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Storm Smart Hurricane Resource Guide
Storm Smart Hurricane Resource Guide
Storm Smart Hurricane Resource Guide
Storm Smart Hurricane Resource Guide
Storm Smart Hurricane Resource Guide
Storm Smart Hurricane Resource Guide
Storm Smart Hurricane Resource Guide
Storm Smart Hurricane Resource Guide
Storm Smart Hurricane Resource Guide
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Storm Smart Hurricane Resource Guide


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Storm Smart Hurricane Resource Guide is an valuable tool that will help you assess your homes strength during a hurricane and give you evacuation routes with locations to shelters just in case you get …

Storm Smart Hurricane Resource Guide is an valuable tool that will help you assess your homes strength during a hurricane and give you evacuation routes with locations to shelters just in case you get caught in a hurricane.

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  • 1. 2012 VOL. 1 PRESENTS THE HURRICANE GUIDE CHARLOTTE, LEE AND COLLIER COUNTIES Evacuation and Another innovative Shelter Mapsidea helping to educate Southwest Floridaabout protecting what’s important to them, brought to you by Smart Companies CGC1519801STORM PROTECTIONENERGY SOLUTIONSSOLAR SOLUTIONSHOME TECHNOLOGY
  • 2. Discover the Genius of Smart Companies – – Page 2 Impact-Resistant A Dozen Reasons TABLE OF CONTENTS Doors and Windows to Pick The Smart Companies Letter from Founder/President Brian Rist........................4 Storm Smart 2102 Hurricane Resource Guide – – Page 3 Hurricane protection is just the beginning. 1. Serving Southwest Florida for over 16 years With over two million units installed and 2. Successfully protect over 60,000 of your friends Storm-Ready Home Assessment ....................................5 no reported impact failures, our impact- and neighbors resistant windows meet the most stringent Lee County Evacuation Zones, Routes & Shelters ...........6 3. 97% excellent customer satisfaction approval average code requirements for hurricane-force winds for the last five years Are You Ready? ..............................................................7 and flying debris. But they do so much 4. Board of Directors CCCIA (Cape Coral Construction more for your home, your family and your Industry Association) Smart Companies Hurricane Tracking Map................. 8-9 belongings. These custom windows help 5. Members of the IHPA (International Hurricane Protection Association), LBIA (Lee Building Industry Collier County Evacuation Zones, Routes & Shelters .....10 provide year-round security against thieves and intruders, dramatically reduce outdoor Association), CBIA (Collier Building Industry COMPANIES ..........................................11 During and After the Storm noise and filter out 99% of the UV light that Association); several chambers of Commerce, and ASTM (American Society of Testing and Materials) Charlotte County Evacuation Zones ..............................12 enters your home and causes fading. 6. Angie’s List Honor Roll Company 7. A+ rating by the BBB Family Emergency Plan Checklist .................................13 Impact-Resistant Windows and Doors Features 8. Governors Award twice for Corporate Leadership We Care.......................................................................14 • Variety of styles, sizes and tints 9. Finalist for manufacturer of the year in our size for the state of Florida last two years Storm Smart Crossword Puzzle ....................................15 • Qualifies for government energy rebates 10. Lee County Economic Development Council – one of The wise choice for your home the leading private employers in Lee County last PROTECTION | TECHNOLOGY | SOLUTIONS 11. five years Founder of the “We Care” charity for over four years 2012 Hurricane The w Accordion Shutter Features 12. Supporters of Barbara’s Friends, Harry Chapin Food Resource Guide Bank, Uncommon Friends Foundation, Lee, Collier and This form of storm protection has the ability Charlotte Emergency Management, and many other Another innovative idea helping to to cover large spans of lanais and balconies. worthy causes. The wise choice for your home Accordion shutters also work very well for educate Southwest Florida about PROTECTION | TECHNOLOGY | SOLUTIONS Be Safe, Be Smart, Be Storm Smart protecting windows and sliding glass doors, protecting what’s important to them. and are ideal for large openings on commercial structures. The guys worked very hard from start to finish, taking very few breaks in the Accordion Shutter Features summer heat. I really liked that at least one of them THE WISE CHOICE FOR YOUR HOME before so he knew had installed in my community • Easy opening and closing what to expect. They were very efficient and the final • Protects large spans, doors