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5 Ways to Build a Brand with Social Media (Stew Langille, Mint.com)
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5 Ways to Build a Brand with Social Media (Stew Langille, Mint.com)


Talk by Stew Langille, Mint from SMASH Summit (May 2010).

Talk by Stew Langille, Mint from SMASH Summit (May 2010).

Published in Technology
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  • 0 to 2 million users in two yearsVirtually no advertising spend Kickstart from TechCrunch 40!Over 750,000 visits a month to MintLife blog, converting at ~1%#3 iPhone app in finance category20% of new users from SEO
  • Metrics driven – every dollar spent – including PR – must meet our CPA goals. You need to be driven by metrics in social media. Talk about how an article like this is coordinated with and drives PR, seo through embed codes, as well as social mediaLead with good content and virality in social media will be much more likelyWordpress, zoomerang, Google Analytics& Optimizer, Crazy Egg
  • Once we had established credibility in social media our visitors viewed more pages and signed up for mint.com. It become much easier to repeat our success with future pieces, giving us the confidence to develop more sophisticated content – videos for example.
  • Don’t re-invent the wheel – the people are already on digg, facebook, twitter, reddit, stumble. You don’t have to get them all to find your website. Produce great content for the community – participate before marketing and selling yourselfEnsure that you are in communities that contain potential customers for your company – right demographic
  • Search became a great way to generate a positive ROI for our social campaigns, and social increased our SEO rankings. It drove many inbound links to our content, embed codes allowed us to target keywords, and content on our blog raised our profile as a expert in the eyes of the search engines.It also drove partnerships – which our PR team would help facilitate like the Huff Post, where we fed our data and/or infographics to publishers in exchange for links back to Mint
  • Search became a great way to generate a positive ROI for our social campaigns, and social increase our SEO rankings
  • Data: What bloomberg did for wallst, we want to do for the consumer and the press – democratize consumer spending data
  • Revolution on the scale of the printing press. On the scale of SEO a decade ago. Here are examples on how we applied social to our marketing strategies


  • 1. 5 Ways to Build a Brand with Social Media
  • 2. Mint Results
  • 3. Mint Social Media Approach
    Exciting & Educational Content
    Energize Your Communities
    Cross-Channel Optimization
    Metrics Driven
    Stay Small and Nimble
    • Free and nearly free tools
    • 4. Small core team with pay-for-performance contractors
  • Exciting & Educational Content
    Mint pioneered the use of infographics
    Led to distribution opportunities with mainstream media
    Gave a vehicle to showcase Mint Data
  • 5. Video
  • 6. Distributed Community – Energize Existing Dialog & Participate
  • 7. Cross-channel Optimization – Social-PR
  • 8. Cross-channel Optimization – Social-SEO
  • 9. Metrics – Social Can Convert to Users
    Redesign of blog increased conversion 3X
  • 10. The Future
    Data – Become #1 Source of Consumer Spending Info
    Mint Answers – #1 Finance Q & A forum
    MintLife blog
    #1 Personal Finance Publication
    Content Syndication
    Publish Book
  • 11. What You Can Learn From Mint
    Everything is Social – Even Personal Finance
    Content is social but the product is secure
    A Strong Content Strategy can bring Emotion and Context to your Product
    It is Essential to combine a Social Strategy with other Channels
    Let your Data go Free – It will come back to you in the form of Customers
  • 12. Thank you
    Stew Langille
    Twitter: slangille
  • 13. Appendix
  • 14. Mint Answers
  • 15. MoneyTweets
  • 16. Social Media – The Revolution