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The season of nice soaking rain is upon us, and as much as nice soaking is debatable, we can not ignore the transformation of new growth in nature; rain being nourishing and satisfying to plants. A new season of the year displaying.
SmilingOne steps from one financial year into the next; many new seeds were planted; the ripple effects touched thousands. We have had the privilege of seeing many people becoming aware of their path.

Our Autumn edition invites you learn more about our ‘Change Agents in the making’ and the ‘Gentle Giants’ inside SA Prisons; our Nyanga Youth Project and Ivy Nyovane renovation Launch... just to mention a few of our unifying adventures within our communities.

Let us enjoy the season and the teaching, the moistening of the soil in our inner garden where seeds are planted. Enjoy Turquoise – the fourth edition.

Love Franklin

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  1. 1. Turquois The SmilingOne Foundation MONTHLY NEWSLETTER Autumn Season Edition 2014
  2. 2. Our Values LOVE In our experience of Love we find ourselves in a place of unconditional sharing, holding no judgment or expectation. As we embrace Love within, we embrace Love in ALL. LEARNING We enjoy the process of learning. We are Students and Explorers of life, widening our horizon and adding to our portfolio. ADDING VALUE We enjoy adding value to individuals and whole communities. Adding value to the human potential is a privilege and assists the process of building bridges, breaking down the most resistant walls. ONENESS We believe in UNIQUENESS and UNITY. ‘It is about understanding oneself and the role one plays in the bigger ‘puzzle of life’ - the greater purpose. On one hand being tiny compared to the whole – teaching us humbleness – and on the other being highly valuable as each piece of the puzzle is of inestimable value to the wholeness – teaching us worthiness.’ INTEGRITY We enjoy working with our clients and each other openly, honestly and sincerely. We walk the talk and deliver what we promise. OUR ENVIRONMENT We care deeply for our environment and inspire change by our own living example
  3. 3. OUR APPROACH Prisons Western Cape Re-Integration ‘Trial & Support’ Youth, Family, Communi ty, Schools.. Job Creation Unlocking Potential Entrepreneurship Personal Valuebased LeadershipSustainable Livelihoods Peer Friend Process Change Agents In the making Utilizing the Potential © 2014 SmilingOne THE CIRCLE OF CHANGE
  4. 4. Content FOREWORD Letter from the CEO OUR SUPPORT NETWORK 3.COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT OUR PROJECTS Nyanga Development Program 1.YOUTH AT RISK Ivy Nyovane Educare Launch Ivan’s COC Activation 4.SKILLS DEVELOPMENT 2.REINTEGRATION Malmesbury COC Workshop SA Prisons – Change Agents in the Making Jonathan’s PBP Journey Our Annual General Meeting FUTURE PROJECTS AND EVENTS OUR FAMILY CONTENT
  5. 5. Letter from Franklin’sdesk The season of nice soaking rain is upon us, and as much as nice soaking is debatable, we can not ignore the transformation of new growth in nature; rain being nourishing and satisfying to plants. A new season of the year displaying. SmilingOne steps from one financial year into the next; many new seeds were planted; the ripple effects touched thousands. We have had the privilege of seeing many people becoming aware of their path. Our Autumn edition invites you learn more about our ‘Change Agents in the making’ and the ‘Gentle Giants’ inside SA Prisons; our Nyanga Youth Project and Ivy Nyovane renovation Launch… just to mention a few of our unifying adventures within our communities. Let us enjoy the season and the teaching, the moistening of the soil in our inner garden where seeds are planted. Enjoy Turqouise – the fourth edition. Love Franklin FOREWORD
  6. 6. Letter from the CEO What an incredible season in our foundation… a season of celebration and honouring those who have committed themselves to their heart! A commitment that reflects in what we as a Foundation, as a collective – have achieved in 2013/14. I am really proud to walk hand in hand with each one of you. Proud because I know that the journey of the heart is not always an easy one, it is so easy to misunderstand what we meet on our path and then default back into our old patterns and comfort zones. Our results reflect incredible courage of special souls who have dared greatly to challenge those beliefs and invited opportunity to both shape and grow into living a life with purpose and inspire so many others while doing this! I feel so lucky to personally walk this journey and to bring COC Education to you. Each day I am inspired to go deeper within which always takes me a step further beyond. Thank you for visiting and for listening. May you enjoy our newsletter, as always shaped with love by Change Agent Franklin Esau! Love & Gratitude Karina WE UNLOCK POTENTIAL THROUGH CIRCLE OF CHANGE ACTIVATIONS
