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March issue of the Lit-Magazine 'Branwyn'

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Branwyn march 2013

  1. 1. Branwyn is the Goddess of love, beauty, mischief and mystery. It also relates to genuine literature. The name has been tossedby Lavkesh Kumar Singh.Director and Publisher : Vineeta GuptaFounder and Editor-in-Chief : Sneha GuptaManager : Parul PariharContacts : sneha@branwyn.inWebsite :
  2. 2. EDITORIAL:Why shall I read your book?It is the moral right of all reader to ask that why should they read any writer’s book. But, with prejudices prevailing inpublishing industry, the reading necessities of the mass readers was highly being ignored and taunted. Reading had gotconfined only to a particular sphere of the society. Readers were even scared to put forth their questions – Why should Iread your book?But then, came the writers of new age. They came fully prepared with their answers to the readers – “Read my book for funas a friend of your leisure. I am not here with my philosophies to taunt you. I am not here to load your mind with unreasonablelogics which do not relate to your life. Let’s keep everything aside and talk about our daily life. Let’s talk about the fashion inlatest trend, the books, the shoes, restaurants, colleges, sport and everything you like about. No, I am not the torch bearerof your life. No, I cannot provide solutions to all your problems. But I will listen to them. I feel like you and I write your voice.Your own unheard voice! Read me to listen to the voice of your own soul.”These writers of popular fiction did not talk about high ethics and morals. They talked about the general problems of gettingadmissions in colleges, fake social status discriminatingly imposed by the market Mughals and so on... Readers read andwelcomed them. And that is why; Branwyn is dedicated to support all those writers who speak the voice of the readers.- Sneha Gupta
  3. 3. EnErgy BoostErs Branwyn – Brand that wins! A very nice initiative by Sneha Guptao Babita Basu, Journalist, Times of India Every section, every segment of Branwyn is itself amazing. All the columnists and all the contents are outstanding. Whole concept isbeyond imagination. Thoroughly thoroughly liked it.o Mukesh Ajmera, Lucknow Looking forward for Branwyn’s next issue only for Mr. LaVa and Mr. Attitude. Loved these guys’ mature outlook. Brahma has potential.Keep updated.o Randheer Ahluwalia, New York It is a bang in literary circles. The best part is its being clear with the motives and objectives.o Raj Verma, Lucknow An appreciative attempt especially on the prime focus on readers’ reading necessity.o Uttam Singh, Lucknow I didn’t know that authors could be more handsome than film actors and I am so glad to find Mr. YouKnowMe more handsome than ArjunKapoor.o Akshata, Mumbai Hillarious! It is absolutely wonderful.o Ishaan Lalit, New Delhi Very nice! A little more designing and it will look better.o Kunal Marathe, Indore Thank you Miss Mishti for making me smile.o Akhil Chavan, Pune I love Sachin Garg. Thanks for his interview.o Anita Choudhary, Lucknow Beautiful, colourful, wonderful.o Jacob Alfanso After reading the review of ‘And God made a Mistake’, I think what I was reading till today as book-reviews? Chillar? Now, I know whatbook-review is! And now I realize how I was being befooled. Thanks Branwyn!o Mihika Sarkar, Kolkata A fascinating attempt! Proud of you, Sneha!o Ashfaq Sheikh, Udgamandalam I already have lot of expectations from you. Very well done, Sneha!o Charanjeet Singh, Chandigarh Dear Mr. YouKnowMe, I read your story in Branwyn and I really loved your writing. I want to tell you that you may find it difficult to leaveyour ‘White Smoke’ but always remember that everyone is born with a noble cause and you have to play your part of role. Don’t losehope. You can create magic with your words. All the best!o Raushan, Patna I really love it.o Nidhi Singh, JaipurA few of the numerous feedbacks Branwyn got!Feedbacks and constructive criticism are most welcome at
  4. 4. Branwyn Cover StoryPublishers’ Favourite ReadsTheir eyes go through numerousmanuscripts. They come across a numberof tales which they convert into goodreads for readers. But what types ofbooks attract the publishers themselves?As soon as the question crossedBranwyn’s mind, she decided to discussit. Binay Dutta from Mahaveer Publishersloves to read thrillers.“I like thrillers a lot.” He says. However,he clarifies the reason, “Once upon atime, I liked romance too. But nowadaysall of them tell the same story. A boy, agirl, college campus, some obstacles andthat’s it! Nothing more! Thrillers arecertainly better than that.”Similar words come from Aman Sharmaof Parlance Publishers.“I love crime-fiction. They attract me alot.” said Aman, “Romance is boring.” Hemakes it clear.Rohit Shetty from ‘First Step Publishers’speaks in the same voice.“Nothing could be better than thrillers. Ilove thrillers. I have always preferredthrillers to romance.”However, Arcopol Chaudhary from“Fingerprint Publishing” stands in adifferent queue. He prefers to readliterary fiction. His interest in theoutstanding release “Dozakhnama”makes it clear that he is not much intopopular fiction.So, it is quite clear that most of thepublishers who come up with variousromance novels, themselves prefer toread thrillers. The context makes it clearthat thriller genre has bright future inIndian publishing industry.
  5. 5. Three Questions : Bhavya KoushikYoung author Bhavya Koushik did his debut with his remarkablenovel “The Other Side of The Bed” and surprised the publishingindustry with his mature insight of relationships. At the only age of22, the debutant author has left critics with no other option than topraise him for his immaculate understanding of human emotions. Inan exclusive interview with Branwyn, Bhavya talks about his emotiveside.Branwyn : "The other side of the bed" Which side of the beddoes your novel talk about? Left side? Right side? Or Wrongside?Bhavya : It elucidates about the untouched side, the vacant andempty side of the bed which is caused by the demise of a loved one.The vacuum which is left after when a loved one is gone and you areforced to live in a world full of memories, and nothing else. Thenovel revolves around the notion of sleeping in the same bed, andon the same side, where once the protagonist’s wife used to sleepand his journey in attaining that.Branwyn : Your novel talks about seriousness of relations.What is your stand on love? Subjective or Objective?Bhavya : Love for me, can never be objective as I believe that loveexists in a spectrum which is still unseen by human eyes. Love is notblack or white, or of any colour in fact. I believe that no one candefine what love is in complete absolution. For me, love is …(undefined). Sometimes, you can love a complete stranger, whilethere are times when you can fall out of love as easily as you fallinto it. Although I might not know everything about love, but I’mcertain about one thing that love doesn’t require any effort – lovingsomeone should be effortless. If it requires a substantial amount ofeffort to continue being in love, then it is not love at all, it is justpeople saying and doing all those things that they are supposed to.Branwyn : What is your opinion on "Its complicated" statusof love-relation?Bhavya : I seriously can never understand completely about “It’scomplicated” status of relationship. I mean, what is the entiremeaning behind having a complicated relationship? A person iseither single or is in a relationship. Nevertheless, even if yourrelationship is complicated, then work things out. If you lovesomeone, go ahead and tell them what you feel about them. If youthink you are not ready, then take one step at a time until you areprepared. And in case, if you feel monotony in your relationship,then remind yourself, that at the end of the day people are whatmatters. Whatever you do, don’t complicate things. Life is supposedto be simple, easy, anything but complicated.Thanks for the interview Bhavya. Branwyn wishes you bestof luck in all your future endeavours.
