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Smart Pc Fixer software free downloads and reviews at WinSite. Free Smart Pc Fixer Shareware and Freeware. Smart PC Fixer & Smart Pc Cleaner is a fully featured and easy-to-use system optimization suite. With it, you can clean windows registry, remove cache files, fix errors, defrag disk, update windows, and download dlls.

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Smart PC Fixer

  1. 1. Smart PC Fixer ReviewThis post is about Smart PC Fixer Review – Click below if you’re lookingfor : • Smart PC Fixer Official Site • SmartPCFixer DownloadSo What Is Smart PC Fixer?Smart PC Fixer is a tool to fix, clean and optimize the windows registry.What is The Windows Registry?The Windows Registry is where the Windows operating system keepsrecords of all the information on all the installed software and hardwareand also all types of activities performed by the users (i.e. applicationsyou have installed, system settings changes, applications settings, userprofiles etc..)Why Is It A Good Idea To Fix And Clean The Windows RegistryPeriodically?To start with the windows updates the registry on pretty much all useractivities. At first it doesn’t have much impact on pc performance but inthe long run the registry starts to have old information which is nolonger up to date. This is when the performance issues start to appear.The activities that cause these problems are numerous. These activitiesinclude installing and uninstalling applications and games, updatingdrivers, updating windows etc.. When the registry has these invalidrecords it causes windows errors, system alerts, pc slowdown and evenwindows crashes. So it becomes necessary to fix and clean up theregistry when these problems are observed.How Does Smart PC Fixer Work?
  2. 2. To begin with, installing this registry cleaner is a walk in the park. Theinstallation takes no more than 1 minute and after that you canimmediately start the application and begin repairing and optimizingyour registry and computer.The first thing to do is simply clicking the “Start Scan” button. After thatSmart PC Fixer starts scanning your windows registry for invalid and outof date records which is implemented by a high speed detectionalgorithm. The speed of scan is reasonable as it takes about 5-10minutes to finish a complete scan.As soon as the scanning is finished the program shows the list of all theregistry errors found. The errors are grouped by category and orderedby the priority of each error. Browsing through the list you can review allthe registry errors if you decide to. After that all you have to do is selectthe errors you want to be fixed and click the “Repair” button.There is also the option to make the Smart PC Fixer to start andautomatically scan your computer at Start Up. By using this feature onecan make sure that his or her system and registry is healthy all the time.Features • Scan & CleanSmartPCFixer finds and fixes invalid Windows registry entries. By usingthe scheduled maintenance and running Scan & Cleaner periodically itwill keep your Windows from freezing, crashes, blue screen and generalslowdowns. • System OptimizeThese set of tools are for better optimization of user’s computer system.These tools help to manage Windows optimization, system services,startup items, browser objects, Internet, desktop and so on. By makinguse of these utilities user’s system is tuned up to operate at the optimalstate. • IE ToolsThese tools include IE restorer and BHO (Browser Helper Objects)manager, which find and delete harmful BHO and malicious plug-ins inorder to restore the Internet Explorer to a healthy state.
  3. 3. • System FixThis toolkit has been designed to scan and diagnose problems in youroperating system for better optimization. It manages desktop andstartup, helps you with browser objects maintainance, system services,file extensions repairs. Included are Easy Repair Wizard, Error Utilities,File Association fixer, Register ActiveX, Shortcuts Fixer, Winsock2 Repairtoolkit, Dll Fixer and more. • System ToolsThese bonus System Tools features four useful and effective utilities toimprove the usability and performance of user’s computer. • BackupSmart PC Fixer also includes Favorites Backup, System Backup, RegistryBackup and Folder Backup. There’s also the new built-in function ofRestore Point which enables the user to create a system restore point sohe or she can recover the system to a previous state. This capabilityensures the safety of your operating system when you run the repairprocess.Expert Verdict – Does Smart PC Fixer Really Work?SmartPCFixer is a solid registry cleaner software which also includes allother useful optimization tools besides being a registry cleaner. Whiletesting the software it detected and repaired all the critical errors foundin our system and got the job done. The software also has a 60 days noquestions asked refund guarantee which is a big advantage over othertools on the market. Click Here To Visit Smart PC Fixer Website