  7. 7. TOGETHER IS BETTER! We establish and nurture relationships with existing and new partners in community building. We all own a share in the shaping of a healthy society! Sponsors 2014/15 Sponsors monthly: GM Childlife - RUC -Dave Thorpe–Aslam Bava -David Watson Sporadic sponsors Karen Sorbo & Francelino Zau, Shawn McGee, Koos & Ilse van Niekerk, Robin Ropp Sohnen, Howard Rosenberg, anonymous. OURSUPPORTNETWORK
  8. 8. OUR PROJECTS – YOUTH AT RISK Youth at Risk Ivan’s COC activation by Franklin Ivan’s smile tells you a thousand words as he interacts with the kids where he gives them Arts and Craft sessions on Saturday, at the Ivy Nyovane Educare. Ivan is one of our community builders at the Educare Centre who we chose to invest in this annum. With his capability to relate in so many ways to the kids of Nyanga East, Ivan has brought a superb talent to the Community Building Project. Ivan grew up in the location of Nyanga East surrounded by gangsterism, drug abuse and poverty. Under these violent and criminal circumstances he needed to find his way as a boy; and as culture states also find his way as a young man. With Ivan’s journey taking him to different paths, he ended up in dreadful circumstances becoming one of Cape Town’s youth at risk statistics. The now cheerful young man looks at me and explains that he is grateful to a friend, who introduced him to the programme. “Because the programme has taught me a lot about being Ivan now, to the old Ivan. The challenges are still there for me as a young man but I handle them differently now. My vision is to embark on a career of child care because of the passion I have for the kids. I realise that it is not only something that I am passionate about, I can aid with the kids and the way they choose to live their lives. Not every kid of Nyanga has to become a gangster.” Apart from the community builders, who did a magnificent task by giving the kids a platform of expression, my visit on Saturdays was filled with fun, laughter and joy… and a whole lot of running around. I felt like I was part of more than just games, I was a part of the unity and Ubuntu that connects with the creative joy of the younger hearts. Ivan that cares so much for the kids showed me the platform that we as the elderly youth should create for the younger hearts. Well done community builders for not only giving the kids a place of creativity but for also inviting Ubuntu to the Nyanga East community. Ivan who has been a part of the community builders for four years now will activate his third pillar of his COC very soon; embarking on studies to further his skill on working with the kids and inspiring change. OURPROJECTS–YOUTHATRISK
  9. 9. OUR PROJECTS – REINTEGRATION PRIOR RELEASE Change Agents in the Making by Karina SA Prisons My heart beats proudly and strong for our prison process. This is where it all began in 2008 – our first Circle of Sharing. I remember my first visit in 2007 to Brandvlei Maximum. 16 Men curious and at the same time scared – what will this unknown process bring? I am smiling as I really had no idea how huge this would become – a seed planted in one of our most challenged environments in South Africa. HUGE because it touches so deeply and shifts us from the core! We move from limited lanes of fear on our highways of life into a full spectrum of awareness, always leaving the door open for more. It changes lives and it inspires love and healing wherever you turn to. Hearts healed radiate light and create platforms for others to invite change into their lives. These truly special Men are living ‘BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD’ – wisdom shared by our beloved Nelson Mandela. These men are leaders of a different kind. Gentle Giants, guided by their Hearts and inviting you to be guided by yours. It is a privilege to walk amongst these Men, to guide and be guided. We are active in Heldestroom Prison, Malmesbury Prison and Worcester Prison. What is COC Education? It is a life long commitment to your heart! A journey of learning and growth that never ends… Igshaan in Heldestroom Prison shares: I have done so many classes, some 2 weeks, others 4 weeks. The SmilingOne class is the first class I have attended that is this long. I have been in the program now for more than 1,5 years. Simply because there is always something new to add, something new to learn. I arm myself with education, an education that lies within the experiences I have in life… I look at life itself and I realise that life is a test; the things we experience in life is our teacher, it is up to us as Students to learn to handle situations; are we going to make use of our tools and not make the same old stupid choices we did in the past. The opportunity in this class is to prepare myself completely – this is the first class where I would use the word ‘completely’. It is because this class takes me beyond. It is only here that I have come to know what that actually means! And I am still learning… . OURPROJECTS–REINTEGRATIONPRIORRELEASE
