Athens is a riddle - Athens' branding up until now.


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A city is a riddle. Discover Athens' branding up until now!

Athens CoCreation Branding Project
Panteion University Of Social And Political Sciences
Department of Communication, Media and Culture
MA in Cultural Management
Course: Cultural Marketing and Communication
Course Instructor: Betty Tsakarestou, Assistant Professor and Head of Advertising and Public Relations Lab

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Athens is a riddle - Athens' branding up until now.

  1. 1. A city is a riddle
  2. 2. Is this Athens Today?
  3. 3. We don’t think so!
  4. 4. Athens is much more than that!Let’s see…
  5. 5. Athens Branding up to now
  6. 6. Athens marketing before 2004• only promotional campaigns for the country as a wholeby the Greek National Tourism Organisation (GNTO)• purely promotional activitieswith no evident marketing plan• characterised by extreme instability and inconsistency– in the fourteen years between 1991 and 2004, the GNTO has used eightdifferent logos and ten different slogans• some minor promotion of Athens was doneeither by the GNTO or by the tourism sector(e.g. Chamber of Hoteliers, Association of GreekTourism Enterprises [SETE]),with no cooperation between them
  7. 7. Athens 2004 Olympic GamesA milestone
  8. 8. Winning an Olympic Games bid is regarded as a significant victoryin the never-ending contest between the world’s leading citiesfor prestige and investment.In recent years the Games has turned into a mega eventand serves as a platform for host cities and countriesto tell a new story to the world about themselves.
  9. 9. Athens 2004 Logos
  10. 10. The logoolive tree branch• reference to the greek heritageof the Games• sacred tree and symbol of theancient city-state of Athensopen circle• open invitation to humanity toparticipate in the Olympiccelebration• rendered by hand in a free,modern and unrestricted manner,reflecting the human element.
  11. 11. A great opportunityThe Organizing Committeerealized that the upcomingOlympic Games eventwas a great media and PR opportunity for Greece“to re-launch itself in the eyes of the world”.• Thus the necessity to investigate the internationalimage of Greece, find out what the world thought ofthe host country of the 2004 Games and decide uponwhat needed to be changed, emphasized upon,and communicated.
  12. 12. The Organizing Committeesurveys the groundIn December 2003, according to a tailor made qualitativeresearch among opinion leaders in six countries,Greece is primarily being perceived as idyllic holidaydestination and secondarily as a place of great culturalsignificance.
  13. 13. “... idyllic holiday destination”< Sun and sea are part of this stereotypical image,… as also are spontaneity and laissez-faireand a sense of warmth and hospitality. >
  14. 14. “… a place of great cultural significance”< The significance of the Greek culture mainly stemsfrom its history and link to ancient times,rather than from the nation’s modern achievements >
  15. 15. 2003 ATHOC research (cont.)• Respondents also seem tohave a clear image of theGreek people, who aredescribed as warm, friendly,welcoming, traditional,family-oriented, strong, andproud people that love life.• The Greeks are perceived topossess a large degree ofself-assuredness, as peoplewho manage to solveproblems rather ad hocthanks to their creativity andability to improvise.On the other hand, Greeks seem to belacking the qualities of careful planning,reliability and organizational skills,which are perceived by the respondents askey to the success of a modern state.
  16. 16. • Opinion leaders express the need to be “guided”through the achievements of Greeceas a contemporary country in order to dispelall myths and cliches regarding the passionatebut unreliable Greek character.•• … it would be advisable to focus communication moreon Greek modernity and socio-economical developmentrather than Ancient Greece, the classical values andthe natural beauty of the country.2003 ATHOC research (cont.)
  17. 17. During the Games - The positive impression• Against all odds, Greeks manageto stage a well organized event,involving thousands of spectators,volunteers, engaging thousandsof athletes and the world.The atmosphere is that of aunique Olympic celebration.Transportation works well,there are no security issues,visitors feel comfortable and infact enthusiastic being in Athens,following the sports events,having fun.