  6. 6. Making of A BookTe Amo…. I love youWriting a book is like living a life of dreams where everythinghappens live! Writers visualize their dreams and ink it down onpaper. Writing a book requires lots of patience and consistency.Many people conceive ideas but seldom come out with a publishedbook.Author Rohit Sharma did his debut with a romantic fiction “Te Amo…I love you…”The book first gathered attention on social networking websites andgradually made its way through readers’ hearts. The book has beenconsidered an average romance by regular readers whereas first-timers and teenagers have favourited it.In a special interaction with Branwyn, Rohit Sharma narrated theamazing journey of his book from a mere idea to a full-fledgednovel. Ever since his college days, Rohit knew that he wanted to beremembered as a writer. In his words – “It was 2004… I was in myseventh semester of Engineering. One of our teachers asked us,what we wanted to do that one thing in life through which peoplewill remember us once we are gone, from this mortal world. I hadreplied that I will be writing books. Well, most students had laughedat that time. But, I was serious. I definitely wanted to write books.And that moment came in 2009.”As it is mentioned earlier, ideas come to a lot of people but seldomwork on it. Rohit was not one of those dreamers who just keepdreaming of writing a book for their whole life. Rohit knew that hehad to write a book and he threw himself onto the plan. He startedthe research for his book in August 2009 and the first handed thingof his concern was the location of his novel. Rohit’s deep interest inSpain and its culture germinated the idea of the desired location ofthe novel to be Spain. However, the story of “Te Amo… I love you…”covers different countries but it is centered on a Spanish beauty –Isabella – our heroine. Sketching Spain in his novel was not thateasy for our Indian author but he did it with the help of his friendMaica Garcia – “Maica Garcia, a senior poetess from Spain, helpedme a lot with the research work related to Spanish culture, festivals,and their country as a whole.” Now, once the location was clear,Rohit moved towards the tougher part – characterization. Let’s getto know the whole story in Rohit’s words – “I had started working onthe characters of my story when my employers informed me thatthey were to send me London in March 2010. So, I decided to keepthe lead male character from Britain. I thought it would be easier forme to portray London, as I would be living there. I chose to namethe lead male character as Aron (on my nephew’s name, who lives inLondon), and I portrayed him as a British. I always wanted to be achoreographer, and I put that desire into Aron’s character, anddecided to show him as a dance teacher/choreographer. I had a veryclear vision of Isabella in my mind, though her character is acomplete fiction. I wanted to portray the Spanish culture and theirbeauty through Isabella. Isabella, itself means beautiful (and alsomeans God’s vow) and I wanted to show how beautiful a woman is,both inside-out. I wanted to show her as a perfect daughter, aperfect lover, a perfect wife, and a perfect mother. I wanted to showfeelings of true love, true sacrifice, through her. I researched a lot tofind a perfect name for her. Maica suggested me many names, but Ifinalized Isabella. Writing Ethan’s character was very tough. Iwanted to show him completely opposite to Aron, and at the sametime, I wanted to highlight some social messages like DomesticViolence, through him. I honestly didn’t find any good name for him.So, I kept his name as Ethan for two reasons – 1. My Client Managerin London, a very arrogant and rude man, his name was Ethan. 2 –Tom Cruise, my favorite actor’s most famous screen name is EthanHunt (Mission Impossible series). Then I finalized the supportingcharacters. I wanted to portray honest friendships, and hence Ideveloped Vivek and Santina’s characters, and with them, I alsofinalized rest of the characters of the book.”Since Rohit’s hero was British, a little research work on Britain wasalso required. As soon as Rohit landed in London on March 2010, hestarted gathering information about the city and took a lot ofpictures to form a ground for the description of the city in his novel.Thus Rohit’s research ended and he finally got everything in hishands. But little did he know that it was just the beginning.Nevertheless, Rohit started the book crafting. He divided the entiresynopsis into chapters and wrote a brief about each chapter. Finally,when he had an outline of each chapter, he sat down to write thecomplete novel, chapter by chapter. He finished it in 2 months.
  7. 7. Because of his extensive research and clear vision, he didn’t face anywriter’s block.Then, came another tough part and Rohit’s interaction with literaryagents and publishers grounded the present draft of “Te Amo… Ilove you…”. This is what Eohit says about it – “After completing thenovel, I contacted the Literary agents in England, and one of theluckily selected me. That literary agent also presented my work toone of the publishers there, and they too selected my work. But, afew of my friends suggested me to get my work published in India.After pondering over their suggestion, I decided to get my bookpublished in India. But, the first publisher to whom I sent myproposal rejected me straightaway that my book does not containany Indian character; it will not work.”That rejection cleared thepresence of Aryan in “Te Amo… I love you…” leaving Rohit in adilemma. A discouraging hard work of complete re-formatting of thenovel was waiting just for the introduction of an Indian character.However, a consistent Rohit bothered least about when heconfirmed his decision after three months. Rohit speaks about thetransformation of Aron to Aryan – “Once they rejected my book,I discussed the same with my two good friends, and they advisedme to change some characters to Indian. It was June 2010, and itwas a tough decision. Finally after a break of 3 months, I decided torework on my book. I changed some characters to Indian. I changedAron to Aryan. But, it involved a lot of rework, because there is ahuge difference in the characteristics of a British and an Indian. Ittook me another 2 months to edit and complete my book.” Lastly,the book was completed and then Rohit started the editing – “Istarted the process of multiple revisions and editing, and I literallydid ‘n’ number of editing in the next 9-10 months. Finally, inSeptember 2011, I started contacting the publishers again, and inApril 2012, I signed the contract with Mahaveer Publishers. On12/12/12, I finally held the dream in my hands.It is a very long journey of 3.5 years, but it has proved verysatisfying.Rohit becomes emotional when he shares some memorablemoments of his journey – “One of the toughest times was when I had torework on my entire script. The decision, to convert some characters toIndian, was a tough one. Secondly, after I signed my contract, I had tomarket my book. That’s when a lot many friends helped me. That was areally tough time, and involved a lot of hard work. I am really thankful to allmy friends, who helped my book in one way or the other. But nothing beatsthe moment when I finally held my book, and the reception I received afterthat, considering I am a debut writer, and I have yet to earn some name inthe industry. I still remember how I personally felt while scripting each andevery scene of the book, or how much struggle I did to find the publisher.Every moment taught me something. And then, the support I received bythe friends, during the marketing of my book was overwhelming. But itcreated too much hype and expectations. Suddenly, a few people who knewme, started expecting too much from a debut author like me, and I wasextremely nervous when the book released. But thankfully, the book ismeeting majority’s expectations. Every such moment is memorable, when areader comes back to me and appreciates my work. It every such moment isa lesson when a reader tells me that he or she didn’t like something in thebook, which makes me to work harder.”The making of “Te Amo… I love you…” is itself a beautiful story. Infact, in this case, ‘the story of a book’ has come up to be moreinteresting than the ‘story of the book itself.
