Effective marketing for the owner Managed Business


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Need a boost to your Marketing Activities? Here are some things you can do that will highlight, with crystal clarity, exactly what you should be doing.

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Effective marketing for the owner Managed Business

  1. 1. Effective Marketing for theOwner Managed Businessthe Snap guide to BS-Free marketing …… ………that works! www.snap-marketing.co.uk
  2. 2. How to make your marketingreally effective• Its all about ……• REALLY BASIC common sense!• And starts with your target customer and his needs• And you do it BEFORE – you design a new website (or re-design your old one) – or produce an outbound email – or postcard campaign – or produce a brochure – or anything else …. www.snap-marketing.co.uk
  3. 3. Product Positioning• You need to feel the pain!• Convert your product offering into – Customer needs – Not product attributes• Introducing the “SO WHAT” test• Lets look at a real example www.snap-marketing.co.uk
  4. 4. Product Positioning• Electronics Client – with some great new technology– “Our new patented active PA system has a frequency response of 100Hz to 10kHz, is rated at 1000 watts RMS and, using neodymium drivers, plays out through these really cool Flat Speakers that have Corex panels” SO WHAT! www.snap-marketing.co.uk
  5. 5. Product Positioning• Lets flip this around from PRODUCT oriented ….• And look at the NEEDS of the target consumer www.snap-marketing.co.uk
  6. 6. Product Positioning – define thepain Target market“Many traveling professional musicians need high quality PA equipment that they are familiar with and trust.“Equipment at venues is of variable quality which means that musicians tend to take their own gear which up to now has been based on bulky, heavy, traditional technology or they make do with the venue’s gear and suffer the potential consequences to their reputation. The PAIN“Our new, patented active PA system has high power and superb clarity, performing at least as good as Brand X (the benchmark competitor). Differentiator“BUT weighing in at only 10lbs per speaker means that the whole system can be carried in a small bag in the back of a saloon car rather than a The benefit van.” www.snap-marketing.co.uk
  7. 7. Core Proposition• Target market – Who you are looking for• What pain they feel – What they will be search for• What you offer – BUT in their eyes• How this solves their pain You then use this Core Proposition in ALL of your marketing communications www.snap-marketing.co.uk
  8. 8. Product Positioning Exercise• Exercise www.snap-marketing.co.uk
  9. 9. The Marketing Plan• Objectives – Quantified – Analysis of past performance• State the Value proposition and the benefits that accrue• Identify the target market• Brand identity and Niche• 5-10 marketing tactics – That worked – That you want to try – With expected outcome• Set a budget• Example www.snap-marketing.co.uk
  10. 10. The Marketing Calendar• Drives your whole commercial activity – Set it up – Stick to it• Monitor what meetings you generate – By activity• Use Landing Pages to track website traffic from – Emails – Postcards – Other• Example Marketing Calendar www.snap-marketing.co.uk
  11. 11. Some great marketing ideas that work www.snap-marketing.co.uk
  12. 12. Free Marketing Audit• Takes 5-10 minutes• Go with you first thought• Be honest and try not to mark everything in the middle!• Will identify areas for improvement• Example of output www.snap-marketing.co.uk
  13. 13. • Thank you!To download all the materials from this seminar,visit the Snap Marketing Blogor follow this linkhttp://www.snap-marketing.co.uk/blog/marketing/business-expo-download-materials/Find us at www.snap-marketing.co.uk www.snap-marketing.co.uk