  18. 18. Apologies!Rich Reilly from Sports Illustrated:- An open letter to Athensand its crowd:“Sorry about the way we acted. We wereparanoid and stupid and just flat out wrong.Our bad.If you want, well sleep on the couch.We mocked you, ridiculed you, figured youwouldnt be ready. We envisioned you as abunch of lazy, swarthy guys in wife-beaterT-shirts chugging ouzo instead of finishingthe baseball dugouts.We were sure steeplechasers would have tojump over drying cement, pole vaulters over
  19. 19. A success for the city’s image?Not necessarily so…• The 17 days of the Games attracted worldwide media attention.The positive impact of the Games has been perceived by thegeneral public internationally.• However, as Athensdiscovered rather too late,the event itself does notautomatically do anythingfor the country’s brand.It is a media opportunity,not a branding activity itself…• For the country, it was a unique opportunity to relaunch itself tothe eyes of the world with a consistent strategy of objectives,means and vehicles, key messaging, successful implementationand follow up ……which is not what happened.
  20. 20. What others did?• Christopher Brown,Tourism Task Force of the AustralianGovernment (October 2000):“What we need to do now though isnot rest on our laurels, not think thatthe gold medals weve won in terms ofpromotion will simply translate intoflights into Australia full of rich touristswanting to create jobs. That is achallenge thatwe have to keep going with. Weve gotto keep advertising, weve got to keepmarketing, we have to keep flying thatAustralian flag all round the worldbecause we go stale pretty quickly oncethe Olympic circus leaves town.”
  21. 21. The 2004 legacy
  22. 22. The 2004 legacy (2)
  23. 23. The image of Athens• The Olympic Games (and all developmentefforts) did have an impact on the city’s imageas a tourism destination (although not assignificant as expected) but not on theevaluation of other aspects.• Need for strategies that would cover allfunctions of the city and particularly focus onthe residents’ own perceptions andexperiences.
  24. 24. Tourism expectations• Athens has upgraded and continues to improve its tourism product …• However, the city’s reaction to the opportunities created by the Gameshas certainly been slow.• It seems fair to conclude that although Athens did get the push it neededfrom the Olympic Games, another difficult task is ahead: to take seriousaction.
  25. 25. A (weak) wind of change• The stated reason of everything that is done in theregion during the first years after 2004 and concernseconomic prospects, tourism development, theimage of the city but also urban development ingeneral, is the explicit attempt to capitalise on the(supposed) positive effects that the Gameshad on the city, which at least seem to mobilize theauthorities.• As a beginning, the marketing effort of Athensfocuses on tourism development with the clear goalto make Athens a top city-break destination inEurope.
  26. 26. The campaign for the Region• For the first time, a concrete and thorough promotional planfor the region of Attica and a comprehensive promotionalcampaign in the years 2005-2006• Once again, the campaign has been discontinued• Today, what has survived this effort can be seen at theregion’s website
  27. 27. Slogan and goals of the campaign‘Surprise your self in Athens Attica’• to reinforce and take advantage of theelement of a positive surprise generated bythe success of the Olympic Games• to suggest new aspects of the city and theregion in an attempt to escape from certainstereotypes and overused promotionalmessages
  28. 28. 2005: Athens Tourism and EconomicDevelopment Agency (ATEDCO)An organization that would• coordinate the existing activity• design and implement new actions• record and analyse the tourism product• create a marketing and branding systemToday, ATEDCO is known as Athens Development and DestinationManagement Agency (ADDMA) (
  29. 29. The Development ProgramThe key priorities and objectives of its strategic planning are:• Helping the city’s businesses to improve competitiveness:Strengthening local entrepreneurship and competitiveness of thelocal economy by focusing on the city’s comparative advantages.Special emphasis will be placed in reinforcing Athens as leisure andbusiness travel destination• Improving citizens’ quality of life: The quality of life of residents withcutting-edge green development• Regenerating the urban area: The revitalization of the urban fabric• Handling the social crisis: The effective management of the socialcrisis with the main goal of combating poverty and social exclusionand ensuring social inclusion• Sustaining the improvement effort: The support of the Services ofthe Municipality with the goal of the smooth implementation of theprogram and ensuring its sustainability.
