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IBM Cognos : La soluzione integrata di business intelligence e performance management

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  • L’obiettivo di qualunque organizzazione è assicurarsi che ognuno abbia tutte le informazioni di cui ha bisogni per muoversi nel modo migliore. Ciascun membro dell’organizzazione è un consumatore di informazioni L’obiettivo della BI è assicurarsi che ognuno sia informato, coinvolto e allineato nel raggiungimento dei risultati aziendali In generale, maggiori sono le persone che usano la BI, maggiore è il ROI per l’azienda ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ The objective of any organization is to ensure that everyone is making sound fact based decisions. Every member of an organization is an information consumer and needs to be contributing to it’s performance. The amount of information or level of detail required varies by role and the ways by which people want to access this information differs as well. Getting everyone informed, engaged and aligned to drive higher performance is the Business Intelligence Objective and it leads to higher performance.
  • The objective of any organization is to ensure that everyone is making sound fact based decisions. Every member of an organization is an information consumer and needs to be contributing to it’s performance. The amount of information or level of detail required varies by role and the ways by which people want to access this information differs as well. Getting everyone informed, engaged and aligned to drive higher performance is the Business Intelligence Objective and it leads to higher performance.
  • The other aspect of monitoring is related to internal communications. Decades of pressure to increase revenue, market share and profit margins have created a fixation with the profit-and-loss statement (P&L). Over & over again, we find that many staff members are not aware of the basic working capital concepts. Sales for example might grant flexible & generous payment terms to specific customers in order to get a deal done. Likewise, purchasing might settle on shorter payment terms with a supplier to help secure an insignificant price reduction. When it comes to managing your working capital, all parts of the company need to participate and pull on one string. Creating an environment where everyone understands not only the importance of cash, but also their role in improving working capital, is crucial. It is the task of the finance organization to guide the rest of the business in creating a balanced focus on cash flow as well as revenue, margins, service and all other important aspects of business in operational processes where cash resides. And for that purpose, it is critical that you educate the critical parties in this process and share KPIs with them. Make the information available on an on-going basis. The IBM Cognos solutions provide you with the ability to flexibly monitor, analyze and distribute critical information about your working capital. Let’s take a look.
  • Cognos is a segment within the Information On Demand division of IBM. The information on demand team is focused on the 4 key things that organizations require to unlock the business value of information. <Build Slide> Organizations need the ability to manage data and content over its lifecycle to reduce the costs associated with managing information, provide controlled accessibility, and address retention and compliance requirements They must also be able to use data and content as part of the individual business processes and applications across the enterprise, optimizing the performance of applications and improving decision making…these first two requirements are addressed by data and content management capabilities. <Build Slide> 3) Organizations then need to establish an accurate, trusted view of information across these different processes and applications. This allows them to drive more consistent information across the enterprise and support analytic and other requirements to use information coming from different sources, whether it’s delivering a single view of customers, products, revenue, etc…And they need a “flexible” architecture that can leverage all of their existing investments. Accurate, trusted information is established through information integration, data warehousing and master data management. 4) With the acquisition of Cognos, IBM can now provide customers with the ability to leverage that trusted information to build their plans, understand how their business is performing, and focus on optimizing performance across the enterprise. <Build Slide> These combined capabilities mean you can optimize your business in every area from Customer and Product Profitability to Multi-Channel Marketing, to achieve better business outcomes. IBM Rational 2006 05/03/10 13:31 Presentation Name Here.ppt
  • Goal: Reiterate the capabilities that are required for Info/Insight/Action To underscore the key capabilities that are required: You start by getting control of your data by leveraging the power and speed of an analytic server that features a modern in-memory architecture. You don’t have to start with an expensive and time consuming data warehouse. You then create an information-driven and accountable culture through Dashboards and Reports. This provides highly visual at-a-glance views of information to ensure executives and business managers can quickly focus on the areas of performance that need attention and action. They help monitor the business. For example, are sales trending up or down, am I maintaining my margin? You can then identify opportunities and issues through Analysis. This allows you to gain insight so that you can compare and contrast to reveal symptoms and causes behind trends (e.g. sales trend analysis) And finally, you align resources with decisions through planning, budgeting and forecasting.
  • Solutions of packaged know-how and expertise enable you to quickly address business and technical challenges. Cognos and its partners have taken know-how from the best performance management initiatives from around the world and distilled it into head-starts, proven practices, services, blueprints and applications. You can use these accelerators to avoid common pitfalls and get your solutions running quickly and successfully. Solutions like …. Our blueprints . These are best practice-based data policy and process models designed to speed up software deployments and drive a faster ROI. IBM Cognos 8 Controller , that provides Finance organizations with unmatched capabilities for managing the close, consolidation and reporting process Competency centers , that centralize knowledge and best practices across regions, divisions and functions to better manage and support deployments. Cognos Innovation Center for Performance Management, a forum and resource center for Cognos customers and partners. It brings together technology experts, finance professionals and industry thought leaders to promote proven techniques, technologies and best practices in performance management. IBM Cognos pre-packaged analytic applications that deliver faster time to value by providing pre-packaged content for executives, managers business analysts and specialists And we have the right support, education and services offerings to give you the technical resources to plan, implement and improve your solutions. Finally, a core part of IBM Cognos is our partner community . Our partners provide products, services and technology expertise that help you improve and direct your performance. Through our partners, we are able to meet your distinctive needs in purchasing, deploying and servicing your performance management solutions. This System for performance management puts information into the hands of everyone throughout the organization. It enables pervasive Performance Management. Our customers tell us this is important. They’ve found that it’s no longer about satisfying the needs of one department or team. It’s about being able to scale to meet the needs of decision-makers across departments and teams so they can combine and coordinate their decision-making to drive better performance.
