Extending the Quality Initiative to Production Web Applications Webinar: An Alertsite Monitoring Overview
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Extending the Quality Initiative to Production Web Applications Webinar: An Alertsite Monitoring Overview



Link to Webinar - http://www.slideshare.net/SmartBear_Software/extending-the-quality-initiative-to-production-web-applications-webinar-an-alertsite-monitoring-overview-8263228 ...

Link to Webinar - http://www.slideshare.net/SmartBear_Software/extending-the-quality-initiative-to-production-web-applications-webinar-an-alertsite-monitoring-overview-8263228

The Web is here to stay…everyone including 90 year old grandmothers uses it to perform simple and complex tasks on a daily basis. But like any computer system… problems come up with Web apps. Maybe it is a slow loading page, a missing image or missing button, or even an unavailable page. When these problems happen operations, QA and development team all have to spend time triaging “Whose problem it is?”. This webinar shows how through monitoring in production using the same types of test cases that are used in QA, software teams can spend less time triaging issues and more time improving the quality of pre-release applications. Essentially letting them get back to the ‘day’ jobs. In the first part of this webinar we cover some of the challenges facing software development teams when it comes to monitoring web apps. In the second part we will walk through a demo of Alertsite to see how monitoring can be used to accelerate root cause problem identification and improve quality of service.



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Extending the Quality Initiative to Production Web Applications Webinar: An Alertsite Monitoring Overview Extending the Quality Initiative to Production Web Applications Webinar: An Alertsite Monitoring Overview Presentation Transcript

  • Extending the QualityInitiative to Production WebApplicationsImprove Your Customer Experience Ken Godskind
  • Who is AlertSite?We … Are a SmartBear Software Company since March 2011 Live in South Florida Have been around since 1998 Support over 2,400 customers worldwide Can monitor from 75+ global locations 24 hours a dayOur Goal…To help clients deliver a secure, consistent, high-performance online experience to their end-users bymonitoring from the end-users’ perspective.
  • What is end-user monitoring?
  • Delivering Quality is a technical problemand a business problem User expectations are rising  Web Performance is Business It’s a challenge to test Performance(1) everything before production  Bing – page loads that were 2 (cloud & 3rd party resources, seconds slower resulted in a limited infrastructure access) 4.3% drop in revenue/usage Dev, QA and Ops teams are  Google – a 400 millisecond expected to test and monitor delay caused a 0.59% drop in the entire application searches/users Production performance  Yahoo! – a 400 millisecond issues impact QA & Dev. slowdown resulted in a 5-9% resources, revenue and drop in full page traffic customer satisfaction
  • How AlertSite HelpsWeb Performance Mobile Web MonitoringMonitoring – “Over the air” monitoring ofWebsite Monitoring … mobile Websites  Using Real Browsers Service Monitoring  For Rich Internet – Availability of HTTP/HTTPS Application (e.g. Flash, sites Flex & AJAX) – Web services monitoring for  Instantly from anywhere on SOAP & REST availability the global network and content validation  Customizable to match – Round trip e-mail monitoring your existing test cases – Basic Services monitoring for FTP, DNS, TCP Conn., Ping
  • Internal Monitoring and BenchmarkingInternal Monitoring Benchmarking“How does the internal “How does my site performanceperformance compare to compares to industry leaders &performance for my end- other internal groups?”users?”
  • 3 Best Practices for QA & Operations1. Identify the critical scenarios, hosts, and vendors for the Operations team to monitor2. Convert user acceptance scripts to run for internal monitoring and tuning pre-launch for production monitoring3. Collect initial operational Baseline performance data before setting thresholds for alerting or SLAs