  10. 10. CHANGE AGENTS IN THE MAKING It is an honour to work with these gentlemen. These are our Change Agents in the making each one in full COC activation discovering the most wonderful potential. Our investment in these men is an investment in our society. Ripples of joy, of care and of empowerment flows from them and to everyone around them. THANK YOU FOR MAKING YOURSELVES A PRIORITY!
  11. 11. OUR PROJECTS – REINTEGRATION POST RELEASE REINTEGRATION Jonathan’s ‘Personal Balance Profile’ (PBP) Journey This year April I pass a year outside of prison. It does not look like much but it is a milestone compared to what I think would have happened if I was still stuck in my old patterns; I doubt that I would have been this structured. I was never conscious about going to prison. And my choices were destructive not only for myself, my family too. Seeing now that my choice of actions lead me to prison. One of my biggest lessons that I have learned so far is that irrespective the influence that other peoples choices have on my life…I am in control of my own destiny. Because my family always talked about the friends I choose, not being good for me. My circle is a lot smaller than before and I consider everyone my friend. As a wise man, I can choose who I socialise with. For no matter who is your friend the ability to choose will reflect your own actions. As an ex-inmate I am aware of criticism in the community, for crime hurts our communities. I hold on to my values and do not allow pettiness to upset me. That irrespective the influence that other people’s choices have on my life…I am in control of my own destiny! If I did not have the tools I have today, it would have been so much different for me. Thank you to my church and congregation (RUC Community), to my coach and the folks at Loaves and Fishes, I have a great support structure. ……………………………………………………… The Responsible Individual MOMENT OF SILENCE Challenges Symptoms of Challenges Mirror Wind Reactive Patterns The Survivor Pleaser Victim Balance Awareness Spectrum Trust Acceptance Allowance Affirmation Personal Balance Profile Understanding Identity Directions Values CHOICE the observer PURPOSE key roles Mission Vision BODY MIND SOUL learning Relationships ENVIRONMENT social responsibility OURPROJECTS–REINTEGRATIONPOSTRELEASE
  12. 12. OUR PROJECTS –COMMUNITY BUILDING Community Building Nyanga Youth Development Program by Franklin Esau It gives me great joy to introduce the Nyanga Youth Development Programme for there are many aspects that contribute to making it whole. We have the Ivy Nyovane Educare, where we journey with the principal and founder as they take the crèche into new heights. We also have the Youth at Risk whom we aid in bursaries to expand their educational platform and train as Community Builders. I am honoured to share these wonderful young souls with you, who are our Community Builders in the Nyanga East area, at the Ivy Nyovane Educare. The team which consist of Shawn, Ivan and Bukiwe, is having classes with the young ones in Nyanga every Saturday. Shawn I just love to work with the kids, they are amazing. Many of them have no place of belonging. And with classes every Saturday, they feel like they belong to something. Ivan It is great for the kids to have something they can do. Like in arts and craft, they can draw, make cards and express themselves. And they are very talented. Bukiwe For me to share my skills with the kids is just awesome. And they all seems to enjoy it so much that they want to do everything. Ma Esther (Founder): For me its wonderful to see the kids here on Saturdays because all of the schools and crèches are closed on weekends. So the kids have a place where they can come learn and have fun. Sometimes I cook for them but if I am not here or arrive late, I just ask one of the community builders to cook for the kids. OURPROJECTS–COMMUNITYBUILDING