  30. 30. Tourism ActivitiesInvesting in actions which will strengthen theexisting tourism infrastructure, convey aunified and competitive identity for Athens,and promote the city abroad.Main efforts:• Breathtaking Athens• Athens Convention Bureau (ACB)• This is MY Athens
  31. 31. Breathtaking Athens• To provide high level and up-to-date information for visitors to Athens• To promote the image of Athens as a contemporary tourism destination• To attract targeted tourism which directly contributes to the citys
  32. 32. Athens Convention Bureau• To promote Athens as a conference destination• To attract international conferences, company meetings and all forms ofevents of international interest to Athens• To respond to requests from meeting planners and others in acomprehensive, immediate and responsible manner• To emphasise the particular significance that conference activity holds forthe citys economy and to evaluate its impact with documented
  33. 33. This is MY Athens• Travellers planning a trip to Athens are encouraged to applyonline for a "This is My Athens" personal "showing aroundtown" with an Athens Local.• It is a free program available to visitors and staffed byvolunteer Athenians who are excited to show "their city" andall it has to offer.• So far, the programme counts 400 Athens Locals.
  34. 34. Further necessary steps*• creation of a metropolitan-level structure or, at least,cooperation• creation and implementation of a long-term strategicdevelopment and promotion plan(in the metropolitan level again)• close cooperation with the tourism sector and othersectors involved, not only in implementation but,especially, in the decision-making phaseAn obvious choice:The ADDMA should be expanded to the metropolitanor regional level.
  35. 35. What’s interestingnow?
  36. 36. The free pressphenomenon
  37. 37. 19.05.2013 Athens6th Panhellenic Bike RouteSlogan: Sustainable Transportations
  38. 38. Art on the road…
  39. 39. “Artistic Events In Athens”The Hellenic Ministry of Culture andTourism with regulated entities and incollaboration with the Municipality ofAthens started performing from 1September 2011 a series of culturalactivities and interventions in publicspaces in Athens. By mid November theleading artistic forces of the countryvisited squares, pedestrian areas and cityparks offering citizens and visitors alikethe opportunity to attend concerts,dances, performances and so on.
  40. 40. Greek National Opera atVarvakeios Market
  41. 41. The opera bus
  42. 42. Festivals…
  43. 43. Anti-racismAthensFestival
  44. 44. Athens Epidaurus Festival
  45. 45. Book Festivals
  46. 46. Athens Fringe Festival is amultifaceted contemporaryart festival, organized byAthens Fringe Network, thefirst open and professionalnetwork in Greeceaddressing all creative coresof the city. Synthesis MediaCompany in collaborationwith Edinburgh FringeFestival organizes AthensFringe Festival (since 2009).Under the auspices of theHellenic Ministry of Culture.
  47. 47. Athens International Film Festival
  48. 48. Athens Technopolis jazz festivalThe European Jazz Festival of "Technopolis" Municipality of Athens aftertwelve successful years now opens its doors around the world hostingbands from Portugal, Israel, Denmark, Hungary, Spain, Poland,Argentina, Austria, Holland and of course, Greece!
  49. 49. Athens PrideAthens Pride started as small grassroots initiative gathering a fewhundred activists in 2005 and quickly grew to become one of the mostpopular and most significant all day events of the city. With the mainevent attracting over 12,000 people in 2012, it is the largest pride eventin SE Europe. Regardless of this growth and success, Athens Prideretains its grassroots, all volunteer, non-profit character.
  50. 50. Athens Pride is unlike any other in many ways. One example: For thepast 3 years an auction named "Artists for Athens Pride" has providedmost of the funding for Athens Pride, enabling it to produce free publiccultural and political events that are enjoyed by thousands. Thisextraordinary display of sensitivity and conscience on the part of artistsin Greece and abroad has made Athens Pride unique, as the only Pridein the world to be primarily supported by the visual arts community!
  51. 51. Synergies & Private Initiatives…And what about socialstart ups?
  52. 52. Why shop?Swap! NotShop!
  53. 53. Hubs hostingcultural events…
  54. 54. Coworking spaces iOffers start-up and entrepreneurs accelerator programs and workshop to help start, grow and develop abusiness. Full time membership costs 140€ per month.
