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Use Smell to Attract People to Your Trade Show Booth

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A great way of attracting people to your trade show display is through sense of smell.

A great way of attracting people to your trade show display is through sense of smell.

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  • 1. Attract Visitors to Your Trade Show Exhibit with Smell Kristin Hovde Smash Hit Displays
  • 2. Having trouble getting people to your booth?
    • Sense of smell is a powerful tool
    • Allows you to get attention from across the trade show floor
    • But be careful… some scents may be offensive
  • 3. Some scents to be cautious of
    • Fresh cut flowers or grass – Some people may have allergies, so this may cause attendees to run from your display instead of drawing them in.
    • Perfumes – Some perfumes may be too overpowering for some people. What you think is a great perfume may be offensive to others.
  • 4. Scents that are welcoming at conventions:
    • Baked goods (i.e. cookies, cakes, pies)
    • Calming scents- lavender, vanilla
    • Coffee and tea
  • 5. Baked Goods
    • Hours of walking the trade show floor can make you hungry.
    • Keep a small portable oven or popcorn machine at your convention booth to keep your goodies warm and keeping the freshly made smell around your display.
    • Of course, check with the venue’s regulations to make sure it is ok to have a portable oven.
    • Great smells include popcorn, cookies, doughnuts
  • 6. Coffee and Tea
    • Trade shows can physically drain you of any and all energy you may have had.
    • Just the smell of coffee can perk up just about anyone.
    • Give the attendees a variety by offering tea, water, or juice.
  • 7. What demographic likes what smell?
    • According to Exhibitor Magazine:
    • Age 18-35 : Heated plastic, bubble gum, baby powder, Axe-like colognes and body sprays, coffees, teas, and mojitos
    • Age 36-50 : Play-Doh, Pez, Crayola crayons, Keds, Sweet Tarts, mimeograph sheets, chlorine, bubble gum, baby powder, suntan lotion, and vanilla
    • Age 51 and over : Grass, trees, hay, horses, wood, sand, the ocean, and snow
    • Male : New car, tires, fresh-cut grass, and spicy and woody scents
    • Female : Lavender, vanilla, floral, and sweet and musky fragrances
  • 8. Before choosing a scent…
    • Think about your target market.
    • For more trade show tips, check out Smash Hit Displays’ Blog .