (age group-19-24 yrs )
    (Source : Juxt consultancy online research).
    Shifted from TV screen to the computer screen
    Ideal showcase for STD tariff – fans of 8 states taking pangas calling one another at STD tariff of 20p / min.
  • 81. Result
    129% increase in the new subscriptions within one month of launch.
    Proportion of STD minutes doubled from 15% to 30%, way ahead of industry average of 19%.
    4 points increase in brand awareness against Airtel and Docomo’s dipped up to 5 point.
    Viewership of www.indianpangalegue.com - 1.5 mn in a month.
    Facebook: Fastest registration across industries; 2,590 fans in just 22 days.
    Twitter: 60,000 + exposure in just 29 days.
    Youtube: 1.35 mn views in just 50 days vs Aircel - 0.1 mn.