  55. 55. Coworking spaces iiA large space geared towards startups and new technology. Located in central Athens not farfrom Loft2Work. The area over the past months has been abandoned, but is where most ofthe things happen in the city – (i.e. concentration of entrepreneurial activity)(
  56. 56. spaces iiiLoft2Work opened in March 2011 with a focus on social, creative, cultural. Not start uporiented. Idea to make it feel like home. 20 members, 200sqm. Numerous and frequentworkshops oriented around personal development, rather than business development. TheLoft2Work philosophy is about spreading knowledge, empowering individuals in healthybusiness ecosystems, and engaging youth.
  57. 57. Coworking Spaces iv :LUDENS LABS - A playground for the mind•Initiated by a bunch of youth and youth-at-heart in2009 is located in a small ground floor multifunctionalspace in the district of Eksarcheia•LUDENS LABS hosts its Workshops, Conferences,Competitions, Round Table Discussions, Festivals,Exhibitions and other in-situ situations.•All these take place under the umbrella of a grandexperiment called LUDENS LABS – A PLAYGROUNDFOR THE MIND which is implemented by the Non-Profit Organization URBAN GAMES *ΑΣΤΙΚΑΠΑΙΧΝΙΔΙΑ+, based in Athens
  58. 58. Coworking spaces v:Synergy Project“Work For Yourself, But Not By Yourself”Synergy Project is the new co working space in Athens,under the Parthenon, next to the Acropolis Museumand just seconds away from the metro station.Synergy Project offers fully equipped workstations foranyone looking for a place to work or to study, amodern meeting room for large meetings,presentations and seminars and a relaxing commonarea for charging your batteries during the day.Their main objective is to create, through theproductive cooperation of their members, a dynamicand effective synergistic community.“Join the Project - Create in Synergy”
  59. 59. “Thinking Lab" is an open space-time thought and practice that tries to offer the experienceof a different paradigm in education and culture. The aim of the "workshop“ is to awaken amood search, investigation and experimentation regarding the relationship betweenphilosophy, science, art and technology and provide a kind of orientation to modern humans. spaces vi:Thinking Lab
  60. 60. Coworking spaces (how do they work)• “The sense of creating a community andcollaboration within it.”• “It’s just a matter of making people remember, andreminding them what a powerful tool communitycan be”• Bridge different sectors of the community.• Coworking spaces can be used to facilitate dialoguebetween individuals, corporations, and social andeducational organizations.• “Businesses and social work groups often book thespace for brainstorm sessions and to use the meetingrooms. Theres a big social part, and a commercialpart, and the coworking spaces is neutral ground forthese two sectors of society to come together.”
  61. 61. EMBROS is an autonomousspace of culturalexpression and socialaction.•Is nonprofit, all events areheld FREE•It covers all forms of artand is open to anyone•Is autonomous and self-managed•The management iscollective and performedby working groups andopen meetings in whichwhoever wants canparticipate
  62. 62. Visual Intervention ProgramMinistry ofenvironment, energy &climate change &Athens School of FineArts. The pilot program“Visual Intervention” isonly one of the actionsof the Ministry for theshift change in oldAthens.
  63. 63. Visual Intervention Program total cost of interventions reached 47,000 euros andfunding was made from the resources of the Green Fund.
  64. 64. “We are only here to do. Seven days aweek, 365 days a year.”
  65. 65. An open community ofcitizens of Athensaiming to help revivethe city throughvolunteer work andurban interventions.
  66. 66. Donations received are only materials. In runningactions there is a money box in order to cover othersmall costs. Atenistas is neither a Union (whichensures less friction), nor an NGO (ensuringparticipants that no financial transactions).
  67. 67. GloVo stands for Global Volunteers. It is a global volunteersplatform, in which people from all over the world can sign upas volunteers for all kinds of events, according to theirlocation, interests and abilities. Also event organizers canbenefit from our website by finding suitable volunteers fortheir events. In other words, GloVo aims at matching greatvolunteers to great events.