and lanais THE WISE CHOICE FOR YOUR HOME product really looks nice. Even 3 years later. Since the • Store-front locking system installation, I made 2 or 3 errors where I landed on an PROTECTION | TECHNOLOGY | SOLUTIONS • Ideal for residential and commercial structures open door handle while closing the shutters. Totally my 239.274.2754 • Protection from hurricane winds and fault. Someone from the company came out the next airborne objects day and fixed the shutter. Great service is all I have Fort Myers | Naples | Port Charlotte ever had. Michelle R. Call today for your FREE consultation THE WISE CHOICE FOR YOUR HOME PROTECTION | TECHNOLOGY | SOLUTIONS Toll Free: 888.962.7283 Main Office 6182 Idlewild Street Fort Myers, FL 33966 Gift Certificate Brian Rist Authorized by: Brian Rist 239.274.2757 This entitles you to $500 towards a purchase of $5,000 or *Restrictions Apply | License #CGC1519801 more of storm protection for your home* Cannot be combined with any other offers. Must be presented at time of purchase. THE WISE CHOICE FOR YOUR HOME
  • 3. How well will your home withstand hurricane force winds? Letter from the President How Well Will Your Home Withstand Hurricane Force Winds? Storm Ready Assessment BE COOL. Dear Friends and Neighbors, Take The Storm Ready AssessmentDiscover the Genius of Smart Companies – – Page 4 (Circle the number value that corresponds with your answer to each question) BE SAFE. Over the last 16 years I have had the honor of leading Storm Smart through some Storm Smart 2102 Hurricane Resource Guide – – Page 5 When was your home built?: of the most prosperous years and then for many of the most difficult times most (circle one) (Circle the number value that corresponds with your answer to each question) (circle one) Type of Roof-Wall Connection: Prior to 1980 0 Single/Double Wraps 6 of us can ever remember. I take that responsibility very seriously as I watched 1981-1994 4 Clips 4 our company grow from the original three founders to a team of over 100 very When was your home built?: 1995-2002 6 (circle one) Type Toe Nails connection: of roof-wall 2 (circle one) seasoned professionals, many of us now having worked together for over a 1980 and 2003-2011 earlier 8 0 Single/Double Wraps Unknown 2 6 decade. We, as a team, have been honored and we are very proud of the many 1981-1994 2011 or Newer 10 3 Clips 4 1995-2002 5 Toe Nails Type of Roof Cover: 2 accolades received over the years including... 2003-2011 your home or business located?: Where is 7 Unknown Panel Metal 3 2 • Inc. Magazine, selected us four times as one of the fastest-growing privately 2012 or Newer barrier Island On a 1 9 Shingle Type of roof cover: 2 held companies in the United States Less than 1 miles from the coast: 2 Tile 4 Where is your home or business located?: Metal Panel 3 Between 5 & 20 ml. from the coast: 3 Unknown 1 • Governor’s Award for Corporate Leadership selected twice On a barrier Island More than 20 miles from the coast: 4 1 Shingle 2 Less than 5 miles from the coast 2 Tile Is your structure CBS or wood frame?: 4 • Finalist for Manufacturer of the Year, selected twice for company of our size in BE SMART. Between 5your miles fromelevation?: What is & 20 home’s the coast 3 Unknown CBS/Concrete 10 1 the state of Florida More than1’-3’ above seacoast 20 miles from the level ? 4 Wood Frame Is your structure CBS or wood frame?: 5 3’-10’ above sea level What is your home’s elevation?: ? Combination of above CBS/Concrete 8 8 • SW Florida Small Businessman of the Year by the S.B.A. (Small Business 1’-3’ above sea above sea level 10’+ level ? 1 Wood frame 5 Association) 4’-10’ above sea level 3 Openings currently protected: Combination of above 3 Brian Rist Is your home a: Some openings 10 • The News-Press “Best of Southwest Florida” several years running and many 11’+ above sea level Single Family ? 5 Openings currently protected: All Openings 20 President & Owner other accolades that we are all very proud of. Is your home a: Multi-Family ? SomeNo openings openings 0 3 But the standard I am most proud of is creating an environment of unmatched customer service that today Single Family 4 All openings 8 Multi-Family Select number of stories?: 2 No openings Type of Opening Protection: 0 produces an outstanding 43% referral base of new customers and maintaining this average year after year. Being said in other words, almost half of the customers we serve today come to us because we provided products Select number Story One of stories: 4 Type FLOpening Protection: of Building Code Approved Two or more stories 2 Automatically Deployed 30 One 4 FL Building Code Approved and services for their neighbors, friends or relatives. We learned a long time ago that if one takes care of their Two or more deck type: 2 Manually Deployed Automatically (does not meet FL Building Code) Deployed ? 