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Template for Smashwords authors:  Introduction to ebooks (for library presentations)
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Template for Smashwords authors: Introduction to ebooks (for library presentations)


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This is a template presentation, intended for use by Smashwords ebook authors who want to give ebook presentations at their local community library. The intended audience for this presentation is …

This is a template presentation, intended for use by Smashwords ebook authors who want to give ebook presentations at their local community library. The intended audience for this presentation is readers, writers and library staff. Smashwords authors can modify the presentation by inserting their personal backstory to share their publishing journey, experiences and wisdom as a self-published author.

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  • Smashwords is an ebook publishing and distribution service: a fast, free, and easy way for anyone to publish their work.
  • Forced out of print: Limited shelf space Books only have a couple weeks to be successful before the books are sent back to the publisher Years of work for a few weeks chance A very small amount of the royalties go to the authors who worked so hard on their book
  • You’ve GOT to be kidding me!
  • I feel that every writer should enjoy the freedom to publish what they want to publish I feel that ever reader should enjoy the freedom to read what they feel is worth reading
  • 2008 – self-publishing was the option of last resort 2012 – many feel it is the first option 100,000 ebooks uploaded to Smashwords in 2012 Smashwords is now the world’s largest distributor of self-published ebooks
  • Before their were words, there were cave paintings
  • But only the prominent and wealthy members of society could afford them. They were not readily available.
  • These are all canvases for storytelling
  • Now, this is the canvas - screens
  • Exponential growth 19% last year. Over 30% today May be around 50-50 in the next couple years
  • What is Smashwords doing to support libraries? Reach new readers through word of mouth, or by purchasing books after checking them out Many price books lower than retail or at free Smashwords Direct – helps libraries establish an opening collection of books
  • If you are interested in self-publishing, here are three free guides that will help: Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success, The Smashwords Book Marketing Guide, and the Smashwords Style Guide all written by Mark Coker. These are available on our site at
  • Transcript

