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Slyart 2009

Slyart 2009



Slyart presentation

Slyart presentation



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    Slyart 2009 Slyart 2009 Presentation Transcript

    • Concept, Design & Production for Print, Internet & Display
    • My Name is Gary Sylvester My Company is SLYART, Inc. I am a freelance graphic designer and have been involved with the graphics field for approximately 25 years. My Education: Blue Hills Regional Technical Institute Cum laude graduate of the Degree of Associate in the Applied Science of Architectural Building Technology After school I worked as a draftsman for an architectural firm and a roofing company and doing side projects for smaller architects and builders: Then an opportunity came my way to work for a printing company. 2
    • Experience/Background Fairview Printing Company Mechanical Artist for a printing company Associate Sign & Design Freelance Art Director/Designer for a sign/advertising agency Business Publishing Services Art Director for an advertising/publication design agency RockRag Owner/Publisher of a bi-weekly Southeastern New England music entertainment publication Groppi Advertising Design, Inc. Senior Art Director/Systems Administrator for an Advertising Design Company W.A. Wilde Company/LW Robbins Associates Senior Designer for a Advertising agency who worked primarily in the Non Profit Industry My greatest education comes form the world around me and the creative people/mentors that I have had the honor of working with. 3
    • SLYART, Inc. In 1999, I decided to leave my last position and go on my own as a self-employed freelance graphic designer, which is when I formed SLYART, SLY as in nickname for ‘Sylvester’ and the ART for what I create. • My experience is 25 years in the advertising field, • 15 years producing on a computer, and • Self-employed for 9 years. I have performed work for: • Advertising Agencies • Marketing Companies • Printers • Financial Institutions • Technology Corporations • Restaurants • Product Manufacturers • Non-Profit Organizations • Various Small Businesses • and more. My plans and hopes for the future are to grow my business, gain new clients, and continue to service the industry by providing a needed service at competitive rates. There are binders with samples available to see some work I have completed. 4
    • Graphic Design What is Graphic Design? • It is visual communication or visual artistic representation. • So, it is the image or look that a business shows the world. • It is to be representative of the business’ function and memorable to allow a business to stand out on its own. What do I do? I conceive or continue the visual communication of a business. If a company needs a new representation/image or if they need to continue with the one they presently have. I am the Creative person they to hire to complete the task. What does this include? • Corporate identity or logo, with a stationery package. • A company brochure and collateral to explain or sell a product, • Mailers and advertising to promote a service or product, • Signage, trade show booths and information, • Web sites, packaging and more. • Anything Printed, on Display or on the Internet. 5
    • Tagline Concept, Design & Production for Print, Internet & Display • Conceive the idea, • Design the collateral needed and • Execute the production, • For printing or • A presence on the internet or • For most anything on display 6
    • Goals of SLYART Goals: • To aid in the understanding of producing a project • To provide the specific services to fit a business’ needs • To give the graphic support experience it requires to succeed • To turn a project around in a timely manner as everybody wants it yesterday • To do the best job possible to retain the business for future work There are many great designers available, I credit my success to • My Creativity • My Experience • My Knowledge • The personal client attention I provide and • The ability to get the job done on time and on budget 7
    • Resources Just a few of the places I use to see current trends or to keep up with what is going on in the world of design are: • Graphic Design USA www.gdusa.com • Brand Channel www.brandchannel.com • How Magazine www.howdesign.com • Step Inside Design www.stepinsidedesign.com • Fonts www.fonts.com • Advertising agencies www.arnoldworldwide.com • RISD www.risd.edu • Mass Art www.massart.edu Additionally, I do a lot of Networking • South Shore Chamber of Commerce • Local Networking Groups • BNI Software Info and Tutorials • Adobe www.adobe.com • www.lynda.com 8
    • To Do List • Oldie but a goodie – Stay in School - Get your 4 year degree!!! Learn all that you can now as it will not be as easy the older you get. • As a future designer you will need to know a lot, the more you know the better your chance of success. Print, web, multimedia, interactive, display, Direct TV, etc. • Know your software proficiently and as many programs as possible and stay current with the newest versions – InDesign – Photoshop – Illustrator – Acrobat 9 – Flash – Dreamweaver – Fireworks – After Effects – Image Ready – Adobe Bridge – Adobe GoLive – QuarkXpress – MS Word – MS Powerpoint – MS Excel – Font Management - Suitcase Fusion – Email Programs - Outlook, Entourage, etc. – Web Browsers - IE Explorer, Safari, Firefox, etc. • It is also helpful if you know how to work with Windows on a PC as well as a Mac. 9
    • To Do List Continued • Never burn a bridge or relationship. Keep in touch with former employers, employees, teachers, schoolmates, etc. Never know when you may need them. • Take advantage of Internships and learn as much as you can from your Mentors. • Save a sample or two or more of everything you do. No matter how minimal or extensive. If not the physical piece, a photo. You will need it for your portfolio. Keep it organized, categorized and current. • Organize a portfolio that is customizable and adaptable. An online portfolio is required, but you will also have to showcase you samples physically at interviews, networking events and for presentations. • Be prepared for criticism. Consider it constructive to your development. It is your friend. You just may learn more from what people say about your work than you think. 10