6 customer their business will take care of them. We believe that fact goes a long way in why we have stayed in Select roof Ordinary 20 Select roof deck type: Plywood/OSB 3 Manually Deployed None 0 5 business successfully while many of our past competitors are no longer in business. Plywood/OSBDimensional Lumber 2 3 Ordinary (does not meet FL Building Code) 3 Over the years we have created a mission statement that clearly states our goals – “Storm Smart will consistently Concrete Dimensional Lumber 4 2 AreNone a: you 0 deliver unmatched customer service while delivering and manufacturing state-of-the-art innovative, energy Concrete 4 Are you a:time resident Full ? saving and hurricane protection products.” Today we are proud to have served over 60,000 of your friends and Select Roof Shape: Select roof shape: Full-time residentresident Part time ? 4 Hip* 6 Part-time resident 1 neighbors. We have done this by constantly reinventing ourselves and our product lines. We are proud of our Hip* Gable** 1 6 Is your Structure mobile or conventional?: Storm-Catcher line of wind abatement products. We pioneered the idea of using a fabric to protect structures Gable** Other 3 1 Is your Structure mobile or conventional?: Mobile 1 Other **Gable 3 MobileConventional 2 1 from sun and inclement weather, giving homeowners an alternative to living in a cave-like dark environment to Conventional 4 secure a home when a storm is threatening. *Hip In 2011, we aligned ourselves under the name of The Smart Companies, in that we took Storm Smart, one (Add up all of the circled values above and record Explanation of score results: The total score in the circled values above below) (Add up all of the space provided and record of the largest hurricane-protection companies, Smart Traxs and Storm Catcher, which are mostly wholesale Explanation of score results: the total score in the space provided below) manufacturing companies, and Energy Smart, a passive energy exploration company, to better align ourselves Above 70: Means you have done well to protect your home and family from the with our companies’ adjustment of our product lines to help our customers not only protect their homes against Above 85: TOTAL SCORE:________________ TOTAL SCORE:________________ threat of hurricane force winds. hurricanes, but to better help their homes become more energy efficient and to reduce the burden of the ever- Means you have done well to protect your home and family Between 59 and 69: rising insurance costs. Experts agree that one of the next biggest storms we all will have to deal with is the rising from the threat of hurricane force winds. There is an opportunity to improve the chances of your home surviving cost of energy. Between 75 and 85++: hurricane force winds. ++ IF YOU WOULD LIKE LIKE MORE INFORMATION There is an opportunity to improve the chances of your Between 48 and 58: ++ IF YOU WOULD MORE INFORMATION As we approach the 2012 hurricane season, we strongly recommend that you develop a plan to protect your home surviving hurricane force winds. ON BUILDING CODES OR TYPES OF Indicates you need to take action to protect your home from high winds ON BUILDING CODES OR TYPES OF HURRICANE PROTECTION PRODUCTS, family and property. Always remember the wise old saying, “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” If you have hurricane Between 60 and 75++: and flying debris. HURRICANE PROTECTION PRODUCTS, protection please make sure now that everything needed is there and in good working order. If your home is Indicates you need to take action to protect your home CALL THE SMART COMPANIES @: 239-938-1000 Less than 48: CALL THE SMART COMPANIES @: currently not protected or protected with products you no longer have the ability to use, now is the time to take Suggests thewinds and flying debris. From high envelope of your home is vulnerable and might fail to OR VISIT: WWW.GETSMARTCOMPANIES.COM action. We and others in our industry can help you now but once the storms start to form, often our lead times Less than 60++: withstand hurricane force winds. Suggests the envelope of your home is vulnerable and 239-938-1000 become longer and your options become limited. Let’s all hope that this hurricane season is safe for all of us but might fail to withstand hurricane force winds. OR VISIT: WWW.GETSMARTCOMPANIES.COM always remember “Be Safe, Be Smart, Be Storm Smart.” Gift Certificate Thank you, and we wish you all a safe uneventful 2012 hurricane season. Best Regards, Main Office 6182 Idlewild Street Brian Rist Brian Rist Fort Myers, FL 33966 239.274.2757 This entitles you $1,000 towards a purchase of $10,000 Authorized by: Brian Rist Brian Rist, President & Owner or more of storm protection for your home* *Restrictions Apply | License #CGC1519801 Storm Smart, a Division of Smart Companies Cannot be combined with any other offers. Must be presented at time of purchase.
