SmartData Partner Pvt. Ltd.


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SmartData Partner Pvt. Ltd.

  1. 1. A few questions before we start!!Is your company spending too much on data and research?Do you have plans to enter new markets?Is your product launch delayed due to data and researchconstraints?Do you want to partner and collaborate with a team than justoutsource?Have you ever thought of a remote team to handle your non-coreactivities and save you costs at the same time? It’s worth moving on to the next slide, if your answers are YES for at least 3 of the above questions!!
  2. 2. We Are Sm@rtData Partner Pvt.LtdIn-depth experience in Knowledge Management, Customer Service, Content Moderation, Web Research & Data Entry space!! Your Preferred Data , Research & Content P@rtner
  3. 3. Our Key StrengthsSpeed:Experience measurable benefits within a 30 day turn around.Management:Partner with a team of highly skilled project managers withsector, product and industry specific knowledge.Cost Advantage:Engage in a Global Delivery Model; Receive highly cost-effectivesolutions, customized for the engagement.Technology:Highly skilled team trained to deliver customized solutionsthat complements customer operations. Your Preferred Data , Research & Content P@rtner
  4. 4. How Can We Help! Business Research & Intelligence Executive Search Research Social Media Research Content Services Web Research & Data Entry Customer Support Your Preferred Data , Research & Content P@rtner
  5. 5. Our ClienteleYour Preferred Data , Research & Content P@rtner
  6. 6. Happy To Be Heard!!“SmartData Partner has not only been an outsourcing service provider but acompany that has been a partner to us in our new market entry strategy inIndia. The team has consistently helped us with market information andhelped us to reach out to people who matter. I look forward for a long termalliance.” Lior Maimon, Co-Founder & CEO, Stagee Inc."Anubhav from SmartData Partner was very responsive with his emails andcollaboration with him was very effective.“ Robert Farazin, Business Artist, Code Artists“The team at SDP is great, I mean, a quick response for a rush project and a listof qualified candidates made a difficult task seem so easy. Anubhav and histeam understands the research sphere really well….” Independent Recruiter & Search Consultant
  7. 7. Business Research Company ProfilingTracking & Analyzing Financial & Operational PerformanceCompetitor AnalysisTracking Mergers & AcquisitionsSEC Data Mining (Securities & Exchange Commission)Business StrategyFinancial Snapshots, Business Overview, Stock Information , SWOT etc. Business Intelligence On Demand Research SupportIndustry/ Sector Reports SmartData Partner understands that every research request is different in nature andNew Market Entry Reports offers customized research services as per yourCountry Specific Reports specifications.Customized Newsletters & Alerts
  8. 8. Executive Search ResearchTarget List BuildingWe can help you build a list of potential candidates from top competitors/ marketplayers verified by primary and secondary research techniques.Company ReportsOur business intelligence team helps you with a detailed report for any private/ publiccompany by using various free and paid databases/subscriptions.Lead Generation/ ConfirmationWe help you find and confirm the credentials for a long list of executives.Resume Data Entry Services / Candidate Database ManagementOur data analysts assist you in classifying, sorting and categorizing candidate resumes.Management/ Executive MovesKeep yourself informed about management and executive moves in a particularindustry sector or company.
  9. 9. Social Media & Content Services Social Media Content ServicesMake connections and interact withyour past, current and future Video Tagging & Classification:customers grow into a social Be searched and found easily byrelationship while increasing your potential customers. We dont want yourprofits. Our social media analysts do videos to be lost in the web.all the work for you. Review & Rating Content:Track content and important people Customized review writing services andthrough a manual yet highly effective content curation for higher searchprocess of identifying key people who rankings.matter most to you. Content Moderation Services:Our social media research service is a Protect your brand by ensuring that onlycustomized product designed as per appropriate user generated content isour client’s specifications. posted on your websites.
  10. 10. Web Research & Data EntryOnline Data Entry Online Data Capture and CollectionOnline E-books Data Entry Mailing List & Mailing Label Data EntryData Compilation from Websites Data Typing from Manuscripts to MS WordBusiness Card Data Entry Data Mining and CleansingCatalog Data Entry Data ConversionOnline Forms Processing & Submissions Image & Forms processingWe also provide offline data entry services such as data collection from various sites, URLlist collection and offline form filling.
  11. 11. Thank You