The business IT alignment illusion (itSMF, Antwerp, Mar 2010)


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  • IT: “Perfect solutions for an imperfect world”? Perfect but in a too narrow field
  • The business IT alignment illusion (itSMF, Antwerp, Mar 2010)

    1. 1. The Business IT Alignment Illusion Remko van der Pols & Mark SmalleyAgenda• BITA Illusion• Principles for organizing BITA• ASL (guidance for supply)• BiSL (guidance for demand)• Please interrupt and participate!
    2. 2. Mark Smalley“I help IT people market, sell and deliver Application Management”• Director of International Affairs at ASL BiSL Foundation• Principal Consultant at Capgemini• Member Professional EXIN Group• Lecturer at Rotterdam, Brussels, Hangzhou• Author and Speaker (Europe, Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand, Singapore, USA)CYO, Blind Monk, Maintert®ainer & IT Paradigmologist
    3. 3. Remko van der Pols• Director and Managing Consultant at The Lifecycle Company• Member of the Architectural Board at the ASL BiSL Foundation• Author, Speaker and Lecturer
    4. 4. Illusory gap between business and IT• IT people think there’s a gap• "Business should do more with IT”• Business is happy with how things are• Otherwise they would have done something about it• There is a gap but it’s not what IT people think it is• IT is building the wrong bridge
    5. 5. Building BridgesBusiness IT Island Island
    6. 6. Separate planets Topic IT Business IT IT=OK, Not my biggest Business=OK problem Reduce One perfect Variousuncertainty by solution strategies Driver Utopia Survival Dimensions One Many Decision- Rational Intuitive making World Static Dynamic
    7. 7. We need a gap We need a I see a Separate planets betweenpractical & ITlogical bridge, business bridge Captain
    8. 8. Decision making The Trouble TriangleCosts Benefits Trouble
    9. 9. Separate planets• Unbridgeable core values• IT has retreated into “Tell us what you want us to do” (then it’s your fault if something goes wrong)• So Business is in the lead• Business has got to learn how to deal with IT people – 1 dimensional IT people can’t see in more dimensions – They pay so it’s their say• Bad news for IT – Business rules IT!
    10. 10. Organizing Demand & Supply• Business rules IT Demand & Supply model• Demand driven means demand driven  Segmentation and fragmentation  Multi tool, multi supplier, multi everything• Interactions and relationships are key• Demarcation: What versus How
    11. 11. IT Management Paradigm & Models ITIL V3 BiSL ASL
    12. 12. Application Services Library (ASL)• Guidance for Application Management (Supply)• Process model• Best practices• Community of Knowledge• Supported by the not-for-profit, vendor-independent, public domain ASL BiSL Foundation•
    13. 13. Application Services Library• Dutch standard NEN 3434 for AM is based on ASL• NEN 3434 currently being ‘fast- tracked’ to ISO/IEC 26500; announcement expected May 2010
    14. 14. Application Services LibrarySupplier’s perspective Rapidly changing world Repositioning Collaborate vs control What kind of Proactive, innovative AM shop Business: Costs, Risk, Strategic alignment do I want to be? Benefits  Customer satisfaction  Back-to-back contracts How do I manage and improve my services?  Quality management How do I deliver my services? 16
    15. 15. Business: Capital, Profit, Risk IT: Strategy, ArchitectureApplication Services Library Business  Business innovation  Application Portfolio Strategy Transformation  Strategic dialogue Business: Time to market, Business Costs, Revenue, Image IT: Functionality, Releases Change  Speed  Quality Business: Production, Costs, Revenue, Image Business IT: Availability, Continuity  Customer Service Operations  Proactive chain management  Contingency
    16. 16. Business Information Services Library (BiSL)• Guidance for Business Information Management (Demand)• Process model• Best practices• Community of Knowledge• Supported by the not-for-profit, vendor-independent, public domain ASL BiSL Foundation•
    17. 17. Business Information Services Library (BiSL) alignment of all strategic plans Ensuring Ensuring Ensuringeffective organization of strategic alignment of business information business & IT managementKeeping time, money, business cases, progress, demand, contracts, suppliers, quality & expectations under control Managing and implementingDay-to-day management Keeping the information changes to ensure execution of provisioning fit for the the business business
    18. 18. Management Summary• Business and IT have to recognize and accept their differences in order to collaborate effectively• Accept and respect ‘demand driven’• Not uniform practices but customized practices• IT people should try to imagine other dimensions