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  1. 1. Always searching Always hoping For something that doesnt exist. He walks this Earth alone Never letting anyone in. Like a lone wolf. His solitude is forever His heart always cold. He longs to be free From the torment of his aching heart. Like a lone wolf. Always searching Always hoping For something that doesnt exist.Click the wolf to advance slide
  2. 2. I came into this world helpless and blind. I drank mothers milk, my brothers and sisters alike. Soon we ventured out, out of our dark den, into the big bright world, where on our family we must depend. With my siblings I play, exploring the world around me. Not caring whats to come, because my spirit is free. I learn how to hunt, by watching the pack.Click the wolf to advance slide
  3. 3. They bring back dinner, and will forever watch my back. I see many generations of pups go by, but not once did I think, that my pack would start to die. It started out slowly, then started to get fast. Pretty soon my pack was gone, and only I was left. Ill never know what happened, I only know they died with a bang. I hope the bang gets me next, so I can be with them and singClick the wolf to advance slide
  4. 4. Snowflakes fall, blood is in the air, Covering white figure of pride, Lying forceless on the ground, Having no strength to fight with the snow, Nor even with reality, Which drifts down from the empty sky, Where the moon cannot be seen, Where birds cannot be heard, At which wolves can only howl.Click the wolf to advance slide
  5. 5. This is Brooks Falls just upstream from where the Brooks River flows into Naknek Lake in the Katami National Monument, Alaska. Have you ever seen a Wolf fish for salmon?Click the wolf to advance slide
  6. 6. There is a story told among the CherokeeA grandfather relates to his grandsonOf the battle that happens inside of you andmeAnd the way in which it can be won.Two wolves are fighting inside us allAnd they fight until they can fight no more.To the battle we are all held in thrallWe are both the prize and the source of thewar.The first is Evil, made from anger and greed,Sorrow, regret, arrogance and false prideWith ego and self pity, resentment and needAnd all of the foolishness man has inside.The second is Good, it is joy, faith and loveHope, humility, kindness and peace.It is benevolence, serenity, the gifts fromaboveThe humility to cherish the least.But which wolf wins, the boys asks the manWhich one will ultimately succeed?The choice is yours, if you do what you can Click the wolf to advance slideThe winner is the wolf that you feed.
  7. 7. What comfort can the moon bestow thehowlingThat will be enough to take Miserysplace?Only the answering wind of silence --And nothing more.Only to be drowned in loneliness,The wolf reaches to the light of themoon --The shimmering luminescence lightingup his face.And he waits -- forevermore.Traces of light shine upon his faceAs the wolf becomes overcome withanxiety.To the moonlight he opens his eyes,And hope returns once again to hisheart and voice.The wolf rejoices in the hope of thefuture,And waits -- for everything more. Click to advance slide
  8. 8. Eternal guardian of the forest Whose pale eyes glow from the shadows Running with the wind, fluid and sleek Your fangs alone make the law With the stars reflecting off your coat Of burnished silver fire Your ears are alert and forward As a howl echoes in the distance Standing alone, watching through the night As the moon travels the path of the sky Unknown, unseen, but forever needed Wolf...protector of the forest Protect the weak, join the strong Pass the birthright to your young of the forestClick the wolf to advance slide May you always remain eternal
  9. 9. Words and photos courtesy of Henk Crafted by Steve
  10. 10. Click the wolf to endWords and photos courtesy of Henk Crafted by Steve