  8. 8. Miss Mishti’s Corner* A date with Human Emotions andExpressions! *They say a human face consists of 43muscles that can shrink and fit to 10,000various expressions. Yes, you read itcorrect. 10,000 varied expressions.Human Emotions and Expressions havea direct link with heart. The thingsrunning in heart may not always beflashed on the face or spat by the tongue,and vice versa. The seven basic humanemotions are-1. Fear2. Happiness3. Sadness4. Disgust5. Anger6. Contempt7. Surprise.The most experienced form of confusinghuman emotions is flashing a Smile. ASmile may not always run parallel towhats running in ones heart. Similar isthe second confusing factor, Tongue.They say a Tongue can lie, but Eyes cannever. Eyes are the transparent frame ofwhats running in ones heart. The bestthing about human emotions andexpressions is that they have a directlink with heart, unlike smile and tongue.The most widespread illusion that Liarscant maintain a direct eye-contact is asfalse as that of the Truth-tellers whocant maintain an eye-contact utter lies.Nervous and embarrassed beings toolook away and communicate, but thatdoesnt make them liars. Eye-contact isknown for combating against fear, hencethe same should never be confused withtongue-telling. But, never to forget, eventhe best liars cant control their naturalfacial muscles from shrinking orexpanding, to hide or fake display of astack of emotions.In this installment of Branwyn, letscheck and exaggerate for what ourpsychologists say, regarding Humanbehaviour ->>If a person becomes angry on pettyand unnoticeable things, it meanshe/she needsLOVE.....No one can ever put in words thathe/she needs love, but every singlehuman heart is sugar coated with a thicklayer of desires, demands, expectationsand ecstasies. We often come acrossbeings who possess every materialfeature at their fingertips, but are alwayshungry for love. Eg. After leaving the cab,just thank the driver for once with aSmile, and devote few of your valuableminutes to let him know, how because ofhim you safely and promptly landed atthe desired destination. The smile thatwould be carved on his face by yourwords would be enough to make his day,and the same goodness, with a littlemore efficiency would be passed on tohis another 10 passengers, and so on.>>If a person sleeps for long hours,he/she is lonely deep inside.....This is majorly seen in the beings of theage groups 6-16 and 45-60. Lonelinesscant be erased by sharing, but it can beerased by caring. Ever if you comeacross the family members of the saidage-group, try sparing few of yourminutes to let them know that you existfor them and they exist for you. Caringdevelops by smaller things like inquiringabout the meals, health, entertainment,etc.Eg. Try complementing your near anddear ones whenever nature permits achance. Even the smallest complimenthas the potential to draw the biggestsmiles and happiness on ones face aswell as heart. This will not just bring youcloser to them, but will keep themoccupied, will boost the best insidethem, for a simple reason that everyoneloves to be complimented.Friends, its never too late to realize thatthere still exist some hearts, who believein making human relations rather thanmaking money. The only barter ofinfinite love can make this life rideworthwhile.So, this was a small date to make all thereaders join us in the journey towardsexploring Human Emotions, Expressionsand Hearts. Miss Mishti is a CA internliving in Mumbai whoenjoys and licks every bitof life like a chocolate…
  9. 9. The BlackShade of LefTFROMDHAKESHWARiOnce in a while, we comeacross a book which stirs thesoul inside. Here in Branwyn,we talk about pulp fiction butwhen my eyes fell on this book,the unusual cover page giving asense of incompletion did morethan attraction.Story of an actress, a ghost,pensive women and a figure ofmime artist…“Left from Dhakeshwari” is awork of literary fiction. AuthorKunal Sen has weaved his pastyears’ experience of creativefield in this book. Being anaffluent film-maker, Kunal Senstands different as a writeramong the present Indianscenario.“I do not like pulp-fiction.” sayshe, “I did not hold pen toamuse others. I have writtenthis book with lots of efforts. Iwould be happy for my book tobe called a work of genuineliterature.”“Left from Dhakeshwari” is acompilation of nine tragedieswhich run in a chronologicalmanner. With this feature,Kunal strongly affirms hisexperimental side. Hiscreativity lands on observationplus patience and runs onexperimentations plusaffluence.Being a film-maker enrichedthe creative side of Kunalwhich he successfullyimplemented in the book. Hisexperience of creative fieldspeaks through his book whichaltogether comes with a short-story book instead of a novel.But one thing which attractsthe attention also leaves amystery…Every other novel these days iscoming as a confession. Then,how much of the stories relateto Kunal?“Gublu and Babla took after mychildhood friends…” Kunalreplies with his spectacles onhis nose and his eyes fixed onvacuum. The ‘M’ to whom hededicates the book, speaksmore than his eyes as theinquisitive presence of anunknown is felt all throughoutthe book.The incompletion,discontentment and a pensiveinsight makes “LEFT FROMDHAKESHWARI” a true gem ofIndian contemporary fiction.
  10. 10. Mr. YouKnowMeThe StorytellerI remember being told bedtime storiesby my mum. She is still the beststoryteller I’ve ever came across. Herstories not only worked as moralteaching but induced flair of readingand writing, and most importantly ofimagining a world where words createeverything. How many people do youknow who can tell you about a placethat doesn’t exist at all?Most kids do that. Almost all. Even Me,and you did it when we were some 5-6year old. Remember your brokenwatch which was broken during a fightwith your classmate, and when askedat home you said “I fell on ground andit got broken,” or the lost pencil whichsomeone took from you and neverreturned. I’m sure many of us did that.I did that. Point is, as kids we all have astoryteller inside us. A perfectstoryteller; who doesn’t need to writedown his/her thought on paper orlaptop, and still able to capture everytraces to make the story soundauthentic and realistic. Not to mention,we never succeed in that. Parentsknow that their kid is lying anddepending upon the ‘sin’ a punishmentis decided. And a lesson for rest of thelife is learned.When was the last time you wanted toexpress something but found no wordsto complete your thoughts?Ever thought what happened to thestoryteller that once lived in you?I don’t know where he is. I thought isalways around, but when I call him, heis nowhere to be found. He is lost inthe ashes of time. I left himsomewhere in my past, when I wasbusy in the rat-race called Education.Maybe he is dead by now. I did try tofind him, but he is just lost.I remember he made me feel the carethat lies in the words and deepemotions that hides in the silence. Hetold me that the words are the way tofind the truth of life, and lead ittowards the freedom on soul. He toldme about the people who never hadexistence, but is now part of myexistence. It’s quite like finding thecolor of the day. It’s bright, but youcan’t tell what color a day has. Like areflection. Reflection of thereminiscences of my childhood, oftimes when everything was a thingfrom another world. It was reallymagical. I can’t explain how it felt. Butit was beyond the fortress ofimagination, beyond the seven seas,beyond the skies; somewhere I felt ‘Ibelong’.I don’t know whether I’d be able tofind the storyteller ever again, but I’msure I will continue seeking him.Maybe someday he will bring me closerto the person whom once I knew.Maybe he’d help me to find the storythat is hiding somewhere deep in myheart and growing silently. For now, allI can say is“The day I will find you, I will ask youwhere you were gone. I will ask youwhy you left me. But before you couldreply, I will say ‘Hope you rememberme…’ My Storyteller.” Mr. YouKnowMe issomeone whom all of usknow yet all of us arestill to discover. He is abiker, an author andlike all of us, a lover oflife…