  • 4. Discover the Genius of Smart Companies – – Page 6 LEE COUNTY EVACUATION ZONES, ROUTES & SHELTERS Are You Ready? Everyone needs to be prepared for the unexpected. You, as well as your family and friends, will most likely not be together when disaster strikes. How will you find each other? Will you know if your children or parents are safe? You may have to Storm Smart 2102 Hurricane Resource Guide – – Page 7 Miles 4 COLUMBUS BLVD evacuate or be confined to your home. What will you do if water, gas, electricity or phone services are shut off? MOORE AVE RD E 23RD ST E 2ND ST SUNRISE BLVD NIMITZ BLVD E 21ST ST DOW VD EISENHOWER BL VD BL NT 3 MEA GR A JAGUAR BLVD Lee County GIS PREPARED BY: JOEL BLVD April 14, 2011 E 14TH ST 8 E 12TH ST E 10TH ST E 9TH ST 2 E 7TH ST BELL BLVD S E 6TH ST 2 A R BLVD 20 W 7TH ST ND AVE 0 0.5 1 RICH M O RD S OMESTEAD LE BLVD E NBRI RICHMOND AVE N H 32 GREE W 6TH ST DA W 12TH ST W 14TH ST W 17TH ST K P AR When in a Watch Area… WILLIAMS AVE RD S VD MA BL N RIVER RD BA NT A CORKSCREW RD LA GR BLVD N SUNSHINE A 1ST ST W • Frequently listen to radio, TV or NOAA Weather Radio All C 59TH ST W MAJOR SUNSHINE BLVD S OLIVE AVE N 40TH ST SW Hazards for official bulletins of the storm’s progress. 67TH ST W BLVD EVACUATI ON ZONES , RO UT ES & EM E RGE NCY PUB LI C SH ELT ERS 8TH ST SW 12 NSET RD LEE OLDOLGA RD • Fuel and service family vehicles. 82 CEMETERY RD STORM SR C B SU RD N GUNN ERY GUNNERY RD S 31 16 23 LV D • Inspect and secure mobile home tie-downs. S ALICO RD VD VIEWB E TERRY ST BL BUCKINGHAM RD D D DR HURRICANE LF AR • Ensure you have extra cash on hand. ST O IN H BLVD G ON GRI F F FIFTH LE ABRAMS BLVD 3 BLVD SS BEAC R LVD CE ALVIN AV E YB D TEWA AC • Prepare to cover all windows Major doors with shutters or other and GA 75 RIVER PALM AL DANIELS PKWY SR 31 IN RD 1 DEAN ST TE R M TIPS SHORE P IAL K W AY OLD B Y ORANGE P KW ER shielding materials. Y FIN I MP BONITA BEACH RD Storm 11 STALEY RD IF COLONIAL BLVD PALM CREEK DR GR EA L VE BEN HIL D LIN 1R TRE E TREELINE AVE S THREE OAKS PKWY D4 OL Hurricane 22 • Check batteries and stock up Tips!canned food, first-aid supplies, on RD B RD DURRANC E ESTERO PKWY 28 29 41 75 10 OL D 9 TICE ST NALLE RD LUCKETT RD drinking water and medications. PALOMINO LN SANDY LN COCONUT RD ORIOLE RD WILLIAMS RD NALLE GRADE RD ORTIZ AVE BAY BLVD DANIELS PKWY HETT PKW Y BROADWAY W D C VD LEE RD ALICO RD SE DR MARTIN LUTHER KING JR BLV PRITC EXT BL 30 E Y EL KW AV • Bring in lightweight objects such as garbage cans, garden tools, A NIB P 15 S NI T ES ER SA R YP KL EC RL BO I T RICH RD 7 WIN MIL MICHIGAN AVE IAM S TA M SIX COLONIAL BLVD toys and lawn furniture. LIFF RD 75 K RD D 4 PLANTATION RD R D BLV E 26 OR RY FORD ST 24 PAR KO METRO PKWY SH SLATER RD HIC BRIA RC 41 Y BA EVANS AVE ST ISLAND PARK RD ND Before Hurricane Season MELLOW DR HART RD FOWLER ST CO S CLEVELAND AVE T GE CLEVELAND AVE YS ED ID When in a Warning Area… ISO BA BR N D LAUREL D R LV 21 CYPRESS LAKE DR COLLEGE PKWY 27 CORTEZB E • Determine safe evacuation routes inland. PINEY RD AV 14 C ND LA GE • Closely monitor radio, TV or NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards for D VE LV GLADIOLUS DR RL E RID BLVD OB I T CL MOODY RD OR TER ES • Learn locations of official shelters. MIAM TB N EG N TA GR IN MC PO official bulletins. A MID O RANGE GROVE BLVD RD 17 D LIN BLV D TR • Check emergency equipment, such as flashlights, generators 41 ER HANCOCK BRIDGE PKWY A & W BULB RD COR B ET SE 24TH AVE DO MM NE 6TH ST 2011 Evacuation Zones RA • Close storm shutters. RD VISCAYA PKWY SU 13 LP KISMET PKWY E ND DE and battery-powered equipment such as cell phones and your LA PINE RIDGE RD Primary Evacuation Route and Clearance Times Emergency Public Shelter E IS PRADO BLVD 27.5 to 32.5 hours DEL 35.5 to 40.5 hours • Follow instructions issued by local officials. Leave immediately PIN D 5 LV 10 to 10.5 hours IONA RD NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards receiver. Y T R CLUB BLVD NE 6 B SAN CARLOS N 13 to 14 hours 19 to 20 