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Smartsalary brochure

  1. 1. SimplySmarterSalaryPackaging.
  2. 2. Who is Smartsalary?Australia’s most awarded salary packagingand novated leasing company.Established in 2001, Smartsalaryis Australia’s most awarded salarypackaging and novated leasingcompany, offering services toover 100 organisations andover 87,000 employees.We specialise in servicing largecorporate clients, Commonwealthand State Governments, majorhealth care groups, and other PublicBenevolent Institutions in every stateand territory across the country.Smartsalary has fifteen nationwidelocations and a workforce of over 250staff. Our clients are supported by adedicated client relationship manager,customer service centre, team ofnational sales consultants, and amarketing team that communicatesthe benefits of salary packaging.Smartsalary was ranked as oneof the fastest growing firms by theBusiness Review Weekly Fast 100three years in a row. We’ve also beenawarded the Hudson Business Awardat the Telstra Business Awards.Even more important than being anaward winner, Smartsalary is workingtowards accreditation as a Hewitt BestEmployer, and has been accreditedby the Customer Service Instituteof Australia (CSIA) since 2008.In 2011, Smartsalary was nominated fortwo CSIA Service Excellence Awards- Customer Charter and CustomerService for a Small to Medium business(0-500 employees). Smartsalary won thecategory for Small to Medium businessin NSW and was highly commendedand awarded second place in thenational awards for the same category.
  3. 3. Why an outsourced salary packaging solution?People, reducing riskand increasing yourbottom line are thekeys to choosingSmartsalary.To attract and retainthe best staffWith employees coming to expect salarypackaging as part of their remunerationand benefits package, its implementationhas become necessary in order toattract and retain the best talent in thiscompetitive employment market.Studies in recent years have drawnlinks between effective salarypackaging programs and:• shorter recruitment cycles• lower recruitment costs• decreased staff churnResearch by Ernst & Young* foundemployee satisfaction improved by21% when salary packaging wasintroduced. As an added bonus,human resources (HR) administrationtime was sharply reduced.The same Ernst & Young researchconfirmed that organisations who offeredsalary packaging were able to attracthigher calibre recruits, faster. Theseorganisations were also significantlymore likely to retain their talented staff- spending less time and money ontraining and people development.To remove the burden ofrisk from your workplaceWith workplace regulations, FringeBenefits Tax (FBT) and statutoryrequirements to consider, it’s nowonder HR departments are wary oftaking on the additional stress of anin-house salary packaging program.The requirements associated withmanaging such a program includereconciliation of data betweendifferent payroll systems, correctingprocessing errors, calculating payrolldetails and responding to enquiriesfrom employees about their salarypackaging arrangements.In addition, lack of specialisedknowledge in the field increasesthe likelihood of:• high administration costs• operational inefficiencies• compliance issuesThese represent organisational riskto the organisation. Fortunately,Smartsalary’s outsourced solution isan affordable alternative to keepingthe program in-house, and takes theadministrative burden off your hands.To reap financial andadministrative benefitsA properly managed, outsourcedsalary packaging program designedwith your employees in mind willbenefit not just them, but also yourorganisation’s bottom line.In fact, Smartsalary can help youincrease the take-home pay of youremployees at no extra cost to yourorganisation by making it simple forthem to pay for cars, laptops and otheritems out of their pre-tax salary.*Salary Packaging: the heavy artillery in the war for talent, a report by Ernst & Young2
  4. 4. Why Smartsalary?Put simply, we take care of everythingat no additional cost to your organisation.Total account managementOur commitment to service setsus apart from the rest. Right fromthe beginning we provide yourorganisation with a dedicated clientrelationship manager who:• tailors a program to meet theneeds of your organisation• oversees the implementationof the program• continues to be your main pointof contact for the management ofthe salary packaging programEvery business is unique – so everysalary packaging solution shouldbe too. We’ll work with you andyour team to make sure we alwaysprovide the best range of productsand services to your organisation.Quality reportingWe provide all the necessary financeand tax reports both throughoutthe year and at the end of the FBTreporting period. Every report is easyto read, and we comply with yourcompany’s reporting deadlines.In addition, we provide in-depthreporting for your employees, whichthey can access via their uniqueonline salary packaging account.Industry leading payrollintegration systemOur unique, custom built system meansthere is no administrative burden whenyou implement salary packaging. Oursoftware links directly to your payrollsystem and automatically generates allrequired salary packaging deductions.In fact, our system currently integrateswith over 20 different payroll systems.Tax and risk managementCompliance in salary packaging isessential to avoid costly tax exposure.Smartsalary is committed to delivering atax management and compliance servicethat is superior to that of other providers.In fact, we believe that we’re the mostreliable and effective manager of taxationrisk in the salary packaging marketplace.Smartsalary’s in-house team ofemployment tax specialists are directlyresponsible for product and processcompliance across all employee benefits.Organisations who outsource their salarypackaging to Smartsalary can expect:• Fully compliant benefitrules and processes• Timely and expert assistance inrelation to salary packaging issues,queries and ATO guidelines• Regular review of employee claims andbenefit processes to minimise tax risk• Timely analysis, explanation andimplementation of legislativechanges as they occur.Personal Account Manager3 | Simply Smarter Salary Packaging
