Three Reasons to Choose Tablets For Your School's One to One Initiatve


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Thinking of implementing one to one technology, but not sure which device to use? Tablets and netbooks are both awesome choices. Today, we'll look at three key reasons why you should consider purchasing tablets instead of netbooks.

There's not a lot of research on this issue, and I plan to change that. After you've seen the presentation, follow through to my blog to join the conversation about which device you think. And check out the progress of my research into which device the students at my school find more useful for their own work.

Sometimes it's not about the tool, it's about the situation in which it's put to use.

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Three Reasons to Choose Tablets For Your School's One to One Initiatve

  1. 1. Everyone’s Doing It.Shouldn’t You?San Diego Unified School Districthas 26,000 iPads.McAllen School District in Texasbought 20,000.Chicago, well, they only got10,000.Are You Going toJoin Them…?
  2. 2. National Educational Technology Plan“Because infrastructure for learning should support learning in andout of the classroom, students and educators need Internet access devices for around-the-clock use from any location.”
  3. 3. Clearly We Need DevicesBut Which One Is Right For Your School? A Tablet or a Netbook…?
  4. 4. Today, We’ll Argue for Tablets.Why?Let’s considerthese reasonsthree.
  5. 5. A Tablet IsConvenient. I can use it here or there.I can use it anywhere. Image Credit: “iPad Day” by Travis Warren
  6. 6. Where Can I Use It? I can use it with aI can use it in a house. mouse. Image Credit: Old House by borutc at Image Credit: Mouse by Alex Bruda
  7. 7. Or even… I could use it… well, notI could use it in a box. with a fox. Image Credit: the iPad box. Image Credit: Elle Reading iPad by Tricia Wang
  8. 8. I Could Even Use ItIn a Tree. Image Credit: “Reading in a Tree” by John Flinchbaugh.
  9. 9. But a Laptop… I would not,could not use it anywhere. Pretty much just a desk. Cause this just ain’t right.Image Credit: “Businessman with the Notebook 3” Image Credit: “Businessman with the Notebook 2”
  10. 10. Next Reason?Tablets are awesome for reading.eReaders on steroids. Netbooks? Eh, they’re ok for reading.
  11. 11. What a Striking Similarity… Books have looked like books for centuries. It’s a pretty basic design.And a tablet presents a reading experience similar to a book.
  12. 12. Try Sitting That Close toYour Laptop. Please Do.
  13. 13. Kindle and NookBooks Resize EasilyKids choose the font size that’scomfortable for them.Text just flows… withoutformatting.PDFs and websites that you’d useas “textbooks” on laptops includelots of formatting.They _don’t_ resize easily.
  14. 14. Does the Peg Fit the Hole?Tablets are made for reading things first,doing things second.Laptops are made fordoing things first, and reading things second.
  15. 15. Third Reason? Two Words.Touch Screen.
  16. 16. You Ever DrawSomething… With aMouse?
  17. 17. That Many Letters? Intimidating forKids Too Young to Read…
  18. 18. But That’s Just Intuitive.
  19. 19. Ok Ok. Enough Kidding Around… Tablets are clearly better at certain things. I can use them anywhere, without a workspace. They’re super-useful for reading. And touch screens are super-cool and intuitive for kids.Image Credit: “Serious Cheetah.”
  20. 20. So Ask Yourself…Do we want kids to takethese devices anywhere, anduse them everywhere?Is a main goal of our one-to-one initiative to replacetextbooks with eBooks?Are we going to utilize appsthat take clear advantage ofa touch screen? Image Credit: “Question Mark.”
  21. 21. So… Tablets or Netbooks?Keep Up to Date. Subscribe for updates to my blog (Tech and Teaching)Learn more. Read about my research on my blog.Sound off! Tell me what you think.
  22. 22. Curious for more?Connect.By Brian Rock I’m a graduate student, and I am researching the merits of both tablets and netbooks inJoin the conversation at Tech classrooms. But I need your help.and Teaching. Research requires devices. ThatConnect on Google Plus. means money.Twitter: @TechAndTeaching Spread the word about my campaign on IndieGogo! Find details on that and my research onLinkedIn Profile. here on my blog, Tech and Teaching.