Ira Giannakoudaki a SCE 2012
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Ira Giannakoudaki a SCE 2012






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Ira Giannakoudaki a SCE 2012 Ira Giannakoudaki a SCE 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • Intervento di Ira Giannakoudaki Al convegno [co.05] Meet the cities: i progetti delle più importanti città europee verso una human smart city / Meet the cities: the human-oriented projects of the most important European citiesdi Martedì, 30 ottobre 2012 Consulta il programma di SCE2012
  • DAEMAthens, Greece Key words: smart square,communities, co-decision, governance Smart Square more on:
  • Context :citizens wishing to be heard, to communicatetheir problems and be part of the democratic dialogue-Municipality of Athens interested in citizens opinions andwishing to involve them in services co-design and providethem with as much information as possible about the citythrough innovative applications View slide
  • Problem :low awareness and sense of belonging, trustbreached, limited resources, citizen-city communicationchannels not effective or not interactive, top-downapproaches in service production not meeting actual citizenand city needs View slide
  • Strategy: To initiate a living and ongoing process whichwas initially conceptualized and based upon characteristicsof the real world , but then was reconceived as a virtualplace, a virtual citizen community that can be instantiated atany city area, for any reason, at any time; To promote citizenlearning and involvement in service co-design procedures;To remunerate citizens and visitors with mobile applicationsthat improve the city experience, and provide not only cityinformation but a dialogue space as well for prioritizingneeds in services production
  • A personal DVS will be defined by selecting a specific location of the city and a radius around it. After thisUser enters the selection all theDVS through availablehis/ her mobile informationdevice and about the newviews the public DVS will beDVSs or creates presented in thehis / her own form of POIs onDVS which will a map or listbe locally view. Also,stored on he/she seeshis/her mobile some more details upon selection Solution: The Virtual Digital Square- MySquare Application by ATC
  • Reflections: expected benefits =simple, quantitative &qualitative .. Smart Square most important implications= “smart communities of citizens in a smart city context ofgovernance”