  11. 11. Branwyn Book Review: InThe Name of Love – Restin Peace“In the Name of Love – Rest in Peace”is a spy novel written by Author NityaPrakash. It deals with a secretorganization, Trailblazer and its agentswho work for the welfare of humanity.An organization of immense power andlimitless funds, Trailblazer appoints itsagent Kabir Garg to fetch immunity forAnthrax from a stubborn scientist Dr.Johar. Whole story revolves aroundthis adventure.Plot of the bookNitya Praksh has conceived a strongplot and weaved a good story on it. Athreat of a bio-war, a secretorganization and its structure, adisfigured scientist, an unfaithful wifeand a timid agent – Nitya Prakash trieshis best to justify the plot he has inmind but a few loopholes discontinuethe grip of the story at several places.Despite the strong plot, Nitya’scharacters fail to pace up the story.Story of “In the Name of Love – Restin Peace” deals with agent Kabir Gargwho is appointed by the secretorganization ‘Trailblazer’ to spy on amysterious fellow Mr. Desai. Desai issuspected to be involved in beneficialresearch related to the immunity fromAnthrax but illegally. From here startsthe hide and seek of intellectual mindsand the game of power and moneytake over it.Location of the book has been told tobe New Delhi but it is hardly felt untilthe protagonist mentions the ‘VasantVihar’ in one of his conversations.Altogether, Nitya Prakash creates agripping story in the context of a bio-war.Characterization“In the Name of Love – Rest in Peace”is a suitable example of contradictorycharacterization. This is probably oneof its kind of book where all charactersjustify their respective roles except theprotagonist himself. Except theprotagonist, every other character fitsin the frame.Mrs. Geetanjali has been sketched as awife indulged in adultery justifying theact on her husband’s dry and roughnature. The character of Geetanjalisatirically judges the vulnerability ofwomen. Ms. Geetanjali marries Mr.Shravan after getting a satisfactoryinsight of his monetary condition. Shedoesn’t think twice before committingadultery when her husband turns outto be rude to her. She hates him butnever thinks about breaking hermarriage since he meets her financialnecessities and keeps her pocket full.The gorgeous beauty enjoys thecompany of two men who satisfy herrespective necessities. Author NityaPrakash has successfully mocked allthose women who try to justify theirsentimental prostitution.The character of Shravan Desai createsa clear picture of a dominating butinsecure husband and a shrewdmoney-maker. However, this characterof Nitya Prakash confuses a little onfew notes. In the beginning, Nitya callshim neutral and inert kind of personwho remains unaffected from thecharm of his beautiful wife. Theprotagonist describes Desai as aperson who would hardly get disturbedeven on the news of an atomic-war.But later, we meet an insecure Desaiwho beats his wife just because hegets disturbed by the unfaithfulness ofhis friend’s spouse. How could anatomic war be a ‘no news’ and‘unfaithfulness’ a matter of highestconcern for a person like Desai whohappens to be a qualified scientist?Perhaps this phase of Desai’spersonality comes as a surprise bothfor the readers and the protagonist.Dr. Johar’s character as a brilliantscientist seems more focused than Mr.Desai. Nitya Prakash gives firsthandaccount of Dr. Johar’s Dr. Johar’smental condition. The grief and angerwhich takes over a disfigured manafter the death of his beloved wifehave been sketched very well by theauthor. However, an unreasonable andunnecessary shock leaves severalquestions unanswered. A geniusscientist who hates every single beautyin this world, starts loving a beautifulwidow half his age and gets trapped.This altogether transformation of ahalf-beaten middle-aged scientist to alovelorn fool seems too hard to accept.Since the story has been written in firstperson, no room is left for Dr. Johar’scharacter’s soliloquy, which is terriblyrequired at several places.Agent Arvind, however, shows the bestof Nitya Prakash’s characterizationskills. Agent Arvind stands true and fitin an ‘agent’s frame’. He is amercilessly balanced man capableenough to take tough decisions in nick
  12. 12. of time at acute situations. Wearing aunique attitude, Arvind knows how tomanage his juniors as well as hisseniors. He is a cold headed and coldblooded person who remainsunaffected at the very sight ofdancing-death. He very well knowshow to rein the heads. He isconsistent, mature, focused anddominant. He certainly creates a proudimage of an Indian Secret Agent.Agent Arvind is undoubtedly one ofNitya’s finest creations.And now our hero Agent Kabir Garg!His role is to fulfill the tasks assignedto him by his employer Trailblazer. Butall throughout the book, we do notcome across even a single incident ofhis chivalry leave alone any fight-scene. He appears to be a confusedperson more interested in gorgeousgirls than his mission. He seems moreefficient in boudoir skills than hisassignments. We find Agent Kabir as atimid creature always unwilling to doanything and pitying himself. It seemsillogical that why should anorganization like Trailblazer withlimitless resources; appoint a good-for-nothing fellow like Kabir! It seems as ifKabir never underwent any kind of‘Secret Agent’ training conducted byTrailblazer. His confusion of action inacute situations, his ignorance aboutcommon terms and his uncontrollablephysical desires at inappropriatesituations raise doubts whether he isactually a spy or just another pleasureseeking man. In the whole book, AgentKabir doesn’t take even a singledecision except the accident scene ofthe climax. His Boss, Agent Arvindkeeps every situation under his controlfor him. Had Agent Arvind been theprotagonist, Nitya Prakash would havecreated India’s very own secret agent.Scene-craft and NarrationNitya Prakash is undoubtedlymarvellous in scene-crafting. Despitethe poor characterization, excellentscene-craft on a strong plot makes thenovel very much readable. Some of thedialogues really add beauty to theverbal tricks. Here, Nitya Prakashshows his writing skills gained by theexperience from his non-fiction books.Narration is another weak-point of thenovel. At several places, weaknarration fails to elucidate the writinggrace of the situations. However, acontradictory effect is clearly visiblehere also. Narration, in first half of thebook is exhaustive and stands good onthe parameters. But dialoguesdominate in the second half. The mostimportant scene which suffers the lackof narration is the accident scene ofthe anti-climax. Nitya Prakash wrapsup the whole accident in mere twoparagraphs. Lack of clear elucidationshows itself.And to sum up, the most disappointingfact about the novel is – The story ofthe ‘secret’ agent ends ‘secretly’ onceagain in his ‘secret’ bedroom instead ofdetailing the ‘secrets’ of his ‘secret’mission in a ‘secret’ chamber of his‘secret’ organization to his ‘secret’boss!So once again, the novel makes anamazing co-incidence of starting insidea bedroom and also ending into one!Critical ConclusionNitya Prakash is a well-known figure inIndian Literary circles. When theauthor of several books penssomething down, expectations arealways high. Even then, if theloopholes of narration are ignored andthe poor characterization is categorizedas the fictional liberty of the writer,then it can be undoubtedly said that inthis era of immature love-stories, NityaPrakash has certainly done somethingworth appreciation.
  13. 13. Mr. Attitude saysBLOOD SPILLED ALLOVERFirst of all, I am sorry to hurt anyonessentiments here. I am hurt more.Believe me and you are hurt evenmore. Many of you who are readingthis might get to know. I am not hereto please anyone anymore.Sorry, that I lost my uncle in Kashmirinsurgency and a friend of friend inDelhi Bomb Blasts. He was an honestman with a nice wife and lovelychildren. She was beautiful and wasambitious. Neither he nor she knewthat their fate was written with bloodall over. They are two examples. Andmany lie beneath this article. Turn thepage of secular India, the largestdemocracy, with glorified freedom tospeech and expression, flanking theglossy pages more than the dullimplementers, grabbing every eyeballfor the presentation, not for theexecution. I will come to this pointlater.So I was talking about the democracy.Was that a joke, eh right!Sorry to the caretakers of democracysitting in the cabinet in New Delhi, withposh bungalows where food is dumpedeveryday in dustbins. The food whichmight upgrade at least 15% of BPL(Below Poverty Line), if the definitionof BPL is to be believed, well I shouldnot be that apprehensive; I trust you,O definition makers, no better option Ihave.Now I start with the most prominentopening line of English Language.What a fucking joke?????71 conflict, 93 Bomb Blasts, Kargilinsurgency, Attack on Parliament, TajBlasts, and many more toname...................What are those intelligence sourcesdoing over there?After our able officers from Police andDefense arrest these culprits, why thehell we have to serve to the whims ofthem? We keep them in our so calledjails. Better than few five star hotelsacross the country. Why the hell wespend so much money to keep themalive in a country where mainoccupation is agriculture and ironically,so many farmers commit suicide forthe lack of food.This is an open question to HonorablePrime Minister of India. Why we alwayshave to adjust to the cabinetspolitically driven mottoes???????????This is enough. We have endured a lot.I had seen their tears. If you people,the preservers of Constitution (themost perfect according to Dr. B.R.Ambedkar, required so manyamendments in 65 years ofIndependence), don’t care to follow itor read it, how can citizens behaveresponsibly? We are resilient by force,not by nature............Our comfort and luxuries are based ona foundation where blood is spilled allover. Mr. Attitude is apsychedelic writer knownfor writing controversialflames. A geniusmathematician is hisidentity besides being astylish author.
