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10 practical content marketing techniques

10 practical content marketing techniques



In these slides from a Smart Insights webcast, Dave highlights 10 planning and management practices needed to make the most of content marketing. He shows, through examples, how leading companies are ...

In these slides from a Smart Insights webcast, Dave highlights 10 planning and management practices needed to make the most of content marketing. He shows, through examples, how leading companies are prioritising, managing and optimising their content marketing.



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  • Create a plan
  • Q. How do you communicate your OVP = Sell/Inform/Entertain balance?
  • For an Event:What? Scope of event? Why is it better than others?Who?Who are the speakers?/ExhibitorsWhen? Date, registrationHow? Will I benefit – Value PropositionWhat’s next? How do I register?How will this site/event help me with my career?How will this site/event help me with my job?
  • 200 in initial period, but 200 doubled
  • http://socialfresh.com/best-worst-content-marketing/

10 practical content marketing techniques 10 practical content marketing techniques Presentation Transcript

  • Plan, manage, optimise! Improving content marketing in 2014 Dave Chaffey CEO and Publisher SmartInsights.com Marketing Advice Ten approaches to planning and managing content marketing using examples of the most engaging campaigns
  • About Dave Chaffey Content Marketing Toolkit • • • • About Dave Chaffey A professional trainer in E-marketing since 1997 Author of 5 bestselling marketing books now in their 4th and 5th edition Manages SmartInsights.com a marketing advice site with paid members in over 50 countries Insights Director at agency ClickThrough Marketing 2
  • How sophisticated is  VOTE! your content marketing? 3
  • Technique 1: Create an INTEGRATED content hub 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • Audience use of digital and social media > Personas Commercial goals > Customer engagement > OVP > Marketing Mix Branded Content Marketing Strategy Integrated Marketing Communications Strategy Integrated Digital platform tactics and tools Inc Social Media OVP = Online Value Proposition = Brand Adding Value to Audience = Brand Positioning  Help me do my job / live my life  Help me develop / learn  Help Make me look good  Help Entertain Me!  Help me Select and Use Products MAKE YOUR SITES A DESTINATION Hub defines your brand experience http://bit.ly/smartovp 8
  • Technique 2. Create marketing personas Smart Insights: Customer Persona Toolkit 9
  • Define the content sweet spot AlfredJansen Communications 10
  • Persona mental model to content model mapping What is this thing? • Is it a web service? • How different from desktop software? What can I do with it? Do I need this ? • Anything new? • How does it work? • Why upgrade? • What can I do that’s new? What else do I need? Convince me! • System requirement s • Who is it for? • Who is using it? (People like me?) • Can I try it? Reassure me! OK what’s it gonna cost? • Can I revert? • Are my personal details and data safe • How does it compare? • How can I save? • Do I pay more for subscription ? • Product visuals • Offers/deals • Features and benefits list or matrix. FAQ. Compare? • Demo / trial • +System rqmts • Bonus addons For an Event: • Demo or trial Functional questions: • What? Scope of event? Why is it better than others? • Case studies • When? Date, registration • How? Will I benefit – Value Proposition • Testimonials What’s next? How do I register? • Value questions: • Who? Who are the speakers?/Exhibitors • How will this site/event help me with my career? • How will this site/event help me with my job? • Security info • Guarantee 11
  • Mental / content model mapping. A simpler retail example from a presentation on customer-centric retail by Richard Sedley and Amanda Squires 12
  • The problem with blogging… You need “Cornerstone content” for SEO 13
  • More what we’re looking for! 14
  • Criteria?  Rev/visit  Demand+ lead gen  Amplify  Brand fit  SEO  Longevity  Authority and Thought Leadership  Individual pain points?  Repurposeability  Risk/reward Technique 3. Structured evaluation of relevant content 15
  •  VOTE! 16
  • 17
  • Supporting prospects on a journey 18
  • Explainer videos: B2C and B2B Animated Explainer videos 19
  • or… Reasons to Care and Share 20
  • Build in reasons to share + add 21
  • 22
  • Technique 4. Theme on editorial calendar 23
  • Requires annual/monthly/weekly/daily editorial planning… Smart Insights: Editorial calendar spreadsheet 24
  • Technique: Create themed campaigns You're a secret agent on a mission and you're having a rendezvous with your agency contact after pulling a dangerous undercover operation. You now have a coveted secret. A content marketing secret. What secret for achieving success with content marketing will you share? The content marketing world depends on it! 25
  • 1. Created Demand 2. Dominated SERPs 3. Event Awareness 4. Registrations, Sessions 43k ebook views - 6 days 1k+ PDF downloads 5k views interviews 500+ social shares 100+ inbound links 26
  • Example: Discover – Consume - Act Social Networks PDF Direct social messages Slideshare Email Long form interviews Blog Single images Search All Content & Promotions Consider:    Contribute Download Subscribe Share Attend Conference “Findability” “Engagement” “Shareability” 27
  • One Clever Question 28
  • Technique 5 Curate! 1. Infographics 2. Zeitgeist 3. News 4. Stats 5. Trends 6. Quotes 29
  • Technique 6. Repurpose 30
  • Technique 7. Build in mobile support https://www.salesforce.com/uk/form/sem/landing/sales-cloud.jsp 31
  • Investment (resource needed) Technique 8. Use Paid distribution Tip: Review Display Network and Remarketing options AdWords Generic SEO Generic Facebook custom audiences Influencer PR FBX Retargeting LinkedIn Promoted Posts Media related PR Integrated content campaigns Facebook AdWords Promoted Posts Tail AdWords AdWords PLA Remarketing SEO AdWords Social Long Tail Mobile amplification Blog (Enhanced campaigns) marketing Instagram Sponsored Tweets Effectiveness (potential sales volume) Example: Review effectiveness for your sector 32
  • LinkedIn example 33
  • 34
  • Trend 9. Scaling influencer and partner outreach – tools and process http://bit.ly/smartoutreach 35
  • Influencer outreach – key questions…         Do we invest enough time in this? Who is responsible for this? What is our process for influencer marketing? How do we segment influencers? How do contact priority influencers? How do we measure success? How do we scale this? Tools to manage? 36
  • Co-Created Content - Lists http://tprk.us/ukomblogs13 37
  • Technique 10 : Evaluate and Communicate effectiveness Source: Michael Brenner But revenue per visit missing! 38
  • Tip – Use GWT to prove SEO effectiveness 39
  • 40
  • Let’s Connect! Questions & discussion welcome SmartInsights.com uk.linkedin.com/in/davechaffey  Blog www.smartinsights.com/blog www.facebook.com/davechaffey  Feeds www.feedburner.com/smartinsi ghts ww.twitter.com/DaveChaffey  Email Newsletter https://plus.google.com/u/0/10625135037962 www.smartinsights.com 2013691 41
  • Content Marketing Toolkit 42