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Published in: Art & Photos, Business

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  • 1. The United States 1800’s and Early 1900’s
  • 2. Maine – Trucks waiting tounload potatoes at starch factory
  • 3. Jacksonville, Florida, circa 1910."Forsyth Street west from City Hall."
  • 4. Washington, D.C. " The officer and his Henderson #1. National Photo Company Collection glass negative.
  • 5. . September 1938. "Farm wifewashing clothes. Lake DickProject, Arkansas." 35mmnegative by Russell Lee,Farm Security Administration
  • 6. Washington, D.C., circa 1919."Oppenheimers dress shop."
  • 7. New York circa 1901. "The Great Coal Mine, Coney Island." Fromthe book Coney Island and Astroland: "The Great Coal Mine was a1,500-foot-long dark ride that enabled visitors to travel on coal carsthrough several levels of a dimly lit simulated mine. It opened in1901 on the north side of Surf Avenue at West Tenth Street
  • 8. Florida circa 1904. "Beach Street, Daytona." There is a early Coca-Cola sign on Burdines Pharmacy. 8x10 glass negative, DetroitPublishing Co.
  • 9. New York circa 1905."Main tower, Luna Park,Coney Island."
  • 10. April 1864. "Brandy Station, Virginia. Gen. Rufus Ingalls onhorseback. Photograph from the main Eastern theater of war --winter quarters at Brandy Station." Wet plate glass negative byTimothy H. OSullivan.
  • 11. March 1909. Bridgeport, Connecticut. -- Boys selling papers at the depot.Smallest one has been selling for eight years.“ Photograph by Lewis WickesHine.
  • 12. Narragansett Pier, Rhode Island, circa 1910. "Hotel. (New) Mathewson." For many years the pre-eminent lodging in the "City of Hotels."
  • 13. "Dreamland Park, Coney Island“(Original Image). 1906 - Its hardto believe it all burned to theground. This was one heck of acoloring job but I was intriguedto see Dreamland as it mighthave been. If only we could visitthis amazing place.
  • 14. Washington, D.C., or vicinity circa 1925. "No. 89 --Cemetery picture - One last look around topside.National Photo glass negative.
  • 15. New York circa 1905. "Surf bathing at Coney Island."The latest in revealing swimwear!
  • 16. May 27, 1913. "Auto polo, Coney Island.“George Grantham Bain Collection.
  • 17. April 1906. SanFrancisco after theearthquake and fire."Sutter Street up fromGrant Avenue." 8x10inch glass negative,Detroit Publishing.
  • 18. New York circa 1903. "Remember the poor: a Salvation Army Christmas box."
  • 19. Chicago circa 1900. "A walk in Lincoln Park."
  • 20. December 1910. "ShorpyHigginbotham, an oiler on thetipple at Bessie Mine" -- near Birmingham in JeffersonCounty, Alabama. Photograph by Lewis Wickes Hine.
  • 21. Circa 1904. "City Hall, Syracuse, New York."An electric welcome tothe Salt City. 8x10 inch dry plate glass negative, Detroit Publishing Company.
  • 22. Laurel, Maryland. July 31, 1922. "Two B&O freights wrecked in head-oncrash at Laurel switch." National Photo Company glass negative
  • 23. Syracuse, N.Y., circa 1905. "Empire StateExpress (New York Central Railroad)coming thru Washington Street." DetroitPublishing Company.
  • 24. "1904. Erie Canal at Salina Street,Syracuse, New York." Detroit PublishingCompany glass negative, Library ofCongress.
  • 25. Vicksburg, Mississippi, circa 1910."Unloading cotton at the levee."Sternwheel packet boat
  • 26. Washington, D.C., 1922. "J.C.L. Ritter -- PolliFood Products truck." National PhotoCompany Collection glass negative.
  • 27. Florida circa 1905. "Oliver W., the famoustrotting ostrich, Florida Ostrich Farm,Jacksonville." 8x10 inch glass negative,Detroit Publishing
  • 28. Iowa – 1943 Women working in the railroad yard during WWll
  • 29. East meets West –Connecting the Railroad across the U.S.Promontory Utah 1869
  • 30. New Jersey circa 1900. "Bergen Tunnel, east end." The DetroitDetroitPhotographic Special on the tracks. Publishing CompanyPhoto Train –Minnesota 1905
  • 31. Photochrom Postcard of Mulberry Street in New York CityCa 1900, by the Detroit Photographic Co.
  • 32. New York Banana Docks 1905 Unloading Bananas New Your 1905
  • 33. The Detroit Photographic Company was founded in the 1890s by Detroitbusinessman and publisher William A. Livingstone, Jr., and photographerand photo-publisher Edwin H. Husher. The company had the exclusiverights to the photochrom process for the American market. Photochrom isa technique which allows the color enhancement of black-and whitephotography with the means of chromolithography.The company specialized on postcards of American and Europeansubjects, including cityscapes, reproductions of artwork, naturallandmarks and folklore.The company went out of business in 1924Most of the existing negatives and prints are now housed by the UnitedStates Library of Congress.A large collection of photographic and photomechanical prints are alsohoused by the Beinecke library at Yale University The Archives andSpecial Collections at Amherst College holds a collection of photochromimages of American landmarks from 1898 to 1908 – The next slide is anexample of the Detroit photographic Co. Chromolithography allowed thecompany to mass-produce photorealistic color motifs long before colorphotography became economically feasible
  • 34. Last Slide Pictures Library of U.S. Congress Jack