  14. 14. DOWN MEMORYLANEKousik GangopadhyayThe year 2001 and I had just beenposted from the hustle and bustle ofNew Delhi to a remote sleepy town ofUdhampur in J&K. Since I was notallotted a service quarter due to nonavailability I rented a house just off theroad connecting the under constructionUdhampur Railway to station to DharRoad. Every evening a young andenergetic man in the company ofanother middle aged person used tojog towards the railway station andwould come back after 30-40 minutes.He would stare at my house and waveat my son Rommel who was 4 yearsold then. The jogging and wavingtowards my son with a smile continuedfor quite a few days. And whenever Isaw this man I would tell my wife thathis face seems so very familiar yet Icould not recollect any incident relatedto the person. A couple of months hadpassed and the familiar faced man hadstopped crossing my house.One fine morning I wassipping a cup of hot tea along with mycolleagues in our Air Force cafeteriawhen someone came up with a name -Captain Guha. I stopped the personright away and asked him to repeat thename and give a brief description ofthe person he just spoke off. He saidhe was talking of Captain P Guha,Commanding Officer of the TransportCompany of a nearby Army unit. WhenI asked him if he knew his pastbackground, he replied in theaffirmative and said Guha was aTechnician in Indian Air Force beforehe joined the Army for better careeropportunities. A flashback of events ofthe years 1987 and 1988 criss-crossedmy mind when me and Guha weretrainees and posted at Air ForceGround Training School. The man whoused to jog every evening was noneother than my buddy. I wanted to kickmyself on the back. How could I notrecognize my friend, with whom I hadspent so many happy moments, playedpranks with other colleagues, smiledand made others smile when thetraining sessions became too toughand hot to handle.A few days later Iaccidentally came across the man, myfriend, Captain Guha. He was riding ablack Yamaha RX100 bike. He sloweddown on seeing me and asked me"Hows your son?" I asked – “Are youPrasenjit Guha?” Prompt came thereply. ****** “So it took you thismuch time to recognize me!” I felt verysheepish. I said – “You too did notidentify yourself.” He was arrogant. Hesaid – “I was as usual trying to playpranks. But I thought you wereavoiding me maybe because now youhave a family.” I apologized and said –“Hey friend, please forgive me. It wasa grave error on my part.” I invitedhim to have tea with us in the evening.He promised to come and we partedways.I purchased samosas, sweets from thebest sweet shop in the city andreturned home. I told my wife that Ihad met an old buddy and he will becoming to our place for tea. I was veryexcited and was waiting impatiently forthe arrival of my friend. Shortly heturned up and started playing with myson. We talked a lot of the past. Hehad not married and he was avolunteer to serve in J&K. So most ofhis tenure was in J&K and he knew thestate like the back of his hand. As thetime came to bid him good bye heinvited me for lunch at his officialresidence the next Sunday.The next Sunday when Ireached the main guard room of hisunit along with my family and said thatI wanted meet Captain Guha, I wasgiven a warm welcome by the sentry.He called up on the intercom and said" Sahab apke mehman pahuch gayehaiN. Andar bhej dooN ?“ Anotherperson escorted me to his residence.He greeted us with a warm smile. Hisaccommodation was a two roomground floor flat nested on the lap of ahilly slope, very well decorated withorchids and flowers. In the midst ofour conversation and joking he left fora few minutes for answering a phonecall and subsequently he went for abath. His batman and his driver weregiving us company. The best thing thattouched me was his driver and hisbatmen were like his family members.Suddenly his driver asked, "Sahab aaphamare sahab ko kab se jante haiN?” Ireplied – “1987 se.” “Kya aap ke sathsahab ka tab se sampark haiN?” I said– “nahiN bich me kuch saal hum alagalag the.” He said – “Hamara sahabinsaaN nahin Bhagwan haiN. Bhagwanbhi apne bando se itna pyar nahiNkarte haiN sahab jitna hamse kartehaiN. Sahab hamesha khatron sekhelte haiN. Unko kuch ho gaya tohum anath ho jayenge.” As Guha cameback we had to draw curtains to ourconversation. Guha called me from hisdressing room and said give me a fewmore minutes. I will change my clothes
  15. 15. and then we can have lunch. I saidfine. Make it fast as I was feelinghungry and the aroma of the foodcoming from the kitchen was makingus hungrier. As he was taking toomuch time to change over I shouted athim and went into his dressing room. Iwas surprised to see my friendstanding with folded hands in front of aphoto of goddess Kali with just a wettowel wrapped around his waist. Istood there spellbound. The man whohad no faith in God was praying. Theroom was filled with smoke of incensestick. I stood there quietly.It must have been around15-20 minutes that he prayed. Barebodied with a wet towel in freezingtemperature I thought that wassuperhuman. As he finishedworshipping and turned around I saw along scar starting around his left waistand ending near his right chest criss-crossing his body. “Whats this?” Iasked. “Nothing serious. Just a scarleft behind by an accident” - was hisprompt reply. I did not buy his part ofthe argument. In the meantime hechanged over to a jeans and T shirt.We had lunch punched with a lot offun and jokes. But the scar wasbothering me. What is it? I had toknow the truth. My friend wasconcealing facts. I struck upon a plan.I knew Guha will never reveal. I willhave to coax his driver to know hisfact.One day I got theopportunity and this is what his driverhad to say... –One fine winter morning my sahabalong with another sahab, a radiooperator and a driver set out forsome official job for Poonch in aGypsy. On the way their vehiclewas ambushed by terrorists firingindiscriminately from both sides ofthe road. All of them were hit bybullets. After the firing stopped,sahab badly hit tried to take stockof the situation. He wanted to callthe base over the radio but it wasbadly damaged. All three werelying in pools of blood withmultiple bullet injuries. Forgettingabout his own welfare, sahab tookover the steering and startingspeeding away from the scene.Seeing the vehicle moving theterrorists started firing again.Sahab somehow managed to bringthe vehicle to a BSF camp around10-12 kms away from the spot. Hetold the doctor on duty to attendto his three colleagues. Once theywere stretchered inside, he lay onthe floor and requested the doctorto treat his wounds. His shirt wasdrenched in blood. On removinghis shirt and belt it was found thata bullet had entered his lowerstomach and exited through hischest. His intestines had spilledout of his stomach. He wasimmediately shifted to theemergency ward and operatedupon. The doctor was surprisedand shocked to see his tenacity. Aman whose intestines werethrown out of his ripped openstomach drove a jeep and broughthis injured colleagues home andnever said I too am injured. Myfriend Guha survived the attackbut the other three could not.That day he realized thatit was the Almighty who saved him.That’s how he became a worshipper ofGoddess Kali. I was speechless for afew minutes. My heart was filled withawe and respect for my friend. Once Itried to speak to him on the incidenthe played down the matter saying"Yaar fauji hooN yeh sab zindagi kahissa haiN. Maine sirf insaniyat ka farzada kiya haiN. Apne bandoN ki janbachane ki koshish ki hai. That’s all ".Today my friend is married and hastwo pretty children and is posted atArmy Headquarters as a LieutenantColonel. We exchange notes onFacebook and once in a while talk overthe phone. His wry and naughty smilealways reminds me of that incident. Kousik Gangopadhyay is anex-defense personnelpresently working withState Bank of India. Hehonoured us by acceptingour request to share his realexperiences of Air-Force lifein ‘Down Memory Lane’section of Branwyn.