hours COU ANDALUSIA BLVD if ordered! BLVD E ACADEMY BLVD SE 8TH ST TROPICANA PKWY JOHN MORRIS RD PALM T REE • Buy food that will keep, and store drinking water. SANTA BARBARA BLVD SANTA BARBARA BLVD • Stay with friends or relatives at a low-rise inland hotel or at a DAVIS RD WY VETERANS PWKY PK CAPE CORAL PKWY PELICAN BLVD D B LV TRAFALGAR PKWY • Buy plywood or other material to protect your home if you don’t 25 TB NELSON RD N ON SKYLINE BLVD OIN GT LP RD designated public shelter outside the flood zone. EL DORADO PKWY EL MIN SH D WIL L AN already have it. 18 KISMET PKWY W CHIQUITA BLVD N 19 SW PINE IS CHIQUITA BLVD AY BEACH PKWY W EMBERS PKWY • DO NOT stay in a mobile or manufactured home. TROPICANA PKWY W SEW D A B C E • Trim trees and shrubbery so branches don’t fly into your home. AU CEITUS PK WY EL DORADO BLVD N C EL NIB VD • Notify neighbors and a family member outside of the warned SA 10 BL SANDS BLVD S URFSIDE • Clear clogged rain gutters and downspouts. BURNT STORE RD WAY area of your evacuation plans. KLE IWIN • Decide where to move your boat. OLD BURNT STORE RD DIXIE BEACH BLVD PER • Take pets with you if possible, but remember, most public RD YO RK • Review your insurance policy. shelters do not allow pets other than those used by people with A • Find pet-friendly hotels on your evacuation route. disabilities. RD F DR PTIVA W RD L LLO GU NGFE STRI -CA ST • Identify pet-friendly hotels along your evacuation route. EL WE NIB SA Source: Southwest Florida Regional Planning Council LAND RD and Lee County Emergency Management PIN E MAIN ST DR CAPTIVA I used the services of Storm Smart Industries in the spring of this year for installing automatic roll-down screens for large windows to protect them from hurricane damage. I have used them twice. They were great and fine. They were here on time and did what they said they were going to do. Their price was competitive. Their workmanship was excellent. They cleaned up after themselves. Everything worked fine. I haven’t had any problem with A RD GASPAR ILL 21. N. Fort Myers Academy of the Arts – 1856 Arts Way South Ft Myers High School –14020 Plantation Blvd 9. Estero Comm. Center – 9200 Corkscrew Palm Blvd 14. J. C. Colin English Elementary – 120 Pine Island Rd Tanglewood Elementary – 1620 Manchester Blvd Island Coast High School – 2125 DeNavarra Pkwy the equipment they installed. I would use them again. Bart B. 28. Three Oaks Elementary – 19600 Cypress View Dr East Lee High School – 715 Thomas-Sherwin Ave Royal Palm Exceptional Center – 3050 Indian St Mirror Lakes Elementary – 525 Charwood Ave 29. Three Oaks Middle – 18500 Three Oaks Pkwy 23. Riverdale High School – 2600 Buckingham Rd Diplomat Elementary – 1115 NE 16 Terrace Lehigh Senior High School – 801 Gunnery Rd Veterans Park Academy – 49 Homestead Rd Colonial Elementary – 3800 Schoolhouse Rd 2. Alva Elem/Middle School – 17500 Church St Dunbar High School – 3800 East Edison Ave Harns Marsh Elementary – 1800 Unice Ave Mariner Middle School – 425 Chiquita Blvd 10. Estero High School – 21900 River Ranch Rd 11. Germain Arena – 11000 Everblades Pkwy Mariner High School – 701 Chiquita Blvd Diplomat Middle – 1039 NE 16 th Terrace EMERGENCY PUBLIC SHELTERS Varsity Lakes Middle – 901 Gunnery Rd 1. Alico Arena – 12181 FGCU Lake Pkwy Lee Middle School – 1333 Marsh Ave 22. Oak Hammock Middle – 5321 Tice St 3. Bonita Springs YMCA – 27200 Kent Rd th Skyline Elementary – 620 SW 19th St 17. Littleton Elementary – 700 Hutto Rd Gift Certificate 30. Tice Elementary – 4524 Tice St Alva/East Fort Myers North Fort Myers Main Office Bonita Springs Lehigh Acres 6182 Idlewild Street Brian Rist Fort Myers Cape Coral San Carlos Fort Myers, FL 33966 Authorized by: Brian Rist Estero 239.274.2757 This entitles you $1,000 towards a purchase of $10,000 Tice *Restrictions Apply | License #CGC1519801 27. 31. 32. 25. 26. 20. 19. 24. 18. 15. 12. 16. 13. 7. 5. 6. 4. 8. or more of storm protection for your home* Cannot be combined with any other offers. Must be presented at time of purchase.
