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What brand journalism can do for your company


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Among the various forms of content marketing, brand journalism is one of the most powerful. This presentation will show you why!

Among the various forms of content marketing, brand journalism is one of the most powerful. This presentation will show you why!

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  • 1.
  • 2. www.smartwords.eu2/29
  • 3. Journalism Marketing communication Proactive search for information Information selected and provided by the brand Corroborate information from various sources One single source: the brand Inform the public Seduce an audience Editorial independence Content in the service of the brand www.smartwords.eu3/29
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  • 5. There’s always something happening at a company. A journalist will detect events and turn them into topics, with the angle best suited to your targets. www.smartwords.eu5/29
  • 6. Be it within the company or outside, the journalist will find people with exciting stories. www.smartwords.eu6/29
  • 7. Who better than a journalist excels in interviewing people? He/she will ask your customers, employees or just ordinary people questions relevant to your field of business. www.smartwords.eu7/29
  • 8. Customer and prospects do not care about marketing arguments: they are thrilled by a good story. Good news! Telling stories is what a journalist does best! www.smartwords.eu8/29
  • 9. www.smartwords.eu9/29
  • 10. Is your reader or the watcher of your video interested, surprised, amazed? Bingo! In his mind, the few minutes spent with your brand will be associated to a good experience. www.smartwords.eu10/29
  • 11. With your content , your customer or prospect will better understand the latest trends on the market and/or your area of business. He will not miss a significant evolution or revolution. He will owe you a big thank you for that! www.smartwords.eu11/29
  • 12. www.smartwords.eu12/29 Your prospect will get an “insider view” of situations faced by a manager, a marketing representative, a team leader… And all of this, in your brand’s universe! When it will be his turn to make a purchasing decision or ask for expert advice, who do you think he will turn to?
  • 13. www.smartwords.eu13/29
  • 14. www.smartwords.eu14/29
  • 15. • Throw the light on your clients, your team members, or external “heroes” (sportsmen, experts…) in connection to your brand universe. • They will be thankful for you to recognize them. www.smartwords.eu15/29
  • 16. • By publishing documented and exciting content on a regular basis, you invigorate your brand’s legitimacy. • You build a loyal audience of qualified prospects, one piece of content at a time. www.smartwords.eu16/29
  • 17. • Your content help you bypass your prospects’ reluctance towards “marketing” or “ads”. • Once trust is gained, you can transform it into sales, influence, better relationships, etc. www.smartwords.eu17/29
  • 18. www.smartwords.eu18/29
  • 19. • “As a journalist, I won’t stoop to that.” • “I am a real journalist, not a brand journalist.” • “My skills can be better used!” www.smartwords.eu19/29
  • 20. Just like any journalist, the brand journalist searches information, combines and compares various sources, carries out interviews, picks an angle, builds a story… www.smartwords.eu20/29
  • 21. A brand journalist must abide by journalism ethos. Otherwise, his/her stories will ring hollow, and it will not work. – He must look for the truth and tell it (e.g. : he won’t hide issues raised by a new technology); – He must provide a nuanced and subtle view of reality. www.smartwords.eu21/29
  • 22. • He is paid by a customer (be it a company, an institution, a government, a non-profit organization…) . • This customer expects that the produced content will help him reach his goals. • It is unlikely that the journalist will make a harsh criticism of his customer! www.smartwords.eu22/29
  • 23. www.smartwords.eu23/29
  • 24. www.smartwords.eu24/29
  • 25. • It does not confuse brand journalism for advertising; • It makes for good conditions (information, contacts, time for interviews…); • It accepts that the journalist will not sweep the dust under the rug. www.smartwords.eu25/29
  • 26. • He/she understands his/her role and its constraints. • He has the courage to make his job even if his customer drags their feet. • If the customer really does not play the game, it’s best for the journalist to move on. www.smartwords.eu26/29
  • 27. www.smartwords.eu27/29
  • 28. • It requires a high sense of responsibility of both the journalist and the brand. • It nurtures trust between the brand and its targets. • This trust will then breed the brand’s commercial and relational successes! www.smartwords.eu28/29 Crédit photo : Alosh Bennett
  • 29. • Download a printer-ready version of this presentation: •Rate this presentation and help us keep improving! Rate it www.smartwords.eu29/29 CLICK!