  16. 16. Mr. Incandescent speaks…Discontentmentdis·con·tent /diskənˈtent/(Noun)- 1.Lack of contentment; dissatisfactionwith ones circumstances. 2. A personwho is dissatisfied, typically with theprevailing social or political situation.Worth the definition, because that isone word that runs the risk of endingas the most misrepresented word ofmodern times. Unfortunately, it doesnot offer itself to intellectualinterpretations of high orders. Itsmisuse does not face resistanceamongst the class of our society thatproclaims itself as the torch bearers ofthought process that we exhibit at thiscritical and transformational juncture inour history.Cynicism. Pessimism. Even Vandalism.The existence in these oft repeatedwords in the same context insult thesanctity of the distant etymologicalrelative which belongs to the samepedigree but may be regarded safelyto be too distant to exhibit anyconsiderable characteristic similar tothe others, though at times theexpression of each find vent in actionsthat look similar at the surface. Andyet, in the era when we deem self-centeredness the synonym of “focus”,it is the gross lack of discontent that isthe cause of not just the all-prevailingdecadence that is spreading itstentacles through the minutest ofcrevices, but is also the cause ofencouragement for all parasites thatthrive on the indifference of masses.Although now apparently a futileexercise, diligent discourses related tothe subject will reveal that discontentis not just the manifestation of socialstigmas playing on public opinion, itmight well have the elements of thepanacea which history waits for.History will teach us that all path-breaking achievements of societieswere but the result of unrest againstprevailing norms.History also renders itself to thecreation of an axiom that patriotismessentially finds its roots in unrest.However, it will also tell us thatpatriotism for some is “revolt” forothers. Herein lies the debatableoxymoron; in our attempt to objectifythat which is essentially subjective, wetend to lose the essence and whatremains thereby is a mere corpse ofthe subject we chose to discuss.Pardon the circumlocution I displayhere. For want of a better explanation,let’s confine ourselves only to thesubject at hands.The degree to which we are ‘good’ or‘bad’ is entirely dependent on whomwe compare ourselves with. There isno denying that the masses in thecountry experience both unrecordedprosperity (going by recent history),and a positive outlook that wasvirtually non-existent in the post-independent India. Therefore we havecome a long way. Also, despite thehuman tendency of exaggeratingevents that occur in one’s lifetime andconsidering them more important thanthey merit, it may be assumed that weas Indians face times that are bothcritical and decisive. Norms are beinglaid, that shall have repercussions inthe days to come. A proud culturalheritage is seeing a transformationnever witnessed anywhere in thehistory of humanity. It is thus vital thatat this juncture, a clear definitiontowards the acceptability and thepossible treatment of these essentiallysubjective matters is laid down in afluid form.Somehow, however, it is only ourfuture that remains to be “bright”.Somehow, that future just eludes uslike a mirage, but never isolates us.Let us face it. The Indian society livesin silos confined by water-tightcompartments that differentiate usfrom the other members of our own
  17. 17. society. The advent of the moderncommunication promises to challengeour fences. We have inherited much,but we have for long taken pridebasking in the glory of the mediocritythat we seem to perpetually accept forourselves. We have a heritage that isunparalleled elsewhere in the world.However, decadence of our ownheritage has accumulated not in theform of a hillock but in the form of amountain.And the only befitting analogy that Imay offer here, for want of bettercreativity (sincere apologies yet again!)is that of discontent being an essentialcatalyst that may help the decadenceturn to the compost that may (MAY!)help progress plummet above thedecadence like a shoot, promising tobe the harbinger of a better future.Happily, the decentralization ofinformation processing that is nowimminent promises to arm us withpotent weapons of intellectuality, asbroadcasting one’s view and reachingout becomes easier for most of us.Not-so-happily, in the era when theempires are built with intellect andoperate within intellect, it is alarmingthat we still have brokers and wieldersof intellectual thought processes. Mostof our society remains to be powerlessin originating and pioneering theflourishing of ‘thoughts systems’ (if wemay call it that). A rather alarmingsituation in a diverse society that iscoming to terms with itself.Remember, the lack of discontentamongst us may not so much be aresult of the progressive outlook as itmay be of that stupor that thoseprivileges and lethal few, who controlour thoughts, impose upon us.A brighter future has always beckonedus. And it is difficult to say that it hasalways eluded us. But we do not comeforth as an ambitious lot. Never inhistory.Thus, let us begin by amending anelementary flaw that we depict in allarguments that relates our society. Acommon agreement that all looselyformed groups reach when discussingall contentious societal issues is thatnothing changes with their “tensionlene se”. Let us begin withacknowledging that to be the bloodand spleen of all patriotism, discontentand progress…the humble “tensionlene se”.That is more that everything that I hadto say.If this does not bring out enoughdisagreements within you, I don’t knowif the purpose of the above argumentsis defeated (because it brings forth nodiscontent), or does it accentuate thegross lack of discontent within ourpeople? Mr. Incandescent is a soulnever at peace. But onceyou ignore his self-proclaimed megalomaniawith fallacies, you discoverthat he stores double-foldsthan what he actuallyspeaks out. Adoor fromDhanbad, he lives in NewDelhi and works in Tecnova.
  18. 18. OH MY GOD…!A chartered accountant by profession and a writer by passion, seniorwriter Veralotty Rengasamy alias R. Sridhar have created a specialimpact on readers. The way he handles serious subjects on lightnotes leave no room in readers’ mind to let any contradictorythought float in. Writing in several languages creates his differentimage among modern day writers. Ultimate faith on Almighty is thecommon thread which connects all his stories and novels.With his latest release “OH MY GOD”, Mr. Rengasamy is once againall set to surprise the Indian readers with flawless flow of stories.Oh My God! This is not a novel but a collection of short storiesstrung together in a garland of love. All the stories lie in thewonderland that is beyond fiction and non-fiction. The book has 51chapters; each a story or a poem. There is no link between thechapters except the common thread of love. You can read anychapter at random.So is this book unputdownable? Absolutely not! I am afraid afterreading every story you’ll have to necessarily put it down to let theimpact sink in. But I promise you that you’ll surely take up the bookagain. Again and again! Do you know that Mr. Rengasamy wascalled as a bad accountant by the co-coordinator of this project? TheDTP man asked for the price he was going to fix. He gave him afigure and stuck to it. When the script went to the Co-coordinator hecalled him up shout at him. the conversation went like this -- “Sridhar Sir, are you an accountant or what?”- “Yes, boss. I am.”- “I strongly doubt it.”- “Do you want to see my CA certificate? It’s more thanthirty years old. But tell me why this sudden doubt?”- “You published “Love All” last year. It had 336 pages andyou priced it at Rs.300. This one, “Oh My God!” has 464pages. You have opted for the expensive book-print paperwhich is going to cost you a bomb. You should have priced itat least at Rs.450. Or you could have at least retained theold price of Rs.300. You’ve opted for Rs.200 which isridiculous.”- “I am not a publisher. I am more anxious in spreading Hislove than in making money. I am not going to market itthrough book shops. I am going to sell it to my friends. OMGmay not sell as hot cakes. But I am sure whosoever buys itwill read it. And whosoever reads it will love it. What morecan a writer want?”The Co-ordinator was not convinced. But Veralotty Rengasamy was.Some books are read to benefit our souls. “OH MY GOD” byVeralotty Rengasamy is one of them.