  • 5. Atlantic Basin Hurricane Tracking Alberto, Beryl, Chris, Debby, Ernesto, Florence, Gordon, Helene, Isaac, Smart Companies Hurricane Tracking Chart 2012 Hurricane Names: ChartDiscover the Genius of Smart Companies – – Page 8 Joyce, Kirk, Leslie, Michael, Nadine, Oscar, Patty, Rafael, Sandy, Tony, Valerie and William Storm Smart 2102 Hurricane Resource Guide – – Page 9 National Hurricane Center, Miami, Florida 105°W 100°W 95°W 90°W 85°W 80°W 75°W 70°W 65°W 60°W 55°W 50°W 45°W 40°W 35°W 30°W 25°W 20°W 15°W 10°W 50°N 50°N NL QC PEI NB ME 45°N ON NS 45°N VT NY NH MA ! Boston CT PA ! RI 40°N OH Philadelphia ! New York City 40°N MD! NJ WV VA Azores ! VA Beach NC 35°N 35°N SC ! Charleston MS AL GA Bermuda TX LA New Orleans ! Jacksonville 30°N Houston ! ! 30°N FL ! Miami 25°N 25°N The Bahamas Western Sahara Mexico Cuba Haiti Dom. 20°N Cayman Is. 20°N Republic Jamaica B.V.I. Anguilla Leeward Islands Mauritania St. Martin Belize Puerto U.S.V.I. Antigua Rico St. Kitts Guadeloupe and Nevis Cape Verde Islands Guatemala Dominica 15°N Honduras Martinique Senegal 15°N St. Lucia El Barbados The Gambia Salvador Nicaragua Grenada Windward Islands Trinidad 10°N Costa 10°N Rica Panama Colombia Venezuela 5°N 5°N 105°W 100°W 95°W 90°W 85°W 80°W 75°W 70°W 65°W 60°W 55°W 50°W 45°W 40°W 35°W 30°W 25°W 20°W 15°W 10°W We couldn’t be more happy with the results. Everything from the quoting to the final installation was done Your sales representative was very knowledgeable about your products and helped me make the right with great professionalism. The workmen, Earl, Joe and Pat, were excellent at their trade and literally fun to decisions. He was always there to answer any and all questions for me. Patricia and Maria C. work with. And... Storm Smart beat Home Depot by $2,000. What more can we say! Jim & Karen W.
  • 6. Discover the Genius of Smart Companies – – Page 10 COLLIER COUNTY EVACUATION ZONES, ROUTES & SHELTERS After the Storm • Keep listening to radio, TV or NOAA Weather Radio MAJOR Storm Smart 2102 Hurricane Resource Guide – – Page 11 All Hazards. • Wait until an area is declared safe before entering. STORM • Watch for closed roads. If you come upon a barricade or a HURRICANE flooded road, stay on firm, dry ground. Moving water only 6 inches deep can sweep you off your feet. Major TIPS • Standing water may be electrically charged from power lines. Storm Hurricane Tips! • If using a generator, avoid carbon monoxide poisoning by following the manufacturer’s instructions. During the Storm • Avoid weakened bridges and washed out roads. • Once home, check gas, water, electrical and appliances Plan to Leave if You... for damage. • Live in a mobile home. They are unsafe in high winds no • Use a flashlight to inspect damage. Never use candles matter how well fastened to the ground. and other open flames indoors. • Live on the coastline, an offshore island or near a river or a • Wear proper shoes to prevent cutting feet on flood plain. sharp debris. • Live in a high-rise building. Hurricane winds are stronger at • Do not drink or prepare food with tap water until officials higher elevations. say it is safe. • Avoid electrocution by not walking in areas with downed If Staying in a Home... power lines. • Turn refrigerator to maximum cold and keep it closed. • Turn off utilities if told to do so by authorities. • Turn off propane tanks. • Unplug small appliances. • Fill bathtub and large containers with water in case clean tap water is unavailable. Use water in bathtubs for cleaning and flushing only. DO NOT drink it. If Winds Become Strong... • Stay away from windows and doors, even if they are covered. Take refuge in a small interior room, closet or hallway. • Close all interior doors. Secure and brace external doors. • If you are in a two-story house, go to an interior first-floor room. • If you are in a multi-story building and away from water, go to the 1st or 2nd floor and stay in the halls or other interior rooms away from windows. • Lie on the floor under a table or other sturdy object. Be Alert For... • Tornadoes—they are often spawned by hurricanes. • The calm “eye” of the storm—it may seem like the storm is over, but after the eye passes, the winds will change direction and quickly return to hurricane force. They are very reputable. They are just so good. The shade has a remote to open and close. It also has a hand crank in case electricity goes out. The material is like bulletproof. We also use the shade as a form of security at night. They are a great company and they stand by everything they do. Nancy G.