  5. 5. Satisfied employeesA dedicated website specific to yourorganisation is an important partof our tailored solution. It containseverything you and your employeesneed to know about the productsand services Smartsalary provides.As part of the website, every employeehas their own Smartsalary account wherethey can track payments and managetheir salary packaging account online.Our Customer Service Centre ison hand to answer any customerqueries. We are open 8am to 8.30pm(EST) Monday to Friday, as well as10am to 2pm (EST) on Saturday.Alternatively, customers can contact usvia a dedicated email address specific toyour organisation.Customer service is our highestpriority, so we use the Net PromoterScore (NPS) as a metric to measurecustomer loyalty. In fact, some ofthe world’s best companies, likeApple, Amazon and Sony also useNPS to measure customer loyalty.Value through innovationWe are constantly developing newways to better service our customers.Our industry leading Smartphoneapplication is available on Appleand Android powered devices. Itallows employees to manage theirsalary packaging account on the go.Whether they want to keep trackof their novated lease or simplycheck their account balance, ourSmartphone application can help.In addition, our unique online claimingsystem lets your employees submitclaims online, rather than keeping trackof paper claims. The system allowsthem to scan and submit receipts onlineand facilitates faster reimbursement.Ongoing service and supportExceptional service levels andmaintaining strong partnerships withour clients are vital to our success. Weestablish Service Level Agreements(SLA) and Key Performance Indicatorsat the beginning of our engagement andwe’re committed to meeting them.Our service and support is ongoing. Wearrange regular meetings with you andyour team to ensure your employeeshave all the education and informationthey need about salary packaging. Inaddition, we’ll provide you with detailedreporting to track our adherence to SLAs.Innovation ValueQuality Reporting Satisfied StaffWhy choose Smartsalary? Watch the video here >>4
  6. 6. As a three way agreement betweenyou, your employee and a financecompany, a novated lease is a greatway to add an extra incentive into anemployee’s remuneration package.Even better news - there is no financialoverhead for your organisation.Business advantages• Offers an alternative tooperating leases.• Takes away the necessity ofrecording the car as an assetor liability to the business.• Offers employers registered for GSTthe ability to claim an input tax crediton any GST paid on the lease.• Minimises risk by placing theresponsibility on the employee -should they leave the organisation,the novated lease immediatelybecomes their responsibility tomanage and reverts to a two wayagreement between themselvesand the financier. This is specifiedin the Novation Agreement.• Offers income tax paying entitiesan income tax deduction for allpayments made under the agreement,including lease rental payments.Advantages to employees• Increases their take homepay because lease paymentsand all running costs are paidfor with pre-tax dollars.• No GST paid on running costs andthe purchase price of the vehicle (upuntil the Luxury Car Tax Threshold).• Vehicle discounts and a vehicleprocurement service are part ofthe Smartleasing solution.• Convenience of fuel cardsthrough multiple providers.• Wide range of additional products andservices such as small damage repair,extended warranty, competitivelypriced insurance products and more.• Finance only options available.Visit for more information.Novated leasing services with SmartleasingSmartleasing is Smartsalary’sspecialist novated leasing division.Extra Income Incentives5 | Simply Smarter Salary Packaging
  7. 7. What next?If you are considering outsourcing asalary packaging program, here are somequestions that you should consider:What customer service benchmarks have been established by the provider?Will the provider commit to regularly visiting your workplace?Does the provider offer online access and self service functionality?Does the provider offer a convenient way for your employees to make a claim online?Does the provider offer a smartphone application that allows your employees to manage their salarypackaging account on the go?How effective is the provider in demonstrating that their salary packaging programs will pass AustralianTaxation Office scrutiny and audits?Will the provider accept responsibility of FBT liabilities resulting from processing or other errors?Will financial and service reports be available from the provider within 5 business days of month end?Will the provider clearly convey information about amendments to tax laws as they are made available?Further, will client records be updated to reflect any legislative or regulatory changes to law?Does the provider give you the option to provide feedback on their service through a variety of channels?
  8. 8. Find out moreCall or go online today formore information, or to set upa consultation with one of ourBusiness Development Managers.Call 1300 665