  19. 19. Amateur ScribblesBeauty in Disguise“Oh my God what a surprise!This unreal world is full ofSuch beautiful things; they enticeI wonder how you planned it allalone,Oh, ‘Thee’, it’s been so beautifulTo deliver us the best;At the right moment our prime need.Whatever may be around us,It’s a beautiful life indeed…I really do want to see your visionI really do want to understand yourthoughtI really do want to feel your palm,I too wanna play a small part…”JUST WIDEN YOUR FIELD OF VISIONMY BOY,YOU WILL CERTAINLY VISUALIZESOME FORM OF ART AT THIS CORNEROR THE NEXTA BEAUTIFUL THING IS IN DISGUISEI KNOW MY BOY, THIS WORLD ISNOT,WHAT IT USED TO BE,NOW IT IS FULL OF HATRED, MALICEAND SPITE,DEVIL HAS HOMED IN THE HEART OFMEN RULING THEIR HEAD,YET MY BOY, KEEP YOUR HOPESALIVE,INTERIM OF ALL THESE EVIL THINGS,YOU WILL FIND A THING OFDELIGHT.AMIDST THE FLOWERS, AMONG THETREES,IN WATER, IN SAND AND INMOUNTAIN BREEZE..DO NOT OVERLOOK, DO NOT CURSEIT, DO NOT EVER CRITICIZE,I, WITH PRECISION, HAVE SENT YOUMY ALLBEAUTIFUL THINGS IN DISGUISE- Roshan KumarPatna, BiharI’m Awake-Dreams do that to peopleI may not have words, but for sure Ihave a precise, undaunted feeling,that I know your emotions. Theemotion in motion inside your heartthat goes every night from light todark. And you may not say but youvelost your dreams. And that is whatkeeps me awake.I see so many dreamers, and yet nodreams. And a day she told me todream less. To be in my boundariesand know my limits. To know that Icannot dream what’s not happeningto be. And I was a fool. I felt thewords not of my own. And I stoppedthere and became one of the mob.Just like everyone there. Just like thepeople who say they have dreams,and to complete those dreams theysleep whole nights.To ask oneself what dream you havenow, is a hard job. To ask what areyou running for, and to know that allwas worth it. I may sound kiddie. Butask yourself your last dream, and theone right now. The dream whichbrought you here, and the dreamwhich left you nowhere. And youllsay I had one, and I have one. Ohh !Very nice. Yes you do have one. Adream coated with the blanket ofnight and glued to the pillow of yourbed. A dream of dreamers. A dreamso true that it comes and goes everynight. And every morning you wakeup and wait for it to come back.And I felt a day, my dreams were notthat futile. They pinned me wholenight. I wanted to know, so I readevery morning, I wanted to write so Iwrote every evening. To say that Imtoo small for my dreams is likerejecting my own love proposal tomyself. And respecting ones dreamsis respecting themselves. Others mayfind you not that tempting. But youknow you are just perfect foryourself.And I answered her, I may not knowthat the value of my heart, the valueof my efforts. But I know the value ofmy dreams. A professor of mine toldme that you end up in 70s when youdream of 90s. So why not to dream ofmoon. Maybe you think it’s too out ofmy reach but it’s my dream.Dreams don’t come true when westart walking, they do when we startdreaming. It’s not a dream ofdreamers, it comes and stays. It staysforever. It may take time, a lot morethan expected. But that’s the beautyof victorys eve. And my dreams aremine. I always had some which keptme awake. And I have one. And Illalways have one.And you read all that with “I” on yourtongue. It’s not so difficult, to try tobelieve, to try not to give up ondreams. Your respect is from yourdreams. If you don’t have one, thensearch. If you have, then don’t just sitand see. There is always somethingthis “I” can do for dreams. And I
  20. 20. cannot sleep with dreams in myheart. And that is what keeps meawake.- Manu Lahariya- IIT KharagpurScene Seen, Seen Sin & Sin SceneEither we illude or delude,What matters is how we elude,But truth remains truth,And lie remains lie,Nothing but everything changes,As change is inevitable,So the world diary is full of,Simple truth and tough bluff,Pure purgation or completecontamination,This is all that lies in world animation,Perhaps if I change topic,And try to describe human logic,That’s how it goes,A story of sin and scenery it shows,Thousands thorns of thrilling thunder,Becomes brighter in beautifulblunder,Long back when world began,And there was no man,Flora and fauna alone showedfascination,The sky was full of marbleimagination,Water flowed freely as a song,Land lighted largely long,The flaring flowers floweredflawlessly,Dear dreams danced endlessly,Stars sneaked sharp silence,Preys presented powerful presence,Lovely leaves lingered lightly,Seas shimmered super silently,Gods glanced grounds with gaze,Colorful clouds crawled in a craze,Midnight magic of monsoon moon,Nervy notion of novelty noon,Incredulous insight of inert indolence,Beautiful beauty of blindbenevolence,All awesome aspirations aligned,In a cool and courteous mind,Until one day God made humans,And that’s when God created disaster,Because beaming beauty was outside,And wicked and greedy heart wasinside,Every peace was turned to violence,So there was no good andbenevolence,The world we are living in,Is today, 99 percent sin,Sin on seeing beautiful scene,Of how kind the nature has been,Because nature’s nature is kindness,And ours is surely the rashness,So if I demand to get back,Move back and set back,And give me all the beauties,I mentioned 18 lines above,In my poem,Can the powerful humans give me?- Vaibhav Varun- Katni, Madhya Pradesh[Branwyn is dedicated to support andencourage every that person wholoves to read and write.If you love writing, then do not waitto send your articles, be it anything –fiction, non-fiction, poem etc., [Indian residentsonly]Once selected, your articles will bepublished in this ‘Amateur Scribbles’section of BRANWYN.BRANWYN will be giving cash prizesto every selected entry for ‘AmateurScribbles’ from its upcoming Mayissue.]
  21. 21. Brannyn Short storyMen, Boys and BeastsHer eyes started drippingsimultaneously with the clouds,making a perfect rhythm of harmonybetween the raindrops and the tears.For all these days, she had beenshouting, jumping and chirpingaround – “He is my MAN! He is myMAN! He is my MAN!”But at the end of the day, she realizedthat he was just another BOY!A mild shower had ended and hertears also dried up. She was stillthere.After spending a brief but thoughtfulpause, the student of AgricultureScience took out her scrapbookscribbled down few unintentional andunsolicited words –“They say that women are in danger.They say that one day there would beno women. How wrong they are!There is no threat to women. Actuallyplanet earth is facing the dearth ofMEN. MEN, these days, are hard tofind. They have already becomeendangered species. If proper stepswould not be taken to save them,MEN would become extinct speciesand our planet earth will only have,either BOYS or BEASTS.”- Written by Sneha Gupta[Branwyn invites short stories forpublication. The entries should be sent tosneha@branwyn.inCheck the announcement box for details.]
  22. 22. Miss Angela’s WorldOnce I’d read one of Sri Ravishankar’s preaching.He said,”If someone tells us that s/he loves us,we ask, “Really?” We don’t believe him/her. Butif someone tells us that s/he hates us; we neverdoubt. We believe it at once.”I liked this theory much because I’m also like thisonly. I find it hard to believe that someone lovesme but easily accept someone’s hatred.There’s one more thing I want to add here. Thething is that we find it very easy to express if wehate something or someone. We don’t feeluncomfortable in saying “I hate you.” But manypeople don’t even know how to say “I love you.”Though they really feel it & very desperatelywant to say it; they find themselves unable toconvey it.The question is why. Why do we feel shy aboutsaying the nice things?We’re taught everywhere that if we see anythingwrong, we should raise our voice. But we’reseldom taught that if see something nice; weshould admire it. By praising the things, wewon’t only do well to that thing only; it wouldbenefit ourselves as well.See, everything in the world has two aspects.One can see beauty in a thing while other cansee dirt in the same thing. Now, if the personwho thinks the thing is beautiful keeps mum &admire it silently and the other who finds thatthing ugly & say it aloud; what would happen?The thing would not survive. Because beauty ifnot admired loses its essence.This theory applies to the human being also. Ifno one says that s/he loves us & many say thatthey hate us; we start thinking that we’reworthless. We start dying bit by bit. So, if youlove someone … anyone… your parents, siblingor friend and don’t want to lose them; say itnow. Don’t wait. Don’t hesitate. Because weneed to learn to accept love & we can do it bylearning to express it first.Now before ending it here, let me expressmyself. Let me say it now that I love you all… Miss Angela wants to remain unseen andunknown. Yet she waits to see if anybodycould discover her.
  23. 23. Celebrity Speaks : Ishita BhownAuthor of ToGetHer, Ishita Bhown stands true on the parameters of‘beauty with brain’. A sensitive female and a curious artist, tag herpersona. She obliges Branwyn with her guest article about “Loveand Life”Love and life..!The two words that form the very core of existence! Thewords that sum up every little action, every thought andevery feeling that can ever be imagined. The words weuse frequently yet are never able to perceive completely.The words which are understood by every living creature,yet all have their own unclear definitions.For me, life is all about spreading love...and love is allabout finding a reason to live.Both are the wheels that need proper balancing to takeyou though the journey along the years spent on earth.While most people define love as the intricate emotion,that gives goosebumps, the feeling that makes oneexhilarated, send butterflies in the stomach and like themovies, the person is in an altogether different world,the world of joyful ecstasy; for me, love is a little morethan that. It is the feeling of being connected, the joy ofsharing, the sense of responsibility and the pleasurederived in caring. Love is not what happens once ortwice; but with many people and at many times. Love isnot just what is between the lovers, but also betweenfriends and well wishers. It is something that makes youfeel good about yourself and makes your life happier.Life, as I see it, is like a journey on an unseenunexplored road. The road, which itself is full ofsurprises. We meet many people in this eventful journey,some just touch and leave, while others stay toaccompany for longer durations. Life is full of beautifulmoments, and just like various patches on road..The lifetoo has rough patches, moments where we cannot seeany destination, moments where we are faced withcrossroads and have to choose between the paths. Witheach path, there is a risk of losing some old people, yet ahope of meeting newer acquaintances, facing newerchallenges and moving on..Life always moves times straight and clear, attimes blur and misty.. But there is a charm in every stepwe take, every day we live..Our duty lies only in finding the inner peace, through thepeople we meet, the love we feel and the life we live.Happiness and contentment shall follow.Live life, Love life! Thanks for being with us, Ishita! Branwyn family wishes you best ofluck in all your future prospects.