  13. 13. The Community Builders have classes every Saturday with the kids in Nyanga, from 9-12am. The classes consist of Arts and Craft (Ivan), Singing and Dancing (Bukiwe) and Drama (Shawn). An educational platform that is not only fun and games but also introduces the flavour of talent, vision and imagination. The team of community builders have been part of SmilingOne’s TRI (The Responsible Individual) training at the Ivy Nyovane Educare since the programme began in 2010. And are still going strong with Sharing sessions with a Change Agent every Friday. With both the community builders and the founder of Ivy Nyovane sharing a passion for the youth of tomorrow, it is heartwarming to see them work together, creating an educational platform for the kids of Nyanga East. Thank you so much community builders, your ripple effect touches my heart. …………………………………… The Ivy Nyovane Launch by Vuyiswa and Ma Esther A big smile brushes my eyes when I ask Ma Esther (Founder of Ivy Nyovane), how she felt about the Ivy Nyovane’s Renovation Launch. I can see her cheeks getting red in appreciation. Ma Esther Everything went so well, I was very surprised by the way the launch went. I expected it to be very small and just enough space for the kids. But it went past my expectations. My greatest moment about the launch was to see the kids who are with the Community Builders dancing and singing, I love them. I am so glad for SmilingOne’s help in all of it. This would have not been possible if we did not start walking hand in hand four years ago with SmilingOne. And thank you to all who came on board and played a part in the renovations. Vuyiswa (Principal) We are so lucky to have people like SmilingOne and Thorp coming on board to help us in our renovations. It is helping us in ways you would not believe. Hey, my best moment was the teachers’ performance of a song. They enjoyed themselves very much. But the moment that topped it all was that day was my birthday and I received flowers from SmilingOne to congratulate our achievement and to wish me happy birthday. We say thank you to Thorp, GM Childlife and UTE Force for aiding the Ivy Nyovane Educare. Together we can do so much more!
  14. 14. SKILLS AND DEVELOPMENT Malmesbury COC Workshop by Franklin I have been so exciting about the prison process and my contribution, the COC report workshop for our team at Malmesbury Prison. The Change Agent committee oversees running of projects and have developed a reporting system to assist this process. Monitors and facilitators (peer guides) of SmilingOne programmes report/submit their activities to us. My objective with the workshop was to give clarity on how to report. As we start the workshop, the peer guides explains that they have an idea of what the ‘Circle Of Change’ means but it is just theory. As I explain to them that they actually have been practicing it for a while. Each activity is part of their COC development. - One sharing pillar: - Two caring pillar: - And three resource pillar: Sharing As a ‘Peer Guide’ we are guided by our trainer and mentor. This is a platform where we express our challenges and meaning. It is where we begin to have visions and carry them out through focuses daily practices/actions Caring We walk our talk as ‘Peer Guides’ and invite others to join TRI. We facilitate TRI1 and TRI2 using the TRI manual Resource We use our skill and build on it. We expand and add more lanes to our experience. We work towards sustainable livelihoods. The TRI Facilitation and Peer Guide Education assists in this expansion using COC engine Monthly projects reports will consist of your activity within each of these three pillars. Your report on your personal TRI sessions with your trainer and mentor. You report on sessions you facilitate with others and last but not least you report on your skills development – from TRI, to school to any other developing classes. Good luck boys and Ilse, may your reports shine just like you guys do! SKILLSANDDEVELOPMENT
  15. 15. Our Annual General Meeting Our Annual General Meeting This is what Sheree Rayfield, a great friend and support of SmilingOne had to say: Firstly I was impress by the attendance and the time keeping. The representatives of each project introduced and detailed how they “blended” into the overall SmilingOne picture, which made it so simple to follow the procedures. I was also impressed by the information the various project leaders being concise and relevant, and no waffling. The AGM was short in comparison to all the information provided and for me that is a plus. Every project leader was so enthusiastic and visionary about their respective goals, it made me feel as if I should be doing more and that there is still so much to be done. Karina is doing a fantastic job co-ordinating and inspiring the various groups within the SmilingOne Foundation, which within itself is no easy task. Overall huge strides are being made leaving very large footprints and in doing so CHANGE IS HAPPENING. It was a great experience and it gave me a sense of hope that the changes will make the huge differences we need in todays communities. Thank you so much to you and those who walk with us for a crime free South Africa. We can do so much more together.