  • 7. Discover the Genius of Smart Companies – – Page 12 CHARLOTTE COUNTY EVACUATION ZONES Family Emergency • Inspect your home for items that can move, fall, break or catch fire and correct them. Plan Checklist • Have your family learn basic safety measures, such as CPR and Storm Smart 2102 Hurricane Resource Guide – – Page 13 GLADES COUNTY first aid, how to use a fire extinguisher, and how and when to "To exceed expectations in the delivery of public services." Charlotte County Government turn off water, gas and electricity in your home. responsibilities as to its use. This is not a survey or is it to be used for design. Reflected Dimensions are for Informational purposes only and may have been rounded to the nearest tenth. For precise dimensions, please refer to recorded plats and related documents. © Copyright 2011 Port This map is a representation of compiled public information. It is believed to be an accurate and true depiction for the stated purpose, but Charlotte County and its employees make no guaranties, implied or otherwise, to the accuracy, or completeness. We therefore do not accept any M:DepartmentsLISProjectsStormSurgeZonesEvacuationZones.mxd • Teach children how and when to call 911 or your local 2 Miles emergency number. . • Keep enough supplies in your home for at least 3 days. MAJOR Assemble an emergency supplies kit. Store these supplies in 0 sturdy, easy-to-carry containers, such as backpacks or duffle STORM 1 bags. Keep important documents in a waterproof container. Keep a smaller emergency supplies kit in the trunk of your car. 2 HURRICANE • Practice and maintain your plan. Ensure your family knows 7 6 5 4 74 meeting places, phone numbers and safety rules. Conduct Major TIPS drills. Test your smoke detectors and NWR monthly and change Storm Hurricane the batteries at least once each year. Test and recharge your Tips! fire extinguisher(s) according to manufacturer’s instructions. Þ ? Þ ? Replace stored water and food every 6 months. Emergency Supplies Kit Checklist: ___ At least a 3-day supply of water (one gallon per person, • Gather information about hazards. Contact your local National Evacuation Routes per day) Weather Service office, emergency management office and American Red Cross chapter. Find out what type of ___ At least a 3-day supply of non-perishable food ___ At least one change of clothing and shoes per person Non Evacuation Zone emergencies could occur and how you should respond. Learn your community’s warning signals and evacuation plans. Assess ___ One blanket or sleeping bag per person your risks and identify ways to make your home and property ___ First-aid kit more secure. ___ Battery-powered NWR and a portable radio 7 6 5 4 74 DESOTO COUNTY • Meet with your family to create an emergency plan. Pick two ___ Emergency tools places to meet: a spot outside your home for an emergency, $ b " ! E ___ Flashlight, extra batteries such as fire, and a place away from your neighborhood in case o ) ___ Extra set of car keys LEGEND 7 6 5 4 v ) 768 you can’t return home. Choose an out-of-state friend as your family’s point of contact for everyone to call if the family gets ___ Credit card and cash separated. Discuss what you would do if advised to evacuate. ___ Special items for infant, elderly or disabled family members LEE COUNTY ___ Prescription and non-prescription medicines C D • Implement your plan. 7 6 5 4 765A $ b " ! 7 6 5 4 765 7 6 5 4 765 • Post emergency telephone numbers by the phone. 7 6 5 4 R 776 VE • Install safety features in your house, such as smoke alarms and RI PEAC E ) v 7 6 5 4 769 fire extinguishers. Punta Gorda CHARLOTTE COUNTY City of A B CHARLOTTE HARBOR We feel the process went excellent from the beginning to end. They were very professional about the whole Evacuation Zones SARASOTA COUNTY estimating process. They showed up at the scheduled time and finished as scheduled. They cleaned up the v ) work area and left it as they found it. The installation has worked flawlessly since it was installed. John R. ý A Charlotte, FL by Charlotte County Prepared 09-2011 by John M. ER RIV The quality of work that was performed was impeccable. They were always courteous and took the time to explain everything. Their integrity was unquestionable, which meant everything to me. Dave & Rose G. A AK K MY 7 6 5 4 771 Metadata available upon request Gift Certificate Source: CCGIS, EOC Stateplane Projection SARASOTA COUNTY ý A 7 6 5 4 Datum: NAD83 775 Units: Meters Main Office Land Information MEXICO 6182 Idlewild Street Brian Rist GULF Section OF Fort Myers, FL 33966 Authorized by: Brian Rist This entitles you to $500 towards a purchase of $5,000 7 6 5 4 239.274.2757 776 *Restrictions Apply | License #CGC1519801 or more of storm protection for your home* Cannot be combined with any other offers. Must be presented at time of purchase.