    • 1. An Introduction to Ebooks(Insert Library Logo Here) Library Name Here Month Day, 201X (Your name here)
    • 2. Instructions This Powerpoint template is available for Smashwords authors who want to do ebook presentations at their local library. Theaudience for this “Introduction to Ebooks” talk is a general library audience of readers, prospective self-published authors, and library staff. It offers authors an opportunity to weave their own personal self-publishing journey into the presentation, and to share their experiences with fellow readers and writers at their local community library.It’s also an opportunity for Smashwords authors to help spread a culture of authorship, working in concert with librariesFeel free to add or remove slides or images, or create an entirely different presentation. Visit to download other Smashwords presentations and Smashwords data. Requires Microsoft PowerPoint or similar presentation software
    • 3. My Backstory
    • 4. Add a Heading Here• Insert a two to four custom slides that talk about why you wanted to write a book• Talk about your journey as a writer, from idea, to completion, and possibly why you chose to self-publish an ebook• Include at least one slide in this next section that shows the cover image of your completed book
    • 5. My Journey (change to your liking)• Add content here• Add content here, etc
    • 6. My Journey (change to your liking)• Add content here• Add content here, etc
    • 7. My Journey (change to your liking)• Add content here• Add content here, etc
    • 8. I began my first book, [Insert Title], XX years ago
    • 9. Gatekeepers stood in my way! • Agents controlled access to publishers • Publishers controlled: • Who got published • Who got distributed • What readers could read
    • 10. Like any self-respecting writer, I decided…
    • 11. The Traditional Publishing Model Wouldn’t Work for me1. Publishers control * the printing press * the distribution * the knowledge to professionally publish2. Publishers reject most authors3. Publishers decide what readers can read4. Slow production cycles (12-18 months)5. Books forced out of print early6. Authors earn only 5-17% of list price7. Publishers judge books on perceived commercial merit
    • 12. Traditional publishers want more of …
    • 13. Justin Bieber got a book deal
    • 14. Kourtney, Kim and Khloe got a book deal
    • 15. Snooki got a book deal
    • 16. But not authors like me!
    • 17. When it comes to books, I think:- Every writer deserves thefreedom to publish- Readers deserve to choosewhat is worth reading
    • 18. So I decided to take matters into my own hands and self publish
    • 19. My solution: Smashwords• Ebook publishing made easy! • Free tools enable writers to become their own ebook publishers • Free ebook “printing press” • Distribution to major ebook stores like the Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo • Distribution to libraries (new!)
    • 20. [Title} was published on Smashwords in 20XX (insertscreen shot of your book page below)
    • 21. Insert a smiling picture of you holding an e-reading device that shows your book on it
    • 22. How Smashwords Works• UPLOAD • Author uploads Microsoft Word file, formatted to our Style Guide • Free ebook conversion to multiple formats • Sell today to a worldwide audience• DISTRIBUTE • Distribution to major retailers• GET PAID • Authors receive 85% of net for a SW sale and 60% list for a retailer sale
    • 23. Soon, my book was for sale at multiple ebook retailers
    • 24. Here’s How Smashwords has Grown 190,000+200000150000 92,000100000 28,800 50000 6,000 140 0 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
    • 25. Are ebooks books?A brief history of story telling
    • 26. In the beginning…
    • 27. … and then Words were invented
    • 28. … and then monastic scribesadded words and illumination to vellum (animal skin)
    • 29. … and then Gutenberg brought moveable type to paper
    • 30. … which enabled development of a mass market for books
    • 31. Cave walls, stone tablets, animal skins and paper aresimply the canvas for imagesand words that create books
    • 32. Ebooks are books on screens
    • 33. BIG TREND:Reading Moving to Screens
    • 34. Ebooks as a percentage of US book marketSource: Association of American Publishers,
    • 35. Why ebooks are hot• Screens offer better reading experience than paper • Changeable font size A A A A • Portable and compact • E-reading devices will get better/faster/cheaper • More functional
    • 36. The Better Book is Here• It’s called an ebook, and it’s immortal• Same book, only better • Less expensive • Convenient sampling and purchasing • Faster publishing, purchasing • HUGE selection • More accessible
    • 37. Libraries and ebooks• Libraries are important to the future of books. Libraries… • Make books available and accessible to everyone • Help kids develop a love for books • Promote literacy • Facilitate community around books • Bring readers face to face with authors • Beginning to offer ebook lending
    • 38. Big publishers are not friendly to libraries• Big publishers refuse to sell ebooks, or charging up to triple the print price• Publishers fear • Library ebooks will cannibalize print books • Library ebooks will cannibalize retail ebook sales • Library ebooks don’t wear out
    • 39. Smashwords and its 50,000 authors support libraries• Indie authors recognize that libraries will help them reach new readers• Smashwords library initiatives: • Custom library pricing • Smashwords Direct (direct sales to libraries) • Library aggregators • Baker & Taylor Axis 360 • 3M Cloud Library • Overdrive (coming soon!) • Library publishing portals
    • 40. Community publishing, in partnership with libraries• The future • Libraries, known for promoting a culture of reading, can now help promote a culture of authorship • Local authors carried by their local libraries • Local events (like today) to connect authors with readers, and authors with prospective authors
    • 41. Final Thoughts• Ebooks make books… • Less expensive • More accessible • Immortal• Ebook self-publishing gives • writers the freedom to publish • readers the freedom to discover diverse, new voices• Support your public library!
    • 42. Free Ebook Publishing Resources• Secrets to Ebook Publishing Success (best practices of successful authors)• Smashwords Book Marketing Guide (how to market any book)• Smashwords Style Guide (how to format an ebook)
    • 43. Thank you for listening! Q&A Connect:Web: Insert your Smashwords authorpage or web site address hereBlog: Insert your blog addressTwitter: links hereFacebook: links hereEmail: Your email address