    • Inspiration My Inspiration: My inspiration comes from a lot of what I see in real life. I like contemporary design, but do not limit myself or consider myself to have one style. As a freelancer. I feel that I must be flexible and able to adapt to any and all styles that may be required and tailored to the clients needs. Some clients like soft and frilly, others require a cutting edge and in your face look. Others require a contemporary or classic or corporate conservative image. So you have to fit the bill for the task at hand. The main idea or theme I like to carry throughout a company’s materials is consistency of a look, so that the entire package is a family and all pieces look like they belong together. The first set of samples I would like to show is for Randolph Savings Bank. Then I will cover a wide array of various projects I have produced for many different types of businesses. If you have a question on a specific sample, make note of the page number and we can go back to it at the end of the presentation. 11
    • Local Bank Logo/Corp ID 12
    • Local Bank Annual Report 13
    • Local Bank Brochures 14
    • Local Bank Counter Cards/Posters 15
    • Local Bank Web Site 16
    • Local Bank Grand Opening Direct Mail 17
    • Local Bank Signage 30” Logomark Sign Face - 12’x6’ plus arc 2’ square 12” Letters R ANDOLPH brick columns 9” Letters SAVINGS BANK 3” Letters Established 1851 TOTALLY FREE CHECKING TOTALLY FREE CHECKING 18
    • Bio-Medical Company Logo/Corp ID 19
    • Bio-Medical Company Annual Report 05 20
    • Bio-Medical Company Web Site 06 21
    • Bio-Medical Company Annual Report 04 22
    • Bio-Medical Company Annual Report 02 23
    • Insurance Company Logo/Corporate ID 24
    • Surface Coating Company Logo/Corporate ID 25
    • Home Systems Logo/Corporate ID 26
    • Home Systems Brochures/Info Sheets 27
    • Product Info & Spec. Sheets 28
    • Product Name & Logo 29
    • Product Advertising 30
    • Product Advertising We’ve Reshaped the Industry! NuOval™ shape Vaximum™ Oval Cyclonic Action Serpentine Sound Suppression™ SeeLevel™ Fill Lights FrontDoor™ Access Panel Swivel 180™ Adjustable Intake The Rock Solid™ 2-Piece Flush Wall Mount Tap ‘n’ Clear™ EZ-On/EZ-Off Pail™ HEPA Filter with SnapLock Carry Handles™ Five Macintoshes ran away annoy even though five almost speedy ingly. One very bourgeois chrysan Macintoshes cleverly auctioned off themum gossips quite cleverly, then slightly purple chrysanthemums, yet five fountains comfortably fights five bureaux noisily marries one umpteen trailers. The mat grew up, speedy elephant. Two cats kisses the however obese botulisms gossips mats, but one progressive orifice very drunkenly, yet the extremely purple lampstand grew up easily marries five obese mats, even though Paul mostly annoyingly, then one pawnbroker telephoned bought the trailers. Dan gossips noisily. Jupiter marries five silly elephants, although two Klingons gossips, fountains. Five Jabberwockies telephoned televisions, Central Cleaning System 1-800-NUTONE-1 31
    • Restaurant Exhibit Logo/Corporate ID 32
    • Software Trading Company Logo/Corporate ID 33
    • Software Trading Company Brochures 34
    • Local Bank Logo/Corporate ID 35
    • Management Company Logo/Corporate ID 36
    • Catering Company Logo/Corporate ID 37
    • Catering Company Brochure 38
    • Networking Group Name & Logo/Corporate ID 39
    • Networking Group Direct Mail Date . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Time . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Place . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...................................... ...................................... A N I N V I T A T I O N We would like to extend an invitation for you to join us at our next meeting Invited by . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . and see how word-of-mouth marketing will help build your business! ...................................... 40
    • Logo/Corporate ID 41
    • Bio Tech Annual Report 42
    • Bank Annual Report 43
    • Non-Profit Brochure 44
    • Non-Profit Newsletter 45
    • Employment Agency Brochures 46
    • Employment Agency Web Site 47
    • Restaurant Brochures & Advertisement at POYNER PLACE behind Triangle Town Center BAKEHOUSE BISTRO is a new fusion of cozy bakery-café and elegant restaurant-wine bar. You’ll enjoy fresh food made with all-natural ingredients, served in a relaxed atmosphere with unforgettably great service. Delight in: F Our first-class full service bistro Entreés are hearty, gourmet, & created to wow! F A great cup of coffee beginning with fresh coffee beans. Espresso & latte to please all. F The warm dough rising in the oven, sweet pastries fresh from the Bakery. F Crisp romaine lettuce, garden fresh vegetables, & the special Salad add-ins you love . F Sandwiches with succulent meats & indulgent cheeses on the freshest breads. F Or a glass of Wine to complete the experience, engaging all your senses. Come join us for a truly NEW concept in bistro dining! After 4pm Poyner Place ~ 5811-109 Poyner Village Pkwy., Raleigh ~ (919) 878-5525 Behind Triangle Town Center (Rte. 540 and Capital Blvd.) Coming Soon to Southpoint ~ Fayetteville Road, Durham ~ Renaissance at Southpoint b a k e h o u s e b i s t r o . c o m 48
    • Orchestra Brochure 49
    • Orchestra Direct Mail 50
    • SS Chamber of Commerce Direct Mail 51
    • SS Chamber of Commerce Advertising 52
    • Hi Tech Company Web Site 53
    • Accountant Web Site 54
    • Bandage Company Packaging 55
    • Retail Photo Frame Packaging 56
    • Home Intercom Product Design 57
    • Home Intercom/Phone Product Design VOLUME CHANNEL Call from front door UP DOWN CALL ANSWER PLAY STOP Fu n c > H t io n > In o m e T h e > Vi tercom atre d eo 1 2 ABC 3 DEF 4 GHI 5 JKL 6 MNO 7 PQRS 8 TUV 9 WXYZ * 0 # 1 2 ABC 4 GHI 3 DEF 5 JKL 7 PQR 6 M NO S 8 TUV * 9 WXY Z Base Unit 0 # Remote 58
    • Home Networking Illustration 59
    • Restaurant Promotional Poster White is trim line and does not print 42” Diameter 60
    • Restaurant Freezer Sticker t All The Carbs. In d u l gen ce...Withou Only Available Here 61
    • Restaurant Promotion 62