  • 8. Lee County, Florida, September 20, 2011: Storm Smart Industries installed free hurricane protection on the Center for Visually Impaired Persons because of the center’s winning Storm SmartDiscover the Genius of Smart Companies – – Page 14 submission in Storm Smart’s “We Care” program. Hurricane Resource Crossword Puzzle Storm Smart 2102 Hurricane Resource Guide – – Page 15 “This really does my heart good. We donate something every year, and this time the workers and I are really pleased to install the shutters at this center,” said Mike Killeen of Storm Smart. “I call it a privilege to give back to the community.” Storm Smart is covering all costs associated with this project, which includes all material, manufacturing, and installation. “The ACROSS Win $100 gift card hurricane protection, which is worth nearly $14,000, will help 3. In which county is Parkside Elementary listed protect the 10,000-square-foot building from storm damage. COMPANIES as a shelter? To Home Depot! The center, located in North Fort Myers, has been open for 30 4. Which one of our shutters rolls up into a hood? years and has never had any protection against any tropical storms or hurricanes. 6. In 2012, which hurricane name starts “I am thrilled to get these shutters and the other protections,” said Margaret Lincoln, director of with "N"? the center. “We have just gotten about $100,000 worth of special computers to help the visually impaired. This will help to 7. How many satisfied customers does protect that special hardware from being damaged or destroyed.” Storm Smart have? 11. Which one of our hurricane shutters is made Sandy Martin, a client at the center, says she hopes the center can become a certified of fabric? hurricane shelter for the visually impaired. Martin went through Hurricane Wilma in Collier The wise choice for your home COMPANIES County, and told us, “It is very frightening to be visually impaired, and to have to hunker DOWN PROTECTION | TECHNOLOGY | SOLUTIONS down in an apartment while the storm is whirling outside. I would feel better to be at the 1. What type of windows & doors do we sell? center with people I know and trust if there is a hurricane.” 2. Which county is Royal Palm Exceptional Center The wise choice for your home PROTECTION | TECHNOLOGY | SOLUTIONS Brian Rist says, “Thank you Southwest Florida for listed as a shelter? being so good to us. We are honored to give back 5. Storm Smart has "________ _________" to organizations like Visually Impaired Persons of for poor customer service. Southwest Florida. I am always looking for qualified 8. How long haschoiceSmart beenhome The wise Storm for your in business? candidates for this program. If you are in need of this 9. What is the owner of Storm Smarts name? PROTECTION | TECHNOLOGY | SOLUTIONS program, or know of an organization that is in need of “We Care,” I want to hear 10. Which type of aluminum shutter folds? from you.” Please log onto and click on the “We Care” program link and submit your entry. We review each entry and will pick one each month during hurricane season. We look forward to all of your entries. THE WISE CHOICE FOR YOUR HOME Storm Catcher Screens ® THE WISE CHOICE FOR YOUR HOME PROTECTION | TECHNOLOGY | SOLUTIONS This innovative product line is perfect for both large and small openings and is especially useful in protecting difficult openings that other types of systems cannot cover. Storm Catcher Screens keep out the wind and flying debris yet let in natural light. The Storm Catcher line includes Strap THE WISE CHOICE FOR YOUR HOME We will be having a random drawing PROTECTION | TECHNOLOGY | SOLUTIONS and Buckle Screen, Roll Down Screen, Easy Screen, Grommet Screen and $100 Gift Card to the Home Depot! Slide Screen. All you have toAll you have to do tolog on to Facebook and click like and do is log on is Facebook and click and Storm Catcher® Features Post the answerthe answer to question #4. send us to question #4. • Protects lanais and garages EASILY! • Motorized or crank-down The first person to answer the question correctly will win a • Lightweight for easy installation • Reduce hurricane winds by 97% $100 Gift Card to Home Depot! we expected. Everything It was a great experience. We found them on Angie’s List. The workers were good. Everything was on time, • Florida Building Code approved THE WISE CHOICE FOR YOUR HOME clean, and done well. Overall, I give them an A. The price was far better than looked first class. I would use them again. Charles M.