  • We created credible separation from competitors with a series of tactics that have been often imitated but never duplicated. We created a model – one that could be used in marketing and our sales execs to communicate a multiyear, multifaceted partnership. We called it at different times the “planning roadmap”, the “ PM Customer Journey ” but it was instrumental in helping reconcile the challenges customers face and their ambition to be more strategic, and more effective in PM practice. It holds that the biggest impact has in phases – initial gains address initial pains and free time and energy for redeployment into more transformational efforts. BUILD 1: We effectively communicated the benefits of moving beyond the spreadsheet-based “systems”. BUILD 2: We made this real and vivid by founding an innovation center that built on the “brands” of some of our most well known and successful customers in doing just that – they were founding members of a “like minded and forward thinking community” concerned with PM practice (not software alone). BUILD 3: The Innovation Center built on this foundation a number of PERFORMANCE BLUEPRINTS that helped customer’s envision ‘their’ solution enabled by our software, galvanize organizational commitment and mobilize resources ($ and time). These blueprints take both a “functional” form and an “industry form” with the latter really speaking to the ability AND necessity to radiate performance management beyond an initial sponsorship by Finance. BUILD 4: And we tethered thought leaders (and partners such as Deloitte, IBM GBS, Palladium, Hackett) to the CICPM thus borrowing their brands to build ours and syndicating their books, commissioning research and whitepapers and using them in events that include the a full range of scenarios including virtual and “brick and mortar” conferences, Innovation Roundtables, and even on-site customer / prospect events when opportunities arise. The total effect of this “model” for partnership, instrumented with great assets, with a documented and repeatable “play” has been success in unlikely places – like loyal Hyperion and SAP accounts. We have seen million dollar deals grow from 6 in our FY06 to 11 in FY07 to approaching 20 in FY08 (to be verified as the quarter is not accounted for quite yet). And today, according to analysts there is rarely a planning and PM opportunity that we are not evaluated in. We are replicating this POE model for leadership across our business. I am sure we will talk more about that through our time together today.
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    1. 1. IBM Cognos La soluzione integrata di business intelligence e performance management
    2. 2. Che cosa è cambiato nelle informazioni <ul><li>Velocità </li></ul><ul><li>Quantità </li></ul><ul><li>Disponibiltà </li></ul><ul><li>Frequenza </li></ul>
    3. 4. SEATTLE – Apr 18 2008 The driver of the bus carrying the Garfield High School girls softball team was using a GPS navigation system, the charter company's president said. The off-the-shelf navigation unit had settings for car, motorcycle, bus or truck .
    4. 5. 1. Strade aperte al transito di mezzi pesanti 2. Strade percorribili da parte di mezzi con ingombro specificato Interpretazione del dato!!
    5. 6. <ul><li>Troppi indicatori poco significativi o mancanti </li></ul><ul><li>Troppe informazioni destrutturate, difficoltà a collegarsi con gli ERP e a consolidare le informazioni </li></ul><ul><li>Mancanza di un workflow nella gestione di budget & forecast </li></ul><ul><li>Tanti management tools non efficaci </li></ul><ul><li>Troppo tempo speso in attività di controllo/rettifica </li></ul>Quali sono gli ostacoli attuali ad una visione aziendale efficace?
    6. 7. Chi ha bisogno della informazioni in azienda? TUTTI hanno bisogno delle informazioni per verificare l’allineamento degli obiettivi alla strategia aziendale, valutare l’andamento e porre in essere le azioni correttive
    7. 8. Un executive: Sono frustrato! Gli strumenti che ho a disposizone sono complicati e non riesco a capire che direzione devo prendere!
    8. 9. Un Financial & Business Analyst: I numeri che vedo non mi tornano e non capisco se stiamo salendo o scendendo…
    9. 10. Un Business Manager: Non riesco ad analizzare le informazioni che mi servono nel modo giusto!!! Come faccio?
    10. 11. Un Individual Contributor: Non riesco a svolgere bene il mio lavoro, vengo continuamente interrotta ogni volta che qualcuno ha bisogno di fare una modifica ad un report o ad un dashboard…
    11. 12. L’obiettivo del Performance Management
    12. 13. Unico modello di controllo Piani & Budget in tempo reale Consolidare in una unica visione Comunicare e analizzare i risultati Rolling forecast Coinvolgere i soggetti interessati
    13. 14. “ Avete gli strumenti giusti per farlo?”
    14. 15. Business Intelligence Pianificazione, Budgeting Bilancio consolidato Modelli verticali La più completa piattaforma di Information Management sul mercato
    15. 16. Planning Analisi Dashboard/Report Cognos Express
    16. 17. IBM Cognos Express <ul><li> </li></ul><ul><li>Video funzionalità Cognos Express </li></ul><ul><li>Software scaricabile! </li></ul>
    17. 18. IBM Cognos Performance Management <ul><li>Blueprints </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Soluzioni pronte all’uso che si basano su esperienze reali: </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><ul><li>Suddivise per processo e settore industriale </li></ul></ul></ul><ul><li>Innovation Center </li></ul>
    18. 19. Blueprints
    19. 20. In sintesi <ul><li>Maggiore qualità delle informazioni </li></ul><ul><li>Maggiore velocità di azione </li></ul><ul><li>Migliore capacità di previsione </li></ul><ul><li>Minore spreco di risorse </li></ul><ul><li>Lavoro di squadra </li></ul>
    20. 21. GRAZIE!