Contract life cycle management as part of your corporate housekeeping


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ECM solution for documents control and process control for Legal, Corporate housekeeping, Contract Life Cycle Management, and Reports management. Sandbox solutions, templates, SharePoint 2010 standard, SharePoint 2010 foundation and SharePoint online
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Contract life cycle management as part of your corporate housekeeping

  1. 1. Financial suite® ‘s Legal Platform on SharePoint Wouldn’t it be nice if…..
  2. 2. You would have: -A simpler process? A more efficient process? No More worries about expiration dates and expired contracts? A corporate housekeeping tool incl. company, contract and case management? A secure environment? Saved time and money when you have taken the decision?
  3. 3. Not enough time for urgent legal cases A forgotten contract that costs your org a fortune Not enough staff members, increasing pile of work No time to answer ad hoc requests We want efficiency improvements, not another project Good solution is too expensive, no payback
  4. 4. Corporate housekeeping Monitor legal Processes and documents Process Contract life cycle management Company information and documents Case management Threats Contracts unknown, expiration dates, no overview, etc Change of board members, compliance, shareholder info incomplete Incomplete documentation, no process Solution Central registration per entity, early warning on expiration Companies, shareholders, board members, advisors and company docs Process and document management incl alerts
  5. 5. We help you solve these problems! Deployment of Financial suite®’s Corporate housekeeping process results in Reductions •Cost of un noticed expired contracts •Cost of searching
  6. 6. Deployment of Financial suite®’s Corporate housekeeping process results in increase of Better collaboration and better quality within the company Comfortable feeling of being “In Control” Timely and better reports for quarterly internal and external reporting Very efficient contract life cycle management process, track and trace Mail traffic reduced to the minimum Documents at your fingertips Documented process
  7. 7. We help you solve these problems! No need for a project group, A workshop is all you need Sometimes supported with a little help to start up with the contracts
  8. 8. Benefits? Quality of the output increases A high quality basis for a data room at Due diligence “time” Search time reduction and improvement of the process: • Saving hundreds of hours • Time to improve control or • Other alternatives Reduced costs
  9. 9. How? Contents and output secured by the structured process!
  10. 10. Why are my problems solved with Legal Platform Informs and warns • Timely warning long before expiration of contracts • Uses alerts and RSS feeds to show completion and uploaded documents Financial suite® solutions focuses on the processes • Has web services with other software that connects with SharePoint Makes life easy • Secures the process and manages documents • Easy permissions management and easy navigation Knowledge and structure embedded in all processes Good security • Cloud: ISAE 3402 + ISO 27001 certificate with Office365 Saves money
  11. 11. Affordable: Financial suite® ‘s Legal Platform • Payback time is really short. Supports • Collaboration and unlimited nr of Holdings and companies Documented for each due diligence data room situation Competitor comparison • We have a complete corporate housekeeping solution on SharePoint • Connects with project and financial solutions from Financial suite® • Collaborating with finance is a big plus
  12. 12. Financial suite® and Kiss Knowledge Information Structure Sandbox with SharePoint
  13. 13. Financial suite® Legal Platform Visit us on: Or call André Salomons 0031 165512823(C.E.T. Amsterdam)