  16. 16. FUTURE PROJECTS AND EVENTS Future Projects and Events SKY GALLERY – coming soon *coming soon is our first COC Third pillar project called ‘Sky Gallery’. The project will parolees and probationers a change to gain business and workplace skills, reach out to different project in the community and equip themselves with the tools of ‘The Responsible Individual’. So join us in new heights of the COC. The Ocean View ‘Car Project’ If you would be so kind to check out SmilingOne’s facebook page and future newsletter, you will see that our ‘Change Agent’ Malcolm Booysen is putting together a project with the youth of Ocean View. Follow our updates and pics to see the youth of Ocean View taking an idea and empower themselves through ‘The Responsible Individual’. The SmilingOne Fund Raising Album Be sure not to miss this. We have a Fund Raising Album coming soon. With great artists such as Lionel Bastos SAMA Award winner, it is an album not to miss. Check our website or facebook page for more information. ………………………………………………….. Long walk to freedom It is with great anticipation that we walk our journey sometimes we take a left turn, sometimes we take one to the right, and sometimes end up in front of the highest mountains, where we find ourselves in compromising positions. The autobiography that carries high hopes in the most condemning time, opening up a vision of change, peace and humanity on a level that many thought would be impossible. In so, we as the SmilingOne Foundation would like to draw inspiration from a man and his journey, that not only inspired a nation but the world. As we go from one season to the next we would like to look at the changes of many journeys, knowing there is a lot to be learned. A lot more still to add to the puzzle. And many more people to meet, who will inspire us to not only work on a crime free South Africa but to inspire a nation to join hands, aiding in our communities. FUTUREPROJECTSANDEVENTS
  17. 17. OUR FAMILY BOARD OF TRUSTEES (GOVERNANCE) Karina Chris Nicky Andersen Plam Thorp Founder . CHANGE AGENT COMMITTEE Franklin Esau CHANGE AGENTS TRI FACILITATORS/CHANGE AGENTS IN THE MAKING ASSISTING TRI FACILITATORS Ilse Van Niekerk YOUTH COMMUNITY BUILDERS Luyanda Thando Sibabalo Collin Andrew Daniel Bradley Oscar Vuyiswa Shawn Ivan Bukiwe Bulelwa More D Maloh Siya Mama Esther OURFAMILY Chris Franklin Malcolm
  18. 18. CONTACT US WE WELCOME YOUR SUPPORT It is with the loving support of many fellow community members such as yourself that we can truly succeed. Each one of us a valuable puzzle piece! THE SMILING ONE FOUNDATION NPO: Registration 080-470 18A Tax Certificates PBO: 930034417 Earn BBBEE Points Change Agents: Contact us: Chris Plam +27 (0)84 862 6578 Fax: +27 (0)86 617 502 Franklin Esau +27 (0)76 701 5378 Email: Board of Trustees: Contact: PO Box 31153 Karina Andersen Tokai 7966 Cell: +27 (0)83 235 6555 DONATIONS Trust account: Email us for our PayPal details The SmilingOne Foundation First National Bank Tokai Branch 200409 Account 6225 925 3898 SWIFT: FIRNZAJJ CONTACTUS