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The jesuit relations
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The jesuit relations

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  • 1. The Jesuit Relations
  • 2. Introduction
    Society of Jesus distinguished by their livelihood
    Missions spread the people across the surrounding parts
    Using the past government knowledge they could form their own
    government as they explored
  • 3. Introduction
    Two Confederacies of the Huron and Iroquoians
    Jesuits distinguished the Hurons as a single group and the Iroquoians more individually controlled
    The Natives were well aware of outside forces before the Jesuits because of trade
  • 4. The Natives Drawn into Detail
  • 5. 3 – Disease and MedicineHuron Practices
    Some Diseases were cleansed by their festivals and singing which allowed comfort
    The poor diseased people had mysterious methods of bringing healing through uttering words
    The survivor usually would lie saying they are healed so that the attention would leave
  • 6. 3 – Disease and MedicineThe Influenza Epidemic
    The Jesuits were slightly placed out of comfort
    The Hurons were wiped out as the disease spread
    Very little methods of healing were successful
    Only hope was to try and comfort the lost soul
  • 7. 4 – Diplomacy and WarPeace Negotiations at Three Rivers
    Truces were made between the 2 Confederacies periodically but ineffective
    Great measures created a significant goal to help them become peaceful
    Presents were traded to signify Diplomacy
  • 8. 4 – Diplomacy and WarIroquois Attacks on Algonquins
    As usual War resumed
    False or True Accusitions led to attacks on the opposite Confederacy which led to yet another War
    Their blood thirsty nature gave them a brutal war
  • 9. 6 – Missions to the IroquoisMission to the Mohawk Country
    French Treaties allowed Missionaries to form
    Ambushes were setup to prevent invading people such as the Missionaries
    Families came open to receive the Mission statement
  • 10. 6 – Missions to the IroquoisThe Mohawks Converted
    Jean Pierron was an addicted Missionary
    Leading over 53 people to Christ Jean felt he did all he could
    His role was commonly adapted to the Natives and the Mohawk towns
  • 11. 7 – Martyrs and MysticsThe Ordeal of Isaac Jogues
    Born wealthy and raised to become a monk
    He suffered tremendously
    Lived in a dangerous life behind enemy lines
    Traveling frequently opened the door for ambushes to overpower their forces
  • 12. 7 – Martyrs and MysticsA Native Saint
    A Native like Catherine Tegahkouita was not destined to live fruitfully
    Her life was based on her attitude that gave her advantage over others
    She overcame the Sexual restrain many put on her because of her being a woman