  68. 68. ΣΚΑΪ actionsVolunteer Action for the Environment and the CitizenHealth: drug concentration, medical services offerEnvironment: Cleaning, afforestation, tree planting, recyclingSociety: gathering food, clothes and blankets,Education: Scholarships by organizations and Institutions
  69. 69. RedevelopmentProjects…
  70. 70. RETHINK ATHENSA city centre for peopleVisions and objectives for the city of Athens of 2016.Onassis Foundation (Organizer & Sponsor)The Re-think Athens project is launching the transformation of the center of Athens in2016. Extending from Amalias Avenue and Syntagma Square to Omonoia Square andthe Archaeological Museum, the city will reclaim its public space and will evolve into aunique place, where citizens from every corner of Athens can meet, both incommercial and leisure activities. Upon the completion of the ‘Re-think Athens’Architectural Competition, the transformation of the city center along PanepistimiouStreet will be ready for implementation.
  71. 71. Rethink Athens project
  72. 72. “Cultural Center - Stavros Niarchos Foundation”The project includes parkland 170,000 sq.m. and the new premises ofthe National Library of Greece and the Greek National Opera. Theconstruction of the Centre is to be completed in 2015, while part of thefunding has been secured from funds of the Regional OperationalProgram of Attica and donated by the Foundation "Stavros Niarchos".
  74. 74. And what aboutGreek start upsandentrepreneurship?
  75. 75. Starting up a Start up (funding)• Kickstarter (USA & U.K.)• (particular amount of money for your project to get of the ground)• Zerofund (GREECE)• (virtual amount of money, consulting, no need for legal identity, coworkingspaces)• Openfund (GREECE)• (transforming tech solutions to viable products through consulting andpartial funding along with product delivery)
  76. 76.• Οne of a number of crowd funding platforms for gathering money from the public• Project creators choose a deadline and a minimum funding goal. If the goal is not met by thedeadline, no funds are collected, a provision point mechanism.• Creators from the US or the UK.• Kickstarter takes 5% of the funds raised. Amazon charges an additional 3–5%.• Unlike many forums for fundraising or investment, Kickstarter claims no ownership over theprojects and the work they produce. The web pages of projects launched on the site arepermanently archived and accessible to the public.• After funding is completed, projects and uploaded media cannot be edited or removed fromthe site• No guarantee that people that post projects on Kickstarter will deliver on their projects, usethe money to implement their projects, or that the completed projects will meet backersexpectations. Contributors have no way of receiving confirmation unless they directly ask theoriginal owners and Kickstarter itself has been accused of providing little quality control.• As of October 10, 2012, 73,620 launched projects (3,426 in progress), with a success rate of43.85%. The total number of dollars pledged was $381 million.
  77. 77. •• access to famous Startupers, Product Developers and Executives from Microsoft, Google,Yahoo! etc and we give you resources to build your product. Oh and after that, well send youto San Francisco for a three months acceleration and up to $65k - Thanks MindTheBridge!• 1.[expired 28th February 2013]• Build a KickStarter-like page (based on our platform) in order to promote your idea• 2.[Two weeks]• Raise a minimum amount of money you need in order to create your minimum viableproduct• 3. [One month]• Build minimum viable product and get as many users as you can• 4.[Three days]• One Startup enters MindTheBridge on-the-spot, other Startups get short-listed and the rest keepon developing
  78. 78.• Openfund is a seed venture capital fund, targeting innovative business ideasaround software and the web.• Call of interest (expected duration: 2 months)• First judgment (expected duration: 1 month)• Second judgment (expected duration: 15 days)• Seed preparation (expected duration: 15 days) seed financing of 20.000euro to30.000 euro• Seeding Timeframe (expected duration: 4 months) turn an idea to a workingprototype and a business that is launched, even if not at full operational capacity• Exit (expected duration: undefined)main purpose of a fund remains neverthelessto be profitable. The alumni start-ups of theOpenfund are provided with fullsupport to grow, so as to end up in a further round of funding or acquisition,providing exit opportunities for the fund’s investment.
  79. 79. Successful greek startups• Bugscense (crash reports deliver Big data for analyzing and troubleshootingmobile apps)• Taxi beat and Taxiplon (booking service)• Hellas direct (insurance services)• Incrediblue (booking service for boats 100.000 euros funding)• Workable HR(special software rental and recruiting services, 600.000 €funding)• Pinnatta (mobile message exchange app, 100.000 downloads, 550.000 €funding)
  81. 81. TEDxAthens (TED=Technology, Entertainment,Design) is a world-class conference about Innovation,Creativity and Ideas based in Athens, Greece. Proudmember of the TEDx family.