  24. 24. Secret Agent QuixoteConservative case, Outstanding outcome :Sneha Gupta[Yaa, you got it right! I am gonnaspeak about my BOSS!]Sneha Gupta.. Accounts Assistant with SBI,Founder/Director/Editor at Branwyn and ofcourse one of the upcoming leading writersof India (Well.. To be honest I have hardlyread any book of hers by far..)I had to put a little pressure on my brillianthead to know actually Who Sneha Guptais.??Some writers hardly exist for me..So talking about what kind of girl sheis..???Being a modern writer of todays ModernWorld she has no relation with the wordcalled MODERN..She is like those lady freedom fighters whohave a lot of spark in them but dressed uplike any other "Bhartiya Naari"Well.. Sneha falls in that genre of girls whobelieve (she is the only girl actually) thatbrain is the king and beauty is the queen..Not to forget this is a Male DominatingWorld. So king is the superior power andqueen is just an eye candy..And she hates being a candy.. (I wonder ifshe ever had a CANDY in her life)Covering her maximum body parts with thenot so well fitting Salwaar Kameez (whicheven my 45 years old Mother has quitwearing) she is a typical Indian Girl by allmeans..But Yes I do like the commitment she hasfor her work.. If she had shown the samecommitment for love.. I am sure she wouldhave been flooded with MarriageProposals.. (and her mother wouldn’t haveto worry about her marriage.. Oops In herlanguage Vivaah)And when the point of showing off comes Ithink she is not at all a Show Off, in fact acompletely grounded girl..Well.. What she has to show off about..??Those 80s century looks or those not sopopular books she wrote..??Actually she is so much occupied with herwork, not to forget writing seven bookssimultaneously..(Man that need Guts!)THEN WHO WOULD HAVE THE TIME TOSOCIALISE..???But still to keep in mind she does her bestto reply back to maximum people she can..(if she is left with any time from her booksbooks and yes only books)"You never know what attitude I amwearing behind my innocent smile"This phrase suits quite well on this GirlNext Door Sneha Gupta..Going through her facebook updates onething I can easily make out is that Don’ttake this sweet Lass so casualy..She is like a big dynamite, who will burneverybody once exploded..Least interested in going good with Boysand much more interested in insultingthem, this Girl is absolutely Daring Byheart..In This Era of "PDA" (PUBLIC DISPLAY OFAFFECTION) Sneha actually is like a dropof water in the dry desert..Yes readers you guessed it right! she is notinterested in dating any BOY.. (Boys Youare Saved..!)On a serious note when I deeply studiedher life, I realized that She is Waiting forthat one Man in her life for whom she canquit writing and will drown in his Sea ofLove (It will save million readers outthere..) Hold on that was just a PoorJoke..!!!!She indeed is that "ONE MAN TYPEWOMAN" for whom she can be possessiveand loving..(Time for an Awwwwwww)Finally this Dumb writer has some romanticside in her life..!!!But right now the only love in her life is"WRITING"After investigating so much about thisversatile COW.. I am definitely going totrouble myself by reading at least one bookof hers (No no no Not TWO PLEASE)In simple words Sneha Gupta is a ModernWorld Meena Kumari..OK guys, see ya in next issue, if I AMNOT FIRED BY MY BOSS@BRANWYNSneha Gupta… Agent Quixote is Branwyn’s secretagent hired to do the leg-pullingof authors.Disclaimer – The ‘Agent Quixote’ section of Branwynis meant only for ‘healthy humour’. Articles publishedunder this section should not be taken seriously orpersonally. Branwyn does not intend to hurt anybody.This section of Branwyn gets handled by the writeracting as Agent Quixote and is totally free ofEditor/Director’s control.
  25. 25. (A)Branwyn will be publishing shortstories from its May issue. Shortstory writers are invited to submittheir stories. Every published storywill win a cash prize of INR 1000/-.Following is the guideline forsubmission:1. The story should be originaland should not violate anycopyright issue.2. Stories should not contain anyvulgar content.3. There will a time-span of 6months between consideringentries from the same writer.4. Any writer found violating thecopyright issue or indulged inplagiarism will be bannedfrom Branwyn forever andhe/she will be condemnedpublicly in Branwyn’s comingissues.5. Stories should be precise notexceeding 200 words.6. Branwyn holds the sole rightof accepting or rejecting thestories and also the time-to-time changes in the T&C. Noclarification will be madefrom Branwyn’s part in thisregard.7. Writers are requested to sendtheir stories in a word filewith their small pictures,name, location andcompany/college name. They8.BranwynAnnouncements :are requested to copy thefollowing declaration in theemail :I,…..[name]…., s/o / d/o / w/o……..[guardian’s name]……,hereby declare that,a) The story titled ………[titleof your story]….., which Iam submitting in monthlymagazine Branwyn hasbeen written by me and itis my original piece ofwork.b) It does not violate anycopyright issue and is freefrom plagiarism.c) It is a fictional work ofcreative imagination and I,by no means intend tohurt anybody’s personalemotions.d) If my work is foundviolating any copyrightissue, then I am solelyresponsible for it and notBranwyn.Send your entries of Branwyn’s February Quizcontest are:1. Shilpa – New Delhi2. Suraj – Patna3. Deepthi – ThiruchirapalliUnfortunately, none of thecontestants could send 100%percent correct answers. Therefore,we selected the winners with thehighest number of correct answers.We are withdrawing Quiz Contestsfrom this issue and will beintroducing several other segmentsfrom the coming issues.To know more about them stayconnected on our facebook fanpageand our website www.branwyn.inFeel free to write[Branwyn contests are open forIndian residents only.]
  26. 26. Editor Sneha says…Friends, first of all let me thank you a ton for all thosenumerous feedbacks and reviews for mine and yours“Branwyn”. It is only you people’s support and Lord Krishna’sgrace that Branwyn gained the record readership of 4,00,000people across the world. Thanks a lot!I have taken concern of all your suggestions and improvedBranwyn as per your expectations. Still, as they say, someshortcomings are inevitable. You are most welcome to dragmy attention towards the areas of improvement. I am eagerlywaiting for your feedback on this March issue so that I couldimprove Branwyn more and more.Friends, since Branwyn is my magazine, it would be injustice ifI am not allowed to talk about my own books in my very ownmagazine. So, let me steal a few lines to talk about my debutbook “For what you are…” which confirmed me as a writer.“For what you are…” was my latest story which got publishedas my first book. By the time it got published, I had half dozendiaries with me which were full of suspense, thriller and horrorstories written by myself.“For what you are…” is a story of mistakes, misdeeds,misconceptions, misinterpretations… and being loved for allthat. I have sketched the story of a typical north-Indiansociety. And guess what? I have been very harsh onphilosophies all throughout the book. Still I maintained aperfect rhythm of love and friendship in it.It was initially a heart-breaking tragedy but I changed thewhole plot on my friends’ suggestions which proved to bebeneficial for me.It was an autobiographical account of life’s wisdom through ateenager’s eyes. There was an attempt to decipher thecontexts of idealism, practicality and diplomacy which Irepresented through three different males. Avinash was anidealist, Rishi was practical and Shekhar was a diplomat. Thecentral figure Snigdha, was close to all three guys and shewith her little brain tried to discover the secret to be happyalways.There were a lot of characters in the book and I chose everysingle character to represent the different shades of human’spersona. The book did really well and got me several awardsincluding a felicitation by the State Govt. of Bihar. I was giventhe “Pride of Vaishali” award by Cabinet Minister Shri NandKishore Yadav. Felicitations followed in various schools andcolleges including the prestigious JNV, Vaishali.So this was how my dreams got wings and I finally decided tostart my journey. Branwyn is a pleasant happening of themoment and with you people as companions it is going to bethe most pleasant journey ever.