Campaign for god
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Campaign for god






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Campaign for god Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Hi! The following advertisements are from a press campaign by the church of Singapore. I hope you like them …
  • 2. Please, do not drink when you drive. You are not ready to see me yet. God.
  • 3. Can you imagine what air would cost, if someone else provided it? God
  • 4. What do I have to do to get your attention? Put an ad in the paper? God
  • 5. Earth people, do not treat me like a Martian. God
  • 6. I thought about making the world black and white. But then I said ... n a a a h ! God
  • 7. If you missed the dawn that I made for you today, it does not matter. I will make you another tomorrow. God
  • 8. How can you be a self-made-man? I remember perfectly making you. God
  • 9. If you think Gioconda is amazing, you should see my master piece… in the mirror. God
  • 10. Do not forget your umbrella. I have to water the plants. God
  • 11. In my opinion, you are the most beautiful creature in the world OK, I’m biased. God
  • 12. Come to my house on Sunday, before the game. God
  • 13. Come and bring the children. God
  • 14. What part of “You should not ...” don’t you understand? God
  • 15. We need to talk. God
  • 16. I love weddings, invite me to yours. God
  • 17. This “Love thy neighbor”... I meant it. God Al Mendoza
  • 18. I love you, and you, and you, and you, and you ... God
  • 19. The road you choose ... Will you take me with you? God
  • 20. Follow me. God
  • 21. Have you read my best seller? It’s quite a challenge. God. … and when you want to know what God wants to say … R ead The Bible
  • 22. With pleasure I will carry your cross, come God.
  • 23. You are not alone, you have me God.
  • 24. Trust in me God.
  • 25. I want the best gift, for you God. Al Mendoza
  • 26. Put yourself in my hands and watch God. Al Mendoza
  • 27. I am looking for you, answer me God.
  • 28. Don’t drop me. God. Al Mendoza I hope you share this mesage, … God bless you.