  82. 82. TEDxAthens’ mission is to develop andleverage the TED experience at a regionallevel, uniting innovators, thinkers,inspirational speakers, shakers, makersand breakers. TEDxAthens is a world-classconference about Innovation, Creativityand Ideas based in Athens, Greece.TEDxAthens is one of the first TEDx eventsworldwide and the first ever TEDx event inGreece - started in May 2009. TEDxAthensis curated by Dimitris Kalavros-Gousiouand organized by a team of 60 volunteers(as of November 2012). What would Ideasworth Spreading really mean if it did notgive communities, organizations andindividuals the opportunity through TED-like experiences?
  83. 83. TEDx events are fully plannedand coordinated independently,on a community-by-communitybasis. As of November 2011,more than 2.000 TEDx eventshave took place worldwide.TED was founded in 1984 as aone-off event. The annualconference began in 1990, inMonterey, California. TEDs earlyemphasis was technology anddesign, consistent with its originsin the Silicon Valley.
  84. 84. Innovation index• Innovation city global index in 415 participant cities (influencer)• All cities are graded into award categories based on their band score. Indescending order of importance to the innovation economy:• NEXUS: Critical nexus for multiple economic and social innovationsegments• HUB: Dominance or influence on key economic and social innovationsegments , based on global rends• NODE: Broad performance across many innovation segments, with keyimbalances• INFLUENCER: Competitive in some segments, potential or imbalanced• UPSTART: Potential steps towards relative future performance in a fewinnovation segments
  85. 85. Innovation iiCorallia is the first organisation established in Greece for thestructured and systematic management and development ofinnovation clusters, with the strategic aim to developcohesive and productive innovative ecosystems within whichactors operate in a coordinated manner, in specific sectorsand regions of the country, and where a competitiveadvantage and export orientation exists.
  86. 86. Ease of doing business index bank index for entepreneurship’s convenienceGreece ranked 78th amongst 185 participants• Economies are ranked on their ease of doing business, from 1 – 185.• A high ranking on the ease of doing business index means the regulatoryenvironment is more conducive to the starting and operation of a localfirm.• This index averages the countrys percentile rankings on 10 topics, madeup of a variety of indicators, giving equal weight to each topic. Therankings for all economies are benchmarked to June 2012.
  87. 87. European Green city index ranked 22rd amongst 30participantsscored 53,09 (87,31 as highest and 32,33as lowest)
  88. 88. Brand strength index•• Athens ranked 10th amongst 72participants, totaling 73 points (89 ashighest and 29 as lowest)• 110% Brand utilisation (131% as highestand 45% as lowest)
  89. 89. Athens actually overcomes thestereotypes.Can YOU think outside of the box?
  90. 90. *BibliographyKaravatzis Mihalis 2008, From city marketing to city branding: An interdisciplinaryanalysis with reference to Amsterdam, Budapest and Athens, University ofGroningen. Fola 2007, “The international image of Greece: An analysis on the occasionof the Athens 2004 Olympic Games”, 3rdHellenic Observatory PhD Symposium onContemporary Greece, London School of Economics, June 14 & 15, 2007Maria Fola 2011, “Athens City Branding and the 2004 Olympic Games”, in KeithDinnie, City Branding: Theory and Cases, Palgrave Macmillan
  91. 91. TheSmartCityTeam:T. Androutsopoulos Giannibasdgiannibas@gmail.comV. Kasvikivkasviki1@gmail.comK. Kentrou@kentroukEl. Michalaki
  92. 92. PANTEION UNIVERSITY OF SOCIAL AND POLITICAL SCIENCESDepartment of Communication, Media and CultureMA in Cultural ManagementCourse: Cultural Marketing and CommunicationCourse Instructor: Betty Tsakarestou, Assistant Professor and Head of Advertising andPublic Relations LabAthensCoCreation